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Texas: “White Males are Breaking for Obama” (‘gits)

maneken pis That was heard on Hardball last Thursday.Now, why would “white males” break for Obama? What is it about Obama that is so appealing to “white males”? Weren’t these the same damn “white males” who gave us George W. Bush? Why is it these same guys would consider switching to McCain if Obama doesn’t win? McCain isn’t even in the same party. All those votes in CA, NJ, NY, FL, MI, AZ, MA mean nothing because the party is being held hostage to a bunch of testosterone poisoned “white men” in western states and finally Texas. That’s what this has come down to. They seem comfortable with the ideas that Hillary Clinton represents but they will switch to a dude who doesn’t because she doesn’t have a penis? I thought guys were supposed to be logical so what is driving this overtly emotional desire to vote for a guy- ANY guy- over Hillary Clinton?And I don’t buy this argument that “it’s not all women, just this particular one”. We’ve gone over this before: she’s the one who wins the experience argument, she can run circles around Obama in debates (watch it tonight, she’ll do it again), she is tied to one of the best presidents we’ve had in recent history, there’s literally nothing in her past of any major consequence to trip her up and her policies are the ones that most people say they want.We don’t know much about Obama except that he has been packaged very well. When it comes to authenticity, he ain’t it. His policies are not representative of core Democratic principles and any Change! he brings is likely to be minimal. We don’t know who is really pulling his strings (tho‘ we have some clues). And the media, along with the $250M GOP attack machine, is going to flay him if he wins the nomination.

All the media nipple massaging is a trap to lure Democrats into voting forthe weaker candidate, All those white males are going to abandon him for McCain the instant the GOP creates the right narrative. We all know this is coming. And yet, they can’t vote for her because they think no one will vote for her?Isn’t that a self-fulfilling prophecy and what does it have to do with the good of the country? We know the scenario that is laid out before us and the “white males” of Texas are going to follow their hearts and not their heads and fall madly in love with the one with the Y-chromosome.

What is it about THIS woman that makes men think this way, because I guarantee you that there won’t be another woman like her for a long time. Let’s try to solve this problem before next Tuesday, shall we? Because if “white males” of Texas can’t get past their man-crushes, we’re going to get stuck with a weak and vulnerable dude whose only advantage is that he can pee higher on the wall than she can.

Challenge: I want to hear from the white males from Texas today. Put your cold, hard logic in the comments and tell me why you won’t vote for her. I want to hear a really good argument with all of the deductive reasoning you can muster. And it better be good. Because running a campaign is the easy part. Governing is very difficult.

7 Responses

  1. I’m male (but not white) and I support Hillary!

    New SUSA poll Obama 49 to Clinton’s 45 but still in the margin of error

    25% already voted and in this subgroup Hillary wins 51%-46% (contradicting Rasmussen)

    Also, SUSA said:

    Hispanics 28%
    African American 21%

    But Hillary only leads by 13 points, 52% – 39% among Hispanics. It looks like Hispanics are dating Obama but I hope they marry Hillary. If we can push Hispanics back up to 32% of the electorate (or even 40% which I think is what Clinton is shooting for although I would guess turnout will be 35% Hispanic on election day based on California’s voter push), that should reduce African American percentages based on raw numbers alone.

    Also, some on Talk Left people are saying they oversampled people in North Texas (pro-Obama) and undersampled people 50 and over.

    The poll is in the margin of error but I hope she can tie it next week or be ahead.

  2. I’m a Texas Democrat — female, over 50 — and I find virtually no white men (other than my husband) who are Southern-bred and supporting Hillary. The only white male Hillary voters I’ve identified are natives of Massachusetts and other northern states.

    But let me tell you, there’s a huge backlash rearing up among women in Dallas. Even Republican women I know (especially executive women) are raging about the double standard the media has applied to Hillary as opposed to Obama. Don’t count her out yet. There are more of us (white women) than there are of them (white men), and WE VOTE.

  3. Motherlode, get as many as you can to early vote and then on election day, get as many as you can to vote that day too.

    Every vote counts!

  4. Motherlode: Thanks for that comment. But what is it about white men in Texas that makes Hillary out of the question?
    BTW, pass this along to the women you know: My mother who has voted for Bush -twice- is planning to vote for Hillary in her primary. But that won’t happen until April because she lives in PA. Tell your friends, Democrat or Republican that my mother has waited her whole life to vote for a woman for president and their fathers, husbands and brothers are standing in the way of that. If they don’t have a good answer for why a penis is so important for being president, there will be hell to pay from the women of Pennsylvania.

  5. Great analysis on the subject of white males and Obama at Black Agenda Report .


    The answer is simple: Obama has based his entire strategy on sending messages to white males, assuring them he will take race and sex privilege off the table of American discourse. They got the message, and vote accordingly. The other side of this color blind coin is Black Americans, who don’t seem to hear the conversation that’s going on all around them

  6. Stellaa: that would fit my theory that Obama is just a middle aged white guy passing for black. I think that analysis is spot on. The periodically remark was targetted directly to white men. He was telling them that if she gets pissy with him, it’s because of her raging hormones. If he won’t tackle the Muslim thing, she should *definitely* acknowledge the dog whistling that’s going on here.

  7. Well fascinating to me what you don’t see in the mainstream blogs, voices of African Americans and real lefty analysis. It’s just knee jerk average white boy ranting.

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