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I’ve decided to not vote for Obama in the fall

Yeah, it just occured to me that as a well-educated, professional woman who works in a creative field, I don’t really need him anyway. I mean, one of the prime reasons to vote for a Democrat come the fall would be to prevent any more Samuel Alito appointments to the Supreme Court. But abortion rights aren’t really a problem for me anyway. If I need one, I can just hop a jet to somewhere where I won’t be treated like a criminal whore. And I can do the same for my two daughters. I’ve got the money. It’s no big deal. And all of the Obama girls out there can probably do the same. And even if they can’t, it’s not really my problem. I’ve paid my dues, I’ve worked my way up to a comfortable niche in the employment spectra. Why should I care what happens to some young twenty something? Overcoming obstacles builds character!

Same with contraception. I’m assuming that Hillary’s universal healthcare plan would have covered them. But I can afford to buy them even if my employer’s insurance plan doesn’t cover them. No biggy. Oh, I’m sure that the cost will be a bit burdensome to the firm and nubile but they’ll just give up food to buy them I’m sure. Anorexia and contraceptives: perfect together! Just what every Obama man wants.

Oh, sure, if Obama is the nominee and he loses to McCain, the war will go on indefinitely. But people, you worry too much. Surely we will elect enough senators this fall to overcome a filibuster. Surely! But so what if we don’t? It’s not like *I’m* ever going to have to go to war. No, that’s strictly for the young to worry about.

No, I think I’ll just take the fall off, kick back and watch the leaves turn colors, decorate for Halloween and not worry at all about the future. Who needs change? I don’t.

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  1. You know, the similarities between Bush and Obama, and the press’s love for them is eery.

    I don’t now what gurantees democrats have that this guy wouldn’t do something totally crazy??

    Last fall, his supporters were saying he doesn’t have name recognition in the USA itself! (and hence the reason for being behind in the polls)>.

    Then remember his first comment on Pakistan, which created riots out there.

    Every debate that I have watched him, he seems to be pulling answers out of his a**. He is like someone who hasn’t prepared for an oral exam, and is trying to wing it.

    Well, Jesse Jacson Jr wants to get a brother elected. So what if the brother is not qualified? Did I ever think I would write that? No. But the prospect of an unqualified woman (Elizabeth Dole when she was running) also scares the shit out of me.

    God help us!!

  2. Hopefully you don’t me just talking like this on your blog!!

    Regarding his relying on advisors, or Bush relying on advisors, I don’t know why no one sees the stupidity in that argument.

    Everyday, a President perhaps makes hundreds of important decisions. There are many decisions about which TIME is of essence. After all, TIME is the most limited resource the president has, and you can’t manufacture time for him.

    Remember, this is a very important job. This is like neurosurgery . All the past experience, preparation, knowledge culminate in the moment. You can have all the advice you want. But after that, you have to make a decision. Many decisions amount to decisions in the course of the surgery.

    Well, it’s like this. Get an artist to do the surgery itself with the assistance of advisors. After all, the artist (or dentist, or plummer, or teacher) can always have advisors!! What’s wrong with this picture??

    Look at your own job. Sure, assistants help. Sure advisors help. But the buck stops with you. Can you even choose the best assistants if you (excuse the language) have your head up your a** regarding your field??

    Plus, nothing prevents Hillary from assembling the best advisors money can buy. She can have the best team, and be the best leader. That, after all, is the objective of the exercise.

    I can’t believe how much shitty arguments are peddled in the blogs and media, curtesy of the ‘creatvie class’! Yes, Richard Cohen once boasted that if he tried, he couldn’t pass grade 8 algebra. We are dependent on such crowds for our finest political analysis.

  3. Shades of Jihad! I shudder to think how many people who are not going to read this post are not going to get it, and would (if tehy read it, which they will not) think you are advocating exactly that which you are not advocating.

  4. Life must be so hard for the irony-challenged.

  5. er, thanks for that summary, ronk (I think).

  6. Web goodies:


    Two superdelegates living in Toronto. Nice article.

    “Oh, I tell you, I get three or four calls a day,” says Bell. “It started late last year. I’ve had calls from both (former) president (Bill) Clinton and Senator Clinton. Dick Durbin, the senator from Illinois (an Obama supporter and majority whip) called me from his cellphone. I’ve been polled by The New York Times, CNN and AP.”

