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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    thewizardofroz on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    thewizardofroz on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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Webby Goodness

riverdaughterHere are some yummy posts that deserve some attention:

  • eriposte explains why many of us are Hillary Clinton supporters and happily so in Fighting the Good Fight. Amen, sibling!
  • Tom Watson comments on how the Obama campaign is once again reaching for the smelling salts, this time over why byzantine DNC convention rules should not apply to it in Vapors on the Left.
  • Christy Hardin Smith upacks the superdelegate issue further at FireDogLake in Poking Holes in the Superdelegate SuperFrenzy. As a sidenote, see another fine product from Scarecrow where he fans the tiny flame of Democratic courage in House Democrats Call the President’s FISA bluff. Now, if they can close their ears to the screeching GOP wurlitzer, maybe we can turn this ship around. Stay tuned on this. Maybe Pelosi is finally feeling her ovaries.
  • And finally, some reminders. I’ve read a lot around the web about intimidation of lefty women bloggers from the Obamaphiles and I was cited as an example. I’d just like to say that I could have gone away and felt all terrible about the way I was treated at DailyKos and how vicious I think the Obamaphiles and even some frontpagers are, but I just decided to create my own playground instead of having to ask permission to play in someone else’s. To be quite honest, I felt rather liberated when I was closed out of my DailyKos account. And here’s why I’m not desperately trying to claw my way back in:
    • They’re only pixels on a screen. They can’t hurt you. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So what if KagroX, that petty dicktator doesn’t like me? Am I going to let his attempts to make me feel unwanted and unpopular destroy my self-esteem? Did he think that by making me feel like a red-headed stepchild that I would rethink my candidate of choice like so many others have just so I’ll find favor in his eyes?  Not bloody likely. He means nothing to me but a collection of little black dots. Don’t let them get to you, ladies. They WANT to drive you away. This may be a little outpost compared to DKos but I’m still here and there are a lot more like me and we’re not leaving. You are in good company.

    More givens:

    • No matter who the nominee is, Karl has a dossier on him/her.
    • No matter who the nominee is, the GOP is going to pound them relentlessly.
    • No matter how good our candidate is, the media Beltway insiders are going to make fun of him/her and act like the 10th grade popular clique.
    • No matter how much the public is disgusted by Republicans, the Republicans will find some wedge issue that panders to self-interest.
    • No matter how much the public wants to vote for our nominee, the game has been carefully rigged to prevent those votes from counting.

    Just so we’re clear, there is a long uphill battle ahead of us. The Republicans are not going to give up without a fight and if they can’t win the White House, they will be busy trying to keep their stranglehold in the senate. Gird your loins.

xena  girds her loins

16 Responses

  1. ‘petty dicktator’..love it.

    ‘finally feeling her ovaries’ ..you sure can throw a phrase riverdaughter.

    Thanks for creating your own playground and inviting us to play.

  2. Tucsonlynn: Boys can play too. They just have to share the equipment.

  3. Here’s some fun Hillary news for you all! My husband just called me from Seattle where he is at the annual Microsoft conference to update me on what’s going on out there.

    As some of you may know, Bill Gates is retiring as CEO and moving full time into his philanthropy work. He was talking about that at the employee meeting today and as part of a tribute to him they had a video with clips of all sorts of mover and shaker types joking with him about his “retirement.” Some of them apply here.

    FYI, there were NO Republicans making witty remarks about Bill, but apparently Hillary, Obama, and Gore all were included. Guess that’s a hint as to Gate’s politics.

    In the Hillary clip, she mentions that she’s looking for a Vice President and what were his plans. My husband said that was the longest and best of the 3 politician pieces. He said she looked really good in the video. Would have loved to have seen that.. too bad its private company stuff.

    Then he told me about the brief clip which shows Al Gore picking up the phone to take a call from Bill and saying “Yes this IS a convenient time…” LOL…

    Apparently the Obama clip was the shortest and least funny so he couldn’t remember it as well. Oh well, that’s par for the course… I have a hard time remembering what Obama says too.

  4. dragoneyes
    he says hope.
    oh yes, and notion.
    Then it goes something like hope is a notion….or something…
    If I never hear that word again it will be too soon. The media have started using it and prior to Obama I doubt it has been used in generations unless one were in a quilt store.

  5. tucsonlynn:
    So, I’d like to know where
    you go tthe notion
    To Rock the Boat
    Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby
    Rock the Boat
    Don’t tip the boat over
    Our love is like a ship on the ocean
    We’ve been sailing with a cargo full of
    Love and devotionnnnn!

    Is that what you meant?

  6. tucsonlynn, actually the Hope meme came from Bill’s campaign, since Bill was from Hope, Ark. Just another one of those things Obama has copied from Bill. Most of his speeches seem copied from Axelrod’s other client, Patrick Deval. He doesn’t seem to have an original bone in his body.

  7. Thanks for the trip down memory lane riverdaughter. I had forgotten that song and now I have the notion it will be stuck in my head all day.

    So that’s where he got his campaign theme from…cargo full of love and devotion. and don’t forget hope.

  8. CognitiveDissonance, may I call you CD?

    Nice to meet you, I wonder how many people who have found riverdaughters blog have new names and don’t know if I have read you under another, doesn’t matter, anyway…yes you are right about him not having an original thought. I did love that Bill Clinton campaign.

    I had the privilege of attending a private fundraiser and meeting Bill Clinton a few weeks ago. It was during the last debate and the man was mesmerizing.
    The host had the debate on several televisions and Bill just sat in the living room with everyone else and every time Obama said something he didn’t agree with he jumped up, shook his finger at the t.v. and corrected him. It was an amazing thing to witness. During that debate Obama actually parroted Bill Clinton’s statements from the Bush tax rebates from a few years ago about how he didn’t need the money and it should go to less fortunate folk. The room went electric, but Bill Clinton just stared at the sheer gall of it.

  9. CognitiveDissonance, thanks for bringing up the fact that the Hope meme originally came from Bill Clinton. At YearlyKos 2007, I attended a great talk by Drew Westin, author fo The Political Brain. He actually showed us the Hope commercial Bill used when he first ran for president back in 1992. He used it as an example of top notch use of psychological framing, language, and imagery.

    Not only is the Obama’s Hope message not original, but his change message sounds like ’80s New Age speak. Gotta wonder why his advisors are creating this imagery for him. Perhaps Oprah had Obama read The Secret. The Republicans will make mincemeat of him.

  10. At the 1992 convention, they showed a beautiful biography of Bill Clinton titled, “A man from Hope”. It closed with a picture of young Bill shaking JFK’s hand. Just the title gave me goosebumps!

    Bill had lots of substance. A Rhode scholar, a governor for 12 years. Elected every 2 years. As he points out, he was young, but was the most senior governor in the country at the time.

    Bill didn’t overplay the ‘hope’ thing over and over. I believe, it was at the convention that they brought it out, and did it beautifully.

    I think many candidates have run on ‘change’ and ‘hope’. Change is such a bland word that I want to curse the marketing executive who came up with it. I mean it could remind you of changing diapers. We are constantly in change. The only constant thing in life is change.

    Obama doesn’t say what the ‘change’ is. But there is a very good reason for that. Beyond all the