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Live Blogging the Debate

To be honest, guys, I’m not a very good debate watcher. It makes me too nervous. I usually schedule the DVR to record it and then I watch it very slowly, reading the live blogging and when I hear something good, I fast forward to it. Yes, I know this makes me a chicken.

This is an open thread for live blogging (if you can bear to watch).


69 Responses

  1. She looks good. I tink black tends to make her look wan but maybe it’s the authoritative color.

  2. hey, we’re carrying on over at the orange satan. the party’s not the same without you.


    she DOES look good. and more relaxed than he is.

    looks like they are playing nice so far, but those were some icy non-verbals as they came out.

  3. campskunk: Ooo, what icy non-verbals did I miss?
    BTW I think the collar is a wardrobe malfunction. It’s a little distracting.

  4. You know what I notice about him when she’s speaking? he’s looking down at a sheet of paper, his head is cocked and it looks like he’s doodling. It reminds me of middle school when a boy completely tuned out on his teacher. Is this deliberate on his part?

  5. obama stalled, shakign hands on the way to the stage, and hillary came right out and greeted the moderators. they each turned to avoid looking toward each other, both waving to the crowd as if they were alone on the stage.

  6. boy did she get cheers! Lovely. And her voice is mild and relaxed – she is amongst friends.

    He got very nice applause as well…but not more. In terms of non verbal – his body language to me seemed tense – not connected to her, while she smiled (fixed, no teeth) at him.

  7. yeah – the collar not working too well – but still flattering to her.

  8. riverdaughter – just saw your comment re doodling – yeah, i saw the same thing – removed from her.

  9. he’s always writing while she talks, and never refers to these notes again. he doesn’t look at them when he talks. must just be something to do with his hands.

  10. She hit some important notes in her speech: she started her career in Texas registering voters. She mentioned Barbara Jordon’s insurmountable odds. She mentioned Ann Richards as a person who knew the value of humor. She listed her accomplishments. She finished by saying that it was the audiences campaign, suggesting that *they* are in control.
    It was just right. Grace under pressure. Holding up. Recognizing the voters.

  11. I’ve been concerned that Obama is going to swallow his tongue, but Hillary is a river of fire tonight. You go girl!

  12. Didn’t like his opening remarks. He rambled both linguistically and geographically. I dunno, he just looks out of his depth next to her, maybe it’s just me.
    And I *do* think is body language towards her is deliberate. It’s meant to make her look uninteresting and easily ignored. Her attitude towards him is fully engaged. She bores her eyes into him It looks like it might be uncomfortable.

  13. rd, how does one contact about potential collaboration?

  14. I read a comment over at No Quarter that said Obama looks like a six-year-old sitting up really straight to impress his teacher.

  15. gmartinez: I will send you an invite. Look for it sometime tonight.

  16. She just kicks his ass in these debates. I’m sure he dreads going against her on the issues. She’s so passionate. Nothing brings her down. He just wants to have fun on stage giving his memorized Axelrod written speeches like he’s preacher of the universe.

  17. This should be the real one :o).

  18. I think he is tense and that is body language isnt toward her per se but more about himself. But it doesnt matter, she is doing very well in my eyes. She clearly knows her stuff. It was rude of Campbell Brown to cut her off on the economy and jobs – she was actually being specific.

  19. There’s a guy over a No Quarter who keeps calling Obama, McMondukakis. LOL.

  20. Arggh, the adolescent, who just discovered that I have a blog, has named herself Brook (it was going to be Tributary but I talked her out of it). She is designing an avatar for me. She’s a wicked good artist. But she keeps interrupting with questions about colors and styles. It’s charming but distracting. What did I miss?

  21. DCDemocrat: OMG that is so funny. Why not throw Kerry in there too? McMondukakerry.

  22. Hillary was asked a question about language. She gave a very coherent response, and McMondukakis plagiarized it without giving her credit.

  23. McMondukakerry it is!

  24. On Cuba: Hillary’s approach is Grandma’s Rule. You get rewarded for good behavior.
    Obama’s approach, what was his approach? Once again rambling, unfocused, jumped from point to point.
    I prefer the coherent response. It indicates that there is some underlying principle that is forming the basis the core of the strategy.

  25. uh oh – Obama gonna get mean now.

  26. stop the “bickering”? Kick him for that one, please.

  27. he looks VERY nervous on the plagiarism question …and the students are cheering him. wonder why? 😉

  28. McMondukakerry: Change we can Xerox.

  29. Ok, I’m just not getting it. How is it that so many people can be so dazzled by him?

  30. I wouldn’t call what he’s done as plagiarism. I would say that he bought a Ready-to wear African American Transcendent Post-Partisan candidate campaign. It was just New! and Improved! for Obama.
    Plagiarism connotes dishonor, He paid for it. It’s a fair transaction. No, the problem here is one of being inauthentic.

