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The Clinton Cocktail Party- Aguas de Marco

woman-with-cocktail-glass-and-rose-is611-019.jpgMaybe it’s cabin fever and being too cooped up that makes me long for spring. This year’s March however, seems to be approaching with alarming rapidity. Like a final exam or the GRE or some other high level test we need to pass in order to get on with our life plans. And how many of us have sat around thinking of that test with trepidation, rolling thoughts of self-doubt around in our heads, waking up in the dead of night a little panicked? Did you ever have one of those dreams that you’re late for your final and you can’t find the room because you skipped the class all semester?

Hmmmm. Test anxiety. I think we can thank our opposition in both parties for that. But before we psych ourselves out, let’s reflect on the lessons we’ve learned and remember that, besides being a formidable and mature debater, our gal was one hell of a gracious lady on Thursday. This isn’t a popularity contest. It is a fight we must wage for the life of our country. In extending her hand in solidarity with Obama, Hillary showed true leadership by putting the country foremost in our minds and asking us to focus on that instead of the fortunes of either candidate.

She passed the presidential leadership test with flying colors and she did it with confidence. Let us likewise banish our feelings of doubt. We will get through this together. Hillary is the real uniter.

Welcome to the Clinton Clocktail Hour. This is the time where we congratulate each other for another week of fighting the good fight and we beat our swords into swizzle sticks. Our bar is located to the left of the door. Our bartender with flair tonight is Rico. Stop and say hello and maybe order one of our featured cocktails for tonight, a *Caipirinha*, but you can order anything you like.

Our singers tonight, Elis Regina and Tom Jobim, made this recording of the poem Aguas de Marco (Waters of March) in 1974. I love its bossa nova beat and the ending that reminds me of water tumbling and swirling. The song is about the end of summer in Brazil but here in the northern hemisphere, March is the end of the beginning, the herald of spring. In any case, I like to look forward to the waters of March, the return of green, the sound of birds, the fall of the rain. Maybe the song will inspire you write your own poetry.

I know I can count on you ladies and gents to keep your trigger words to yourselves but if you find them too embarrassing to carry around, please leave them with Florence, our lovely check room attendant. The waiters will be circulating soon with some marinated spring lamb lollipops, assorted cheeses and artichoke bruschetta on flatbread. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.


Hey, did you know there is a satellite party at Taylor Marsh’s blog at 5pm PST (8pm EST)?

48 Responses

  1. Hi all. Hey, Rico, can I have one of those piranha thingies ehile I’m waiting for the tortellini water to boil?

  2. Good evening riverdaughter, you sure know how to set a scene and throw a party!

    If someone can help me do this link thing properly, I’d like to buy one for the girls!

  3. oh wow, technology is my friend after all.

    A friend sent me that you tube saying it would inspire.
    my beer is now pretty salty after watching it.

  4. The tortellinis with the vodka-soaked gummy bears, I assume.

  5. Tucsonlynn: try this:

    Did that work?
    BTW, gqmartines says Hillary needs $875K for an ad buy in Texas. If you throw a few i the kitty, click here .

  6. Sorry, that didn’t work either. How about:

  7. I give up.

  8. RD: Don’t let anyone quote you out of context on that one.

    TL: It worked for me clicking on it the first time, so does that mean it was right from the start? Or ready from day one, or whatever.

  9. Vdka soaked gummi bears? Hmmmm.
    Rich do you live anywhere neat New Hope? They have an adult toy shop that sells boob shaped pasta in five bouncy colors.
    Or so I’ve heard.

  10. Rich, I think Tucsonlynn wanted to embed it. But all I get is a link.

  11. Rich in Pa,
    Yes, but it didn’t turn blue till I posted, so I thought it wouldn’t work. These new fangled typewriters are all
    geek to me.

  12. Nope, I’m in the Geographical Center of Pennsylvania…you know, Beaver Stadium. I haven’t been to New Hope for years, but I do remember a dollhouse shop that sold everything down to tiny little dog poops.

  13. boob shaped pasta ?
    RD you sure get around.

  14. Rich,
    I used to live in Penn State, but not as a student.

  15. How funny, the only people at the bar so far are all from Pennsylvania, (me-Philly originally)

    State stores must be closed already.
    Boy, I sure don’t miss that.

  16. What in the world else could there be here? Well, besides attending to their (endless, infinite, insatiable) needs,

  17. Lynn- Open till 9:00. They’re even open Sunday afternoons now. We have progressed from Albanian to Hungarian communism.

