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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Beta-testing “Hope”

Here is Deval Patrick beta testing the Obama message in the Massachusetts governor’s race in 2006;

Yes, Hope and Change are commonly used words but when they are used in virtually the same way by a different transcendent African-American politician, and not only that but he lifts whole segments about the power of “just words”, then what we have here is a case of “Well, it worked so well in Massachusetts, why not with Obama?”

And what the heck is it with all of Obama’s ties to Massachusetts anyway? Kerry, Kennedy, Patrick, it seems like some kind of rich little northeast cabal. Did the old boys club in Massachusetts get all freaked out that a woman might not win (well, a woman vould win. Just not *this* woman.) that they got together to make Obama the inevitable nominee? Is that what this is all about? These wimps, especially Kerry, who were bitch slapped by the Republicans in 2004 and who are still running scared are prepared to do another capitulation to them rather than stand up to the media narrative, defy it and once and for all put them back in their place? Are progressives being thrown under a bus by the hereditary establishment?

Sure looks like it to me. Where did all of Obama’s money come from? It wasn’t all small donations. No one starts out of the gate with that much cash. The whole Kerry endorsement now looks like a sham. He gave Obama his donor lists a year ago, I’m betting.

I always liked Al Gore. I thought he could extrapolate. He can see what’s coming up next. Kerry always struck me as a bit pedantic compared to Gore. So, I have to believe that Gore can see that if Hillary wins the nomination, she will have gone a long way towards breaking the spell and stranglehold the media has on picking our candidates. It is the GOP-media complex that sets up these contests and then tears down our candidate. They are the perception managers. Encouraging the voters to pay no attention to them would be the patriotic thing to do.

Ya know, I don’t know what was up with Gore and the Clintons. Yes, there have been stories but none of it made a whole lot of sense to me. But as much as Bill has been accused of being Hillary’s ventriloquist, she runs circles around Obama on policy in debates. It’s clear that she really knows this stuff. It’s not robotic. She does variations on a theme. You can’t fake it and she doesn’t. She’s wheathered some of the worst media possible. I don’t think either Gore or Kerry ever had it this bad. She *is* solidly progressive. We don’t really know what Obama is, but we know he’s not necessarily channeling his own inspiration when he speaks.

If Gore was waiting for her to earn it, I think she’s pretty much done that. Surely the Goracle can see who is the better candidate at this point. Here’s a hint: It’s not the one who was given the Deval’s campaign by David Axelrod in the hopes that rhetoric would mask a lack of real substance. The mask is off.

And for you Obamaphiles who are angry because Clinton’s campaign has finally exposed Obama for what he is, well, better late than never.

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  1. riverdaughter,
    This is great:

    “Sure looks like it to me. Where did all of Obama’s money come from? It wasn’t all small donations. No one starts out of the gate with that much cash. The whole Kerry endorsement now looks like a sham. He gave Obama his donor lists a year ago, I’m betting.”

    The money question has been driving me crazy. But now that we know BO’s Massachusetts connection goes back year. And your theory makes sense.

    In fact your entire post has taken a huge load off my shoulders — “Oh, yes: That makes sense,” I’m thinking.

    Here’s another bit I like:

    “But as much as Bill has been accused of being Hillary’s ventriloquist, she runs circles around Obama on policy in debates. It’s clear that she really knows this stuff. It’s not robotic. She does variations on a theme. You can’t fake it and she doesn’t. She’s wheathered some of the worst media possible. I don’t think either Gore or Kerry ever had it this bad. She *is* solidly progressive.”

    Thank you so much!

  2. Katiebird: theories are only good if they can withstand a challenge. So, have at it guys.

  3. So far I don’t have theories, only questions. The story of this election is going to make a great book someday. Especially if someone can get a couple of key insiders to talk.

    Was the Patrick campaign practice? Did anyone really think we could keep FL & MI off the convention floor without anyone noticing? Was Gore ever remotely interested in running? I think the Draft Gore movement kept a lot of people from committing until extremely late in the season compared to 2003-2004. And I wonder (still no theory) why he put off shutting it down for so long.

