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Post Debate Soiree

Ladies and gentlemen, you are cordially invited to our post debate thread. We have a nice selection of New Zealand wines and cheeses. Tonight’s chamber performer will be playing Bach’s Cello Suite #1 -Prelude (courtesy Briana)

Question for tonight: Who won the debate: Hillary Clinton or Tim Russert?


34 Responses

  1. Your blog kicks ass, and I notice the visitors keep coming. When was the day you started?

    I didn’t watch, except for a snippet at the end. I have been reading the comments here. But of course, Hillary won!

  2. Hillary won hands down and had to debate both Tim as well as Barack!!!

  3. of course the media will spin it Obama’s way…

  4. Carried over from the last thread, Litigatormom says:

    KO, Obama scored a few more points than Clinton, mostly field goals, but field goals won’t resuscitate Clinton’s campaign.

    Tweety: why did they spend so much time on health care, we have no health care system, its Brigadoon, why argue around the edges when we have no plan.

    Clinton sarcasm, no one likes that. Her saying she wishes she would like to have Iraq vote back is more than she’s ever said before.

    Tweety, suck your own dick on TV, why don’t you?

    Two things: 1.) if KO says that Obama won with field goals, that really means that Hillary won. (remember KO gave him a huge handicap before the “debate: and 2.) I’m surprised at you, Litigatormom, Tweety doesn’t have a dick. He IS one.

  5. uh? Russert? He was on a tear against Hillary just now when I turned off the TV.

    I think Hillary won. But The Heads thought BO. So what do I know?

  6. ghost2: We are a little over a month old. I owe a lot of traffic to you, ghost2 and I thank you.

  7. riverdaugher: I stand corrected. Tweety WISHES he had a dick to suck on national TV.

  8. For these guys, BO can belch into the microphone and they will be saying how the felt a tingling in their legs.

  9. riverdaugher: Perhaps I should put Tweety’s sentiment this way:

    “I am the change I seek. I am the dick I want to suck.”

  10. It sounds more poetic but no less obscene. But we must consider the subject. 😉

  11. LOL……Glad to hear your traffic is picking up….I am wondering where to go if Hillary loses cause I just cannot hold my nose enough to support Obama…

  12. “But it’s all got to do with a process. They have the media syndrome where they control everybody’s mind by the use of fairly mindless distortions of the facts. So what can you do? I mean, here you are, a helpless soul, a helpless piece of flesh amidst all this cruel, cruel machinery, and terrible, heartless men. So all you can do is turn away from the filth, and hope. Hope to build something new someday.” -Phil Ochs 1968

    I didn’t watch the debate.

  13. Rich: Russert only barely restrained himself from throttling her,

  14. Restraint? Hmm, doesn’t sound like him. Why didn’t she tell him to bugger off?

  15. OT — Apple (finally) announces new MacBook Pros!! Maybe I can finally catch up with you 🙂

  16. She did kinda tell him at one point that she noticed that she got all of the hard gotcha questions first, not that she minds but it did seem a bit like the SNL parody.
    She really has to work on her delivery. I’d have stayed away from that line but I think it was her only weak moment. If she had just said, “Why don’t we let Senator Obama go first this time. We don’t want to call attention to anything SNL can make into a joke later”

  17. BFF: Hey! Your toys can’t be newer or better than mine. Didn’t you read that clause in the BFF contract?

  18. BFF: Hey! Your toys can’t be newer or better than mine. Didn’t you read that clause in the BFF contract? Would you like a glass of wine?

  19. Yeah, part of why I didn’t watch (to be honest) wasn’t just my inner Ochs, it was because she doesn’t always handle those situations the way I would hope, and it’s frustrating to watch. I think debates are bullshit from start to finish, because the format and the skills have nothing to do with being president.

  20. Rich: they’re one of the few ways we can judge nerves and real policy differences.

  21. Sooo need that glass of wine. A big California cab, por favor. Face time with folks here, and planning for bigwigs tomorrow. Trying to write up reports before it all starts over in the morning. Sadly, did not see any debates.

  22. we’ll agree to disagree on that one 🙂 Time for bed!