  31. I am turning it off – Brown keeps interrupting HC and I am getting really annoyed.

  32. Should I fast forward to the Xerox statement? What was that all about?

  33. no – it is plagiarism:

    to plagiarize is to “take the ideas, writings, etc. from another and pass them off as one’s own.

    he does that regularly. It doesn matter if someone said he could – that person is colluding with dishonesty. If I copy your test answers cause you said I could it is still CHEATING by both of us. For him to pretend he doesnt know the meaning of the word makes him either a liar or a fool.

  34. riverdaughter: Hillary was asked about Obama’s plagiarism. She said that when your campaign is about words, it should be your own words. Then she said his campaign is Change you can Xerox.

  35. Judith: If you are noticing Hillary being cutoff and others are noticing, maybe she should tell Campbell to stop interrupting.

  36. Change you can Xerox?!?! OMG that’s harsh. Good, but harsh. I hear she got booed. Is the crowd starting to turn on her?

  37. Tal Lee Bon. Tal Lee Bon. What to do about the Tal Lee Bon.

  38. riverdaughter: That was the only time they booed her.

  39. riverdaughter – she actually sort of did – on health insurance.

    But now Iraq – yawn. same old shit.

  40. what the HELL???

    it’s not fair to point out that his health care plan leaves 15 million uninsured “because senator clinton and i are both working toward the same goals”?

    um, no. she’s trying to insure everyone, senator. you aren’t. different goals.

  41. “Our next president needs to be a lot less hat and a lot more cattle.”
    That was a good one.

  42. god, is Obama pathetic or what. still claiming the high ground on Iraq after saying in later that if he had had to actually vote on it in the Us Senate when HRC did, he didnt know what he would have done.

    what a phony to still roll out this crap.

  43. McMondukakerry will do whatever is necessary to protect America (including bombing an ally with nuclear weapons.)

    What a man!

  44. Campskunk: Oh, I’m sorry. you didn’t get the memo. No one is allowed to compare him/herself with Obama this campaign season. He is incomparable and it isn’t fair to him. He will scream, “I hate you. I wish I’d never been born” and then he will run up the stairs to his bedroom where he will slam the door and make the house shake.
    It’s sooo not pretty.

  45. DCD: What lucky country are we planning to incinerate?

  46. Actually, I just was remembering his promise to bomb Pakistan (which has nuclear weapons.) It was an interpolation into his breathless Xeroxed eloquence.

  47. he slammed her and she waited until he was done and when we she responded he interrupted her..

    this guy cant handle negative comment.s about him. Is he that delicate? In a debate with McCain – the maverick would be unlikely allow Obama to slam him – hed interupt and slam him and Obam would not know what to do.


  48. something I just noticed. HRC says some really kickass things – but she doesnt deliver them as well as Obma deliver mediocre comments. She credits her audience to get waht she is saying without hype./ He is all about hype. hate to say it, but hype sells.

  49. Juidith:

    My frank hypothesis is that, just like George W. Bush, McMondukakerry has a fragile ego, and he’s running for president to be a big man. It’s a recipe for another war.

  50. Dc – I think you are right.

    by the way – you all are right – he is deliberatley not looking at her – he just looked at her and when the camara moved he jerked away and he is leaning widely away from her.

    what is that?

  51. She knocked that closing statement out of the stadium.

  52. wow!!! was that ovation for her???? that answer was outstanding!

  53. DC – I got goosebumps!!

  54. She needs to have a few lessons with a female comedian in order to get her timing right. A little tweaking could leave him gasping for air from the virtual body blow.
    And yes, like a lot of gifted people, she assumes that people understand what she’s saying. She gives some voters too much credit. I think that’s a great personal asset, to overestmate your audience but some people misinterpret it as being a show off.

  55. Judith: He’s emotionally fragile. I think we are running into the arms of the Democratic version of George W. Bush. What is it about this insecurity that attracts the country to a candidate?

  56. I really want her to be President. That was a perfect sendoff.

  57. Wow! Why didn’t we do this before? I LOVE the body-language live blog. I am getting so much out of this.

  58. I like that she keeps empowering the voters.

  59. VERY strong close for hillary, especially compared to his. it’ll be on her website shortly, i’m sure.

    thanks, riverdaughter. nice discussion.

  60. riverdaughter – astute comment.

  61. DCD – Obama wants to speak softly and carry a big dick.

  62. campskunk: I always enjoy spending the evening with you two. See you in Austen?

  63. DC – yes, that was truly odd. HRC has has seom really bad things said to her and about her over the years. She can sit there while he takes a shot. He, on the other hand, isnt used to anything less than praise.

  64. uh – the “big” comment out of line, imo.

  65. Thank you all, Judith, DCDemocrat, the Campskunks, WS and anyone I have missed. I learn a lot from you all and I appreciate that you hold my hand through the debates.
    I think we can relax a little tonight

  66. Thanks, riverdaughter, Judith, shainzona, campskunk: you’re all the cat’s meow.

  67. you two – DC – great comments.

    Everyobdy else was awesome too – Riverdaughter has a nice place here and it is catching on!

  68. Judith: Ack! Test anxiety. I can’t deal with high expectation. It will ruin my reputation as a classic underachiever,

  69. Whoops – I guess I just got censored!

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