  4. Here;s what I think happened: the old hereditary Democratic estanlishment could see that Hillary was going to run and they were burned twice, in 2000 and 2004. They didn’t want that to happen again. It was too risky. They got completely psyched out by the right wing talk show hosts andfriends that Hillary couldn’t win because her nagatives are too high. So, they get it in their heads that the problem is that our candidate lacks the charisma to go up agains their candidate. They see what a great reception Obama got at the 2004 convention and decide to recruit him. Deval Patrick wins the governorship of MA in 2006 and Obama backers were involved in this campaign and know the guy who crafted the PR and media product. They hire David Axelrod to take Patrick’s campaign and make it fit onto Obama. Not a hard thing to do. Obama is still green in the policy area but they think that won’t matter so much if he can win by the beautifully crafted stump speech he makes. It will be all about transcending race, status quo, party. It will go after independents aggressively because the “geniuses” who are running this campaign don’t realize that what the public really wants is an alternative to conservatism, not a capitulation to it. You can’t have a campaign without money so Kerry gives Obama his donor list. Obama rakes in a ton of cash, announces his candidacy and risks his entire political career for these guys. He’s told to not upset the Villagers. he;s tipped off to inconvenient votes so he’s not in town when they call the roll.
    And all he has to do is stick to the script. Meanwhile, the *true* progressive with the insider’s knowledge but perhaps a bit of a self-constructed firewall between her and hte voters gets the trial by fire by hte media. And the media is loving it because once they take Hillary aut, they’ve lost the true progressive voice and they will be empowered to go after Obama. Then, to keep the suspense to a fever pitch going into Novemeber, they will modulate the rhetoric so that there is a virtual tie going itno Election Day. Get it close enough and the Rovians will move in to jigger the vote with supression techniques.
    What these stupid backers *should* have done is backed Hillary to the hilt and rammed her down the media’s throat to teach them a lesson. But there is a reason that Kerry lost in 2004.

  5. And on the other side, it just happened that Gore couldn’t make up his mind for sure about running. So he let the dreamers dream about the perfection of his campaign. Which kept the dreamers from Edwards just long enough to keep that campaign from jelling until time ran out.

    I wish I hadn’t got caught up in that…..

  6. That’s funny where you say that Deval Patrick and Barack Obama are part of an “Old Boys Club”. It’s almost like you’re suggesting that Hillary Clinton isn’t the biggest political insider in the race.

  7. 1000: Different group of insiders.

  8. Thanks for bringing Gore up.

    You know, I used to read Bob Somerby (the amazing Bob Somerby at the Daily Howler). This election I thought well, I hear the crap from Josh Marshall and the like, and I thought surely Bob was made b/c he truely liked Gore and was angry at the way Gore was treated. To be honest, I didn’t think Bob will call the media bullshit on Hillary.

    Well. Bob Somerby, I bow. I am speechless. Bob has called not only the media, but hollow idiots such as Josh Marshall. Sure, I always saw a bit of careerism with Josh Marshall, but I didn’t think he’d stoop this low. Bob not only has called it, but he was prescient enough to call it long time ago.

    Thank you Bob for your courage and convictions. True convictions and true courage.

  9. Should be “Bob was mad”!!

    Review button!! I promise to use it!!

  10. Riverdaughter,

    I don’t think you even have to resort to a conspiracy with the media. The media bosses, reporters, columnists all have the lack of something in common. That is, the lack of a soul and common decency, the lack of true journalistic integrity (for which, journalists in other countries go to jail).

    The media owners love the profit, and they hire the bosses, hosts and managers, so they make sure they get those who fit their philosophy. Why would CNN, MSNBC, or anyone else hire a host with true integrity and committment to what was journalism in the first place? The ratings wouldn’t be there to begin with. Why should they do that?

    Now, the hosts, columnists, and ‘reporters’ they hire are by and large narcissists and careerists. Sure, we have the occasional marvel such as Paul Krugman. But they are not the norm, and they don’t set the noise level. Those like Paul Krugman are like soft-spoken adults in a very racuous frat party.

    All of which comes down to the fact that the media (most notably cable ‘news’) have a vested interest in keeping a storyline and a tie. It used to be that you could just see through them. It used to be that they couldn’t influence public opinion that much.

    Now, I even think pollsters massage their turnout models to join this crowd. To create noise. Pollsters have joined reporters in seeing no sanctions for their inaccuracies and bad behaviors. In fact, a known pollster (say Zogby) could get more media attention, if his/her poll is different from others. Perfect for a horse race narrative, and making and reporting politics as a contact sport.