  18. Rich: Yes, football season was a pain-in-the-ass, especially for Pitt alum. My family lives in Harrisburg, It’s a bit sedate there but the Chicken corn soup is good.
    Personally, I’d rather be in Arizona right now.

  19. Yeah, you can even use your debit card and they’ve expanded the wine selection in the State Stores. You don’t have to buy Gallo if you don’t want to. Now there is Franzia as well. My mother says I am a spoiled wine snob.

  20. I never thought I’d live someplace where I go to Harrisburg for urban amenities, but there you go. For Arizona I’d take Tucson (although I like it a lot more in February than in July), but Phoenix didn’t really seem too appealing.

  21. Rich, where were you before?

  22. As someone who believes in a living wage, who doesn’t know or care about fine wine, and who doesn’t need to make liquor purchases at all hours of the night, the PA state stores are OK by me. The idea of a state employee making “Director’s Choice” fancy wine selections is a little weird (why isn’t my job like that? oh, right, I don’t care for wine…), but that’s a minor observation.

  23. Oh, lots of places, but immediately before this I was in Harrisburg. You’ll laugh as a NJ resident, but the traffic kind of got to me after a while!

  24. Lambrusco was the finest wine I could buy when I lived there. Wow, Franzia , huh… I uh um really must visit sometime.

    Sunday’s in Pennsylvania were always dreadful. Happy to hear about the progression Rich.

  25. Tucsonlynn: I live in NJ where you can buy alocohol aaaannytime you like. But you have to brig your own to most restaurants. Yep, only the big chain restaurants can afford a liquor license. I’m convinced that the liquor license business is controlled by the mafia here.
    My BFF lives in NY and where HE is, liquor is available everywhere but you can’t buy it before 12 in his county. But he went to college in NC where I understand they have drive thru package stores.
    My sister lived in Kansas where you had to join a club and buy the entire bottle before you could have a drink.
    We’re more than a century past prohibition. Can we get some uniformity here, people?

  26. Federalism, RD. If you want gay marriage, it comes with crazy-quilt liquor laws.

  27. Holy Hemiola! Did you see Clinton’s recent video? She is calling him out. Does he believe in core Deomcratic principles or not?
    Check it out! .

  28. So, ronk posted this on the other thread. It’s from WaPo.

    Picking Hillary as VP would be a mistake … Far more logical as a VP candidate would be a female governor such as Sebelius, Napolitano or Gregoire. All have good records … and any female down ticket would help assuage the frustrations of female supporters of Hillary

    Oh manomanoman, they HATE her, don’t they? No, I will not be assuaged and they know this. As far as I’m concerned, if Sebellius endorsed Obama and these disgusting demeaning attacks on Hillary, she’s a collaborator. She can endorse the person but she should have vigorously endorsed the vile attacks. She’s as bad as he is. No, I will not be assuaged.

  29. Why doesn’t he just run with Oprah and kill all possible birds with all possible stones?

    And good for Clinton for calling out Obama for what he is. For weeks I’ve thought that the best strategy is to make people embarrassed to vote for him: as Democrats, and just as rational people who like to think that politics is about real stuff and not just feeling good. I hope it’s not too late, but at this point it’s just something that has to be said, quite apart from any political strategy involved.

  30. Rich: agreed. It’s time to sk “which side are you on?” Wasn’t that a union song?
    Too funny with the Oprah remark. I didn’t start out as a Clinton supporter but she has really grown as a candidate. As John Adams said, “People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity”

  31. The Obama/Oprah ticket could run on a slogan out of Vogue:

    Non-threatening black: it’s the new purple!

  32. LOL!
    I can just see the breathless reporters with their polls: “34% of all voters said they couldn’t see themselves voting for a purple candidate becuase it reminded them of Tinly-winky and Tubby custard. 40% of voters preferred Po. What the voters seem to object to was how much blue was in the candidate. keith”

  33. My next, and possibly last, Daily Kos diary- you saw the title here first 🙂

    Tubby custard is more of a pinkish hue. I think Ponderosa used to have it at their dessert bar.

  34. Riverdaughter:

    It was about time. This has been a couple of tough days for us.

    Thursday, Hillary has a masterful performance (what else is new) and suddenly everybody started to write her obituary, and some “congratulated” her for the “graceful exit”. What the F#@k?

