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MSNBC Debate Live Blogging

As Atrios would say, “The Stupid, it burrrrrnnns!” KO has pumped up the expectations for Clinton to ridiculous levels. Apparently, Hillary is going to throw the entire kitchen sink at Obama and cinch the nomination in 90 easy minutes. It sounds like something Martha Stewart would whip up: it’s tasty, elaborate, complicated and impossible for mere mortal human beings. “It’s a good thing”

Oh, God, he’s going on about Clinton Campaign infighting and whining. Make it stooooppp! Is this thing on C-Span?

99 Responses

  1. Is it just me or is even the pre-debate commentary overtly hostile? Oh, now Dana Milbank is blaming the victim. If she didn’t complain, the media wouldn’t be so mean to her.

  2. It just occured to me that if this debate is only on MSNBC, they can get away with just about anything. Many people don’t have it on their cable lineup.

  3. Oh, poor Obama has no *idea* what is coming at him. Poor widdle candidate. He’s completely at her mercy.

  4. Warm grey suit. Very flattering.
    Ok, KO and co have already determined who will win this debate. He can win by being boring.

  5. yep – KO is so KO’d with me , I have not watched them since the last fiaco on the 6th or 5th I believe , after tonight I will go back to NOT watching any of them .

    of course I get it on the web , but I don’t have to support them anymore – I have written emails etc. to all the msnbc people several times – fwits worth .

    can’t stand the creeps … any of em .. lol

    misogynist to the max – I will never get over it .

  6. Taylor on her blog is guessing that Hillary won’t go on the attack….(Taylor Marsh)

  7. Are they at a debate or taking a deposition? It’s a weird setting with a big black table. It looks like they’re meeting with their lawyers.

  8. I just heard KO say for our girl Hillary – “it’s lets get real ”

    … sickening…

  9. LOL riverdaughter I don’t have the guts to watch it so am relying on you for a play by play pleaseeeeeeee

  10. Oooo, Waxman on C-Span2

  11. I don’t get that I don’t think

  12. Athyrio: I think the others will be better real time bloggers. I like to pause momentarily and look at the screen.

  13. oh yeah I do just turned to it….thanks for the heads up

  14. Gotcha question right out of the gate.

  15. ok I will just pop in from time to time then thanks

  16. A little heavy on the eye makeup.

  17. She’s answering well. She segued very nicely from the gotcha.
    Man, now it’s the Obama garb pic.

  18. Obama turned away from her slightly looking like the agrieved party.
    She hurt his feelings but he is willing to forgive and forget.

  19. My wish list:

    When Obama talks about his judgement in 2002 and says he has great judgement, he is told his judgement was completely lacking with Rezko.

    When Obama talks about his lobbying reform bill banning lobbyists to pay for food for congresspeople, it is pointed out that it only requires food to be consumed standing up.

    When Obama talks about his membership of the foreign relations committee (or his experience in senate in general), Hillary points out that he hasn’t yet called a meeting for the subcommittee he chairs and is in charge of NATO.

    When Obama says Hillary will say anything to be elected, he is told that Hillary fulfilled her promise to New Yorkers in 2000, but Obama broke his promise to Illinois voters in 2004 that he won’t run for national office.

  20. She is not as attentive as he is. He’s defending his healthcare plan.
    He’s rambling again. Oooo, mandates. Mean. Like shared responsibility is a baaaaad thing.

  21. Hillary is so mean. Mailers, flyers, robocalls.

  22. I’m sorry. Why is he there?

  23. Yeah, are you a Democrat or not?

  24. He’s looking impatient and shut out. She’s got control of the ball and is moving it down the field. Looks like he has to wait for a fumble. Damn, she’s on fire tonight. That social security comparison was nice. Everyone can understand that.

  25. Wait, wail! He’s got a program for children? SHE’S had a program for children for something like 14 years. It’s called SCHIP!
    He is completely unconvincing.

  26. Give it up Barry. She’s better at the healthcare stuff.

  27. Tim Russert did his research on HRC, how about the other guy.

  28. I think she made her point about the first question. Maybe she could have said, “Why don’t we let Obama go first this time?”

  29. In treatment is coming on in a few minutes.

  30. These guys are here to finish off HRC. They started on 10/30/07 when they decided to insert themselves in the debate and go after the vile witch.