    So, good luck with getting policy points through the media. Heck, policy sounds so much like math. Good luck with even getting Hillary 10 point plan for re-building the Gulf Coast.

    And while we are at it, Hillary, please refrain from 10 point plans. Boil it down to a managable slogan. Heck, combine your Gulf Coast recovery plan, your economic plan, your healthcare plan, your education plan, your withdrawing from Iraq plan in ONE, MANAGABLE SLOGAN. Something like, Hope!

    Oh, sorry, I forgot. You wouldn’t be allowed to get away with that.

  11. As a MA resident who somewhat followed the Deval Patrick campaign, I can tell you that I was underwhelmed with him when he first started campaigning. His early TV ads were weak, and Kerry Healey (female) his Repug opponent came on strong in a moderate conservative fashion. Then I read that Deval had NO prior political experience in office. Then I saw him gradually improving his speeches and coming across with more strength and intensity. Even so Deval always was a gentleman and I never saw him sling any mud at Healey or play any dirty games at all. Honestly I was amazed by that. He made a really big point about not doing politics as usual and unlike Obama he walked his talk.

    Admittedly, since he had never campaigned before in his life, he wasn’t doing politics as usual. But he always came across as an intelligent and caring man. He was not at all messianic. I liked the guy he picked for Lt. Governor, Tim Murray, the mayor of Worcester a city which is a blue collar & middle class city (and where Murray was born and raised) and not like the wealthy suburbs around Boston. An aside here… a friend of ours recently got hired to work under Murray. He was just made the Director of the Interagency Council on Homelessness and Housing and before that worked for along time helping the poor with credit and mortgage problems in another state agency.

    I knew that Deval would have some problems once he got in office due to his lack of experience and I remember saying to my husband at the time that it would probably take him 2 years to figure out how to effectively pull and tweak the levers of power here. But MA was doing fine, had no big problems so not that big a deal that Deval would need all that OJT. The system wasn’t broken. After all we’re the only state with gay marriage and an attempt at universal healthcare.

    To me Obama never had Deval’s easy and relaxed charm. Deval was just so gosh darn likeable and unprententious. B ut the Obama situation is very different. He’s running for president at a time when the country has such big problems and I don;t want the next president to spend the 1st year or so learning the ropes of governing.

    My theory on why Hillary won MA despite Deval, Kennedy and Kerry is two fold. One, we have alot of old school Democrats here of the partisan type. They pretty much run the state. Two, people here tend to be practical and not impressed with celebrity. One more thing that I should probably add… Hillary graduated from Wellesly which is a rich white suburb of Boston, and many state residents know that. So while MA is not quite a home state for Hillary, in some ways she does get that home girl love. That’s probably why she’s coming here this Sunday to raise money. On a personal note, of all the places I’ve lived, MA is the most supportive and honoring of intelligent women.

    I recently received an email invite to attend that fund raiser with Hillary in Boston this coming S unday evening, billed as a “Conversation with Hillary”. Right now I’m trying to recover from a bad cold, but if I start feeling better I may bite the bullet and dig $500 out of the savings so I can attend the more private gathering prior to her cheaper priced seats talk which follows.

  12. Do either of them ‘really in truly’ believe that Democrats that adamantly do NOT support Obama will just all of a sudden CHANGE their minds? I know that Hillary doesn’t ‘look’ like she means anything she is saying. See..Hillary wears her emotions on her face. Notice that? I sure have. Or..maybe I’m just looking for a reason why she has chosen to stand behind this farce of a man that is running for the President of the United States of America! I am grasping…really grasping here trying to see ‘anything’ or hear ‘anything’ that even remotely would some how CHANGE my mind. There is NOTHING that is going to do that. Not even Hillary. While I stand behind Hillary…I have to take a step back. I will NOT stand with Hillary ‘and’ Obama. Not now, not in Nov. The media seems to think that the Clinton Supporters are moving over to Obama. Perhaps they are, however I truly don’t see it from where I’m at. Just look around…does it seem to you that they are moving to Obama OR McCain? I am voting for McCain. You see…I look at it like this. I know that McCain ‘might’ not be best for this country (keyword here is MIGHT) however, I KNOW that Obama isn’t what’s right for us. So we are left with a decision…do we elect someone that ‘might’ not be quite right for our country or elect someone that we know for a fact that isn’t right for our country? That is not a hard question for me. McCain!

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