  7. Riverdaughter,

    Your post is really hard hitting. You know, more than usual. I think that you periodically write such posts to vent and make yourself feel better?


  8. I will stay home as well….I am 63 and certainly won’t need an abortion…I won’t vote for McCain but neither can I vote for Obama when I feel my vote has been manipulated and just taken for granted…No way, no how….let them find out the hard way what most of us women already know….

  9. I turned off the teevee awhile ago and just talk to people. Better for my health and believe me, I hear all the braindead stuff anyway from the people who watch. It is really unpersuasive second hand…makes the one telling me feel funny. Which is funny.

    A friend of mine just came back from living in London and Paris and he said they hate us both places. But today I read an article in the NY Times about how the French already hate their rock star president, Sarkozy. But we wont learn from their mistakes because they are French. So we”ll follow them into Vietnam, go fighting insurgents which are just the locals in the Middle East and North Africa, and then we’ll elect some guy who looks nice in jeans.

    So does that make us French wannabees?

    Just a thought..

  10. There is a growing number of us that feel the same way. I will not vote for McCain; I will either
    abstain or write in Hillary.

    Heard a great song today that fits the theme and wanted to pass it along to you – Better Off With The Blues by Debbie Davies. Not sure there is a video anywhere. Give it a listen. Sums up my feelings about Obama quite nicely.

  11. Not only that (great post, BTW!) but I don’t have any grandchildren to worry about, so the Hell with it.

    Don’t figure to do any more volunteering, fundraising, etc. for the Democratic Party. The kids can do that if you can pry them loose from their ‘puters long enough to actually get anything done.

    Global warming? Tough…at 71 I’ll be long gone before it hits the fan…and I’ll be driving, not walking, all the way.

    Conservation? Forget it. I’m turning the heat up, burning wood in the fireplace (after cutting down trees, of course) and unsustainably buying groceries which had to be shipped to Safeway from Brazil.

    And…oh, yes…I’m planning my first trip to Wal-Mart.

  12. . WalMart?! That’s some serious indifference.
    Hey, I’ll be sure to order some nice lox for the next cocktail hour. Or should we just pull out all of the stops and eat fois gras, caviar from the Caspian Sea and little veal chops?

  13. Can I just say how much I despise George Bush and how much I want all his appointees thrown out on their fat greedy asses.

  14. Judith: You may. May I just say how devoutly I wish for Obamaphiles to come to their fucking senses and for myself to win the Mega Millions lottery?

  15. Why, yes you may. I like your wishes because thewy in no way come between me and mine.

    I wonder which of our wishes will come true first.

    But anywayz, I liked your post above. I have soured on the idea of a Clinton-Obama ticket, the Obamas are ticking me off. But I am not at the point where I can say definitively that I wont vote for him…yet.

  16. I’m glad to find out there is someone else thinking like I am . I have been giving myself a hard time thinking – well , I just will not vote . Then , the voices in my head come in and say , omg – what’s wrong with you and the self inflicted beating begins … lol – what a mess .

    gonna have to take this one day at a time – the whole thing just depresses me more than I thought possible .

    I just do not know why ‘they’ hate Hillary , my Gosh , what did she do to deserve this crap ?? anyway – thanks for letting me rant – I just cannot get with it

    the BO mania that is …

  17. Please spread this far and wide:


    (Feminists For Clinton)

    Links to original post at Huffpost.

  18. Ghost2: I know I can rely on you for the coolest links. Thanks again for the help. I hope I can get away with a Sunday post?

  19. Yes. You are the boss and do what you like.

    Thanks for the compliment. I also rely on you and Taylor to get the words out.

    Jeralyn’s new video (check Talkleft, if you haven’t seen it) is the coolest. Susan at NoQuarter puts the video and the letter together.


    However, please do not ever think that I expect something to be done right away or at all, when I post a link. It’s your blog and of course, you do as you please (nice change, isn’t it?).

  20. Women Fired Up And Fainting:


    Check it out. Someone put all the faints in one video. (link found via Drudge, but don’t want to link to him!)

  21. Where’s my recommend button? I don’t have anything to add to it.

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