  31. I can’t stay for the liveblog, but I just have to say, she is KILLING him with exactly what she should be killng him with: her stunning mastery of policy and facts. Except for the SNL reference, which clearly flopped with the audience, she has been dazzling — not to mention the fact that she has utterly controlled this debate.

    It probably won’t matter for the Kumbaya crowd, but how can anyone listen to her and say she’s not the best-qualified to be president?

  32. Timmeh is really gunning for her. Where is his documented hostile question for Obama?

    BTW, I thought her response on why upstate NY jobs declined — “when I made that pledge I thought Al Gore was going to be president” — was really good.

    God, she is so good! She knows EVERYTHING!

  33. Brian Williams to Obama: Would you like to whinge about what mean Hillary said about you yesterday about being another inexperienced president?

    Obama: Why yes, Brian, thank you, I would. Iraq, Iraq, I knew better about Iraq! This is more important than anything else!

  34. She seems very much in control of the debate.
    he seems like an afterthought. The debate seems to be between her and Russert.

  35. Williams to HRC: You dodged away from saying Obama is qualified, would you like to take this opportunity to concede to Obama that he is qualified?

    HRC: Why, no, Brian, I wouldn’t. It’s nice that Obama gave a speech, it was commendable, lots of people spoke out against it, but when he came to the Senate, he voted the same as me.

  36. Finally she debunks his antiwar credentials.

    I feel so much better.

  37. I love that she is owning the Democratic label. That makes me so proud.

  38. Btw.

    Do you guys know I was against the war too?

    Just sayin’

  39. JEEsus CHRIST, she is so much better than Obama it is embarrassing. But of course, she will have not won decisively for MSNBC.

  40. Obama: My objections to war in Iraq were not just a speech, I was running for the Senate against two dead candidates. It was an insight into my superior mind. She drove a bus into the ditch, she was ready to capitulate to George Bush. I never said I would bomb bomb bomb Pakistan, I said I would bomb Pakistan if Osama was there. Then it wouldn’t really be bombing Pakistan.

  41. “How were Senator Clinton’s comments about you unfair?”
    Did Williams just ask a question that was on our list?

  42. Russert: what is Iraq says get out now, what will you do?

    Obama: if disinvited we’ll leave. Duh.

  43. MSNBC’s web broadcast is all messed up, what are we old Hillary supporters, who do not have cable and can barely work the tubes on our computers to do?? Pls. tell us what is going on. I have listened to Taylor and heard that Hillary is killing Obama and tim, then I went over to Kos (I had to type it in, since it is no longer on my favorites), they all say that he is soooo smart and dominating the debate. You guys are the tie-breakers!!

  44. No, it’s not Pock-ee-ston to the US. It’s only Pock-ee-ston to the Pockeestonees.

  45. Honora: Let;s put it this way. There is a debate but it is between Hillary and Russert. Obama is just kinda incidental. Does that answer your question?

  46. Tim is getting angry with her.

  47. Hopey McChange McMondukakerry gets tough on security!

  48. Ooo, goody! Let’s see Pumpkinhead launch himself across the table at her screaming, “Why won’t you DIE, DIE, DIE!?!”

  49. Riverdaughter– I am so honored to have a reply from you. My fingers (and eyes) are crossed. thanks

  50. Honora: Please, don’t feed the ego.

  51. jusyt dropping by – River, your die die die comment is funny…in a sad kind of way. I am really angry right now and frasnkly, I’d like to throw water on the ahir of those tow useless sacks asking the “questions”.

    I hate them both and I am starting to hate Obama.

  52. Here are tomorrow’s papers:

    Barack Cool as a tiger.

    Hillary angry, shrill agitated. Spent the whole evening launching a barrage of attacks.

  53. hate may be too strong a word – byt I am really angry.
    This is garbage.

  54. If McMondukakerry gets the nomination, we are so screwed.

  55. Why don’t these guys bring up the fact that BO’s campaign constantly mocks HRC?

  56. Yes, anger seems to be the overarching theme here. But before everyone gives up in disgust just remember that she is leading in Ohio and even in Texas. Call me an optimist but that says to me that half of the country is also angry and disgusted by what is going on here.
    I voted for her on February 5 and although her campaign may have sat on their laurels too soon and not served her well, I don’t regret my vote for a second. She is too good and I want her as my president and many, many people in CA, NY, NJ, FL, MI, MA, AZ, AR, OK, NV, NH, NM want her as well. There are some big states there with a lot of voices and we will not go away.