  23. What does contract say about iPod touch to go with that? They come in 32 GB now.

  24. I must vote with Rich in PA — time for bed. Buenos noches.

  25. BFF: you can have touch since I am getting the iPhone.
    I am serving New Zealand whites tonight but will break out a CA cab for you.
    Don’t show-off about missing debate.
    Hey! Had another breakthrough on a substitution position. Predicted it correctly. Should be big pay off in activity. Frickin chemists didn’t believe me. Neener-neener-neeeeeener.

  26. *sigh* he never sticks around long enough to pat me on the head and say “good job!”

    Well, I think I’m going to head off to beddy-bye.
    Nighty night all.

  27. I did not watch the debate as had to be out with spouse to schmooze some people for some reason I have not quite figured out yet. Looked at some of my old blog haunts and the spleen vented against the Clintons is going to poison them all. The only thing I can think of when I read that stuff is a pack of wild dogs which continue to ratchet up the frenzy with the snarling and spit flying. It is sort of mesmerizing in the way of some horrible accident in that it is hard to look away. It has become so foul that I almost feel detached when looking at the hatred and the bizarre stories that are repeated endlessly. We are truly through the looking glass. I need a nightcap. Sweet dreams.

  28. HRC vs NBC.

    That has been going on since she declared her candidacy. The passage below (from Dailyhowler) is almost 5 months old but it could be from today or from anytime because the story has consistently been the same:

    “If you’ve watched Hardball in the past few weeks, you’ve seen a disturbing fury growing; at present, The Village seems to be gearing up for an auto-da-fe about Vile Miserable Clinton. Over the middle part of the year, Matthews and his merry band seemed to be trying to rein it in; but his contempt and loathing have been much more clear in recent weeks, and the presence of the loathsome Sally Bedell Smith seems to have all the Leading Raccoon knocking down new, larger garbage cans”

  29. THE Photo of Obama was also one of the questions aimed at Hillary. It is truly amazing that an unsourced post by Drudge goes from his miserable site to the NBC Evening News the same day (actually around the world!) and into a presidential primary debate the next day.

    Actually, I have to hand it to Drudge–he knew that if he just put the photo out there, it would get little interest from the MCMers (members of the Mainstream Corporate Media). BUT, say it was put into play by the Clinton campaign and he had MCMers all over it.

    Drudge achieved a twofer: 1) Got the photo of Obama in Somali dress out there and also 2) got Hillary and her campaign slimed. But, in a way, it ‘s a threefer, because he also got into what is perhaps the final debate. The guy is good.

    In his awful way.

    Truly amazing this happened, bcz if the MCM had done its work they would have found out that the photo was making it’s way through the rightwing blogs, Atlas Shrugged and WND, per Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest, noted by early Sunday evening. Drudge posted the thing, with the accusatory attribution to the Clinton campaign, early Monday moringing.

    So, timeline shows it’s out there prior to Drudge posting it, and common sense says the Clinton campaign doesn’t go to Drudge. But hey, I just read blogs! Whadda I know?

  30. I saw a comment that Russert and one of the other MSNBC guys were complimenting Russert on “landing [Hillary] like a fish” with some question.

    Did anyone see that?

    Made me furious.

    Does MSNBC put our transcripts for the debate rehash?

  31. Hillary kicked his ass tonight as usual. The peanut gallery won’t admit it, but screw them. Hillary is ready for the job and he most definitely is not.

  32. Jawbone,

    Very good analysis.

    Dan Abrams of MSNBC had Taylor Marsh on his show after Tim Russert’s miserable performance in October. They had a back and forth on the issue of sexism. (It’s the top video on the right side of her blog)

    well, from what I read, Dan Abrams has been calling out media’s unfair treatment of Hillary lately, and maybe he should invite Taylor back. Any one of you great people would like to email and suggest it to him?

    I think it would be great if he did, and Taylor could just hammer a few points home.

  33. Shame on the media. In terms of grace, proposed programs, energy and enthusiasm, knowledge and abilities, and executive demeanor, Hillary Clinton can hold her own among any of the candidates in both parties — and she does so in high heels.

    who said that?

    A republican. Read the whole article. It’s really a must read. And when you have done so, PLEASE forward the link.


    I suggested over at Taylor Marsh that perhaps we should treat this like a ‘chain’ email, you know, each one of us posting it (or forwarding it) at least three times.

  34. BTW, a copy of said article should be sent to idiot nutroots bloggers who call themselves “progressives”

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