    We had to to see people we used to like such as Keith Olberman do their best to reach the highest level of jackassery.

    I have been waiting for the cocktail hour ever since Thursday night, and finally.

    As for the music I have a recommendation.

    Because only we Black are born with rhythm in blood (sorry guys, we simply are), I am always impressed anytime I listen to a non-white who is good at melody because it demands much more talent (yes I am that arrogant).

    I therefore give you Lisa Ono, a Japanese born in Brazil who is a great great Bossa Nova musician. I don’t know if you are familiar with her.

    Anyway just watch her kill you with “Garota de Ipanema” on top of a Bossa Nova version of “sitting on the dock of the bay”.

    In the meantime, I am going to make myself:

    Spark In The Night:

    In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine

    1.5 oz Dark Rum

    1/2 oz Kahlua

    2 tsp lime juice

    Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass.

    Cheers to all ALL die-hard HRC supporters! Good luck to us!

    *Initially posted at TM.com

  35. sorry I am late for the party, Riverdaughter. Hope there is a nice Brazilian sugarcane drink left..probably knock me on my tush.

    I am looking to see a clip of HRC at the Travis Smiley event in New Orleans today. I’d love to see how she handled it.

  36. Huh? What … the … heck … I’m honestly speechless after I read this.

    This is from MSNBC’s First Read saying he defended the label “liberal” but after reading it, he obviously threw liberals under the bus. Chris Bowers also commented on this at Open Left.


    “Oh, he’s liberal,” he said. “He’s liberal. Let me tell you something. There’s nothing liberal about wanting to reduce money in politics that is common sense. There’s nothing liberal about wanting to make sure [our soldiers] are treated properly when they come home.”

    Continuing on his riff: “There’s nothing liberal about wanting to make sure that everybody has healthcare, but we are spending more on healthcare in this country than any other advanced country. We got more uninsured. There’s nothing liberal about saying that doesn’t make sense, and we should so something smarter with our health care system. Don’t let them run that okie doke on you!”

  37. Bwhahahaha! Obama tries to keep shapeshifting but I think someone’s starting to define him. So, he’s throwing us under a bus in order to keep himself looking amorphous. The minute he starts to solidify from the either, his fragile coalition will fracture and he’ll lose a constituency group. Looks like we liberals were the first ones to get jettisoned. I guess he feels he doesn’t need us or that we’re suckers and someone will right another W.O.R.M. posts tomorrow.
    Yep, the worm is turning.

  38. MABlue: Isn’t this fun? I wonder how many satellite cocktail parties we can start?

  39. I. Love. Cocktail parties.

    Especially these installments of the “Clinton Cocktail Party”.

    I am starting to really wait for them every week and I really long for them now when the going gets tough for our team.

    This is also the time I relax and get a little less verbissen about these GD primaries.

    I actually mix myself a drink a listen to some music.

  40. MaBlue: occasionally I do a nightcap. It’s a lot less fussy and the music is decidedly lower key. But it’s nice to just kick back with a scotch and let it all go.
    Speaking of going, you guys can continue partying but I’ve got to call it a night so I can spend some time with the creature who is eating me out of house and home tomorrow.
    Good night all.

  41. I am wondering about the possibility of someone organizing a mass response to the DNC from those of us who feel so disenfranchised and angry at the supposed ‘progressive’ party who engaged in so much race-baiting and sexism in their zeal to annoint one candidate and destroy another.

    What if a million of us could be convinced to quit the Democratic Party all at once in mass protest via a petition or announcement or something? Is this just a crazy idea?

  42. oh well, looks like Rico ran out. Blast. I’ll have to go find some vodka for my cranberry juice – caio ya’all!

  43. G’nite everybody.

  44. Rico, I’d like a Speyside, por favor. Pine infused gin, Benromach scotch, St. Germaine, and cucumber juice, over crushed ice.

  45. :-PPPPP Show off.
    Hey, what did you think of the music? When is the refrigerator coming?

  46. Hi riverdaughter,
    Sorry I missed the party, but it’s hubby’s birthday and we just got home from dinner.

    I’m already drunk, but an after dinner brandy would be nice. Hope I don’t pass out…..

  47. The big chill arrives btwn 12 and 3. Allegedly. Now sure if I have time to run around in the snow before I have to empty the old and move a table out of the way.
    Keep your eyes open for, well, *any* of the Speyside ingredients.

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