  57. Why does he stutter so badly?

  58. DCDemocrat — I’ve always wondered that. I think he’s a terrible speaker.

  59. We’re so screwed. Why do people like this guy? It is a complete and impenetrable mystery to me.

  60. I just don’t get it. And it’s alike a civil war in my family 1/2 & 1/2 neither side understands the other (we were all for Edwards so it’s really painful)

  61. Tim is really doing his best to kill off the witch.

    Wow!!! Even after the SNL sketch they can’t help themselves.

  62. Katiebird: at least your family is in the same party. For YEARS, I was the only Democrat and my mother told me that I was just like Jeffrey Dahmer. Ok, she’s snapping out of it now and wants to vote for Clinton in April but there was literally a year when we weren’t speaking.

  63. anger doesnt translate into giving up – not for me.
    I am writing a letter to NBC and signing my name

    NBC News
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, N.Y. 10112

  64. MABlue: If I were her, I’d be thinking this is really funny.

  65. MABlue: He’s been biting a bit into McMondukakerry, too.

  66. Riverdaughter

    Even Ben Smith is smelling a rat here. This is straight out of your debate preview:

    “sometimes find the Clinton campaign’s complaints about the media hard to take, but that was a bit of an SNL re-enactment.

    Russert just grilled Clinton, hard, on Nafta, and on her unfilled pledge to bring jobs to Upstate New York.

    Williams’ question to Obama on experience: “How were her comments about you unfair?”

  67. DCDemocrat: He’s giving Obama a chance to throw black muslims under a bus.

  68. riverdaughter: even the “tough questions” to Obama wind up being gifts wrapped up in a bow.

  69. oo riverdaughter, that’s tough — although if things were bad, it was probably a relief too. I’m glad you’re both on the same side now. What made her change?

  70. Timmeh to Obama: Would you like an opportunity to dissociate yourself from Louis Farrakhan?

    Obama: Not really. I can’t help it if he thinks I am kool.

    HRC: Well, in 2000 I expressly rejected the support of an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel political party.

    Obama: Oh well, in that case, I concede the point. Louis, don’t vote for me.

  71. anti-semitism is hateful.

  72. litigatormom: this is what, “change you can xerox,” means.

  73. Oh great. Now he is disavowing the old label of being liberal. I don’t like disavowing the label of liberal. I’M A LIBERAL, SAY OUT LOUD, I’M OUT AND I’M PROUD!!!!

  74. DC Democrat:


  75. Russert wanted clearly to trap HRC with the Russia question.

  76. Senator Xerox: Ditto what she said.

  77. I knew he will ask Clinton the guy’s name.

    What a creep. I think I am going to bed. This is just bizarre.

  78. Thanks guys. Keep it coming.


    Did it really go like that??

  79. Obama is so hesitant and rambling when he answers questions. He’s only really good when he’s doing the big rhetorical speech in front of fainting crowds. To be fair, he’s not reading when he does that — but why is he…hesitating…between…every…word? It’s … almost like he…William … Shatner.

  80. ghost2:

    You mean the Farrakhan thing? Well, I was summarizing and being slighly sarcastic, but yeah, he said he can’t help it if Farrkhan likes him (he did condemn Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism), Hillary said she expressly rejected the anti-Semitic party’s endorsement, and Obama said, well, I’ve condemned anti-Semiticism but I concede the point, I don’t want his support.

  81. LOL! Yes, I’ve noticed the William Shatner “Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man” delivery style before.

  82. Question to HRC: Einstein said E=mc2, however Max Planck said it should be E=mc4 and in many quantum physicists disagree. Can you name me these Physicists and their children? Was Einstein right?

    Question to BO: You are so awesome, how come HRC is not so awesome?

  83. Will someone please tie that damned pointing finger of his behind his back?

  84. My nephew use to be a producer – he says – BO is mesmerizing .. soooooothing .. etc… and they let him go on and on and continually interrupt her .. this is ‘strictly’ from a TV viewpoint – He also says – she is beating him on point after point – but ..( the but ) – is – his voice … soooothes people and he goes on and on.

    what a set up …

    the favoritism, by the media, is appalling

  85. Obama: I’m proud to have campaigned with HRC. She is a fine public servant.

    Williams to Obama: why does HRC have to do to prove her worthiness?

    Obama: She is worthy, I just think I am better. (Gee, a decent answer.) She doesn’t have to prove she’s worthy. But (uh-oh, here it comes) I am better because I can bring country together across race, religion, region, Kumbayah.

    HRC about to get the same question. What will she say?

  86. Did he just steal what SHE said last week?

  87. You are getting sleepy. You are getting very sleepy.

  88. katiebird: Senator Xerox strikes again.

  89. there *is* a difference between denouncing and rejecting.

  90. She made him reject? Whoo-hoo!

  91. HRC: it has been an honor, I am still going to do everything I can to win. Historic campaign. Still want to be first woman president, it will be a sea change.

    Yeah, Hillary.

    Either one of us will make history. Question is who can really change the country. I have more understanding and insight to make the changes we need. When I didn’t succeed with universal health care, I didn’t give up, I created children’s health care program. People say to me, will you help us. That is what my career has been about, to help. I will make the case that I can help, I can deliver change, we need a fighter.

    Sigh. Debate over. Will re-air on MSNBC at 9pm Pacific time, midnight Eastern time.

    Damn, she’d make such a great president.

    Now comes my former boyfriend, Keith Olbermann, who will be dumping on HRC within 30 seconds.

  92. Finally she said it.

    I can’t believe that I, as a (straight) Black man feel more passionate about HRC’s candidacy as a woman (albeit the most qualified person in the bunch) more than many women do.

    There will never be a woman with the stature and the depth of HRC in our lifetime to come so close. Ladies ignore that fact at your own peril.

  93. Senator Barack McMondukakerry (D-Xerox)

  94. KO, Obama scored a few more points than Clinton, mostly field goals, but field goals won’t resuscitate Clinton’s campaign.

    Tweety: why did they spend so much time on health care, we have no health care system, its Brigadoon, why argue around the edges when we have no plan.

    Clinton sarcasm, no one likes that. Her saying she wishes she would like to have Iraq vote back is more than she’s ever said before.

    Tweety, suck your own dick on TV, why don’t you?

  95. Andrea Mitchell (a/k/a Mrs. Alan Greenspan), says give her a little credit for saying how passionate she is about health care, even if the details are too hard for Tweety to understand.

    Wow, I have never heard her be nice to Clinton before.

    Tweety: even though Obama is thrilling on the stump, he is not in debate. People should pay attention to that.

    KO: now let’s let David Gregory dump on Clinton’s tone. Was she wronged but not peevish.

    Gregory: in the beginning no. She was whinging about structure, first questions, even though it let her set the tone. She got it better later. Now I will gush about Obama’s coolness.

    On Jewish question, a microcosm about whole debate. He denounced, HRC said no be more pointed, reject it. That could have been a slip up for him, but he defused it by rejecting him. SO CONCEDING THE POINT MADE IT BETTER?

    KO: now we will mock the SNL skit. But first, we will praise Obama for saying “what she said” on NAFTA. Playing SNL remark, KO says she contradicted herself by saying she’s happy to field questions.

    Gregory: of course she is happy, she knows what she wants to say. And she controls the debate, she got qustion about change in tone, she got to talk about healthcare for 16 minutes that put Tweety to sleep.

  96. MABlue,

    Internet is a strange thing. I thought you were a gal.

    You’re always great.

    She has the vote of a big majority women, let’s not forget. But you are right. Aside from the fact that people could honestly and sincerely value different things in a candiate (after all, even Kucinich gets many ten of thousands of votes), I think some younger women may not at all appreciate what it takes to have her intelligence, accomplishments, and poise. And they certainly don’t know how many barriers she has broken. To them, freedom comes on a golden plate, with wine on the side.

    I think some older women may feel internally jealous of her. She has become what they secretly wanted to be.

  97. Tweety, why is she complaining, you are supposed to want first question.

    Timmeh, she jumped in when I asked about Russia. She got the jumped ball. I am fair. You can’t be president unless you go through me.

  98. ‘night all. I cannot listen to my former boyfriend, KO, anymore, and I certainly cannot listen to Tweety describe HRC as a fish flapping around in a boat.

  99. <<>>

    Only if we give up. I am a fairly young woman and I am not giving up – not this time and not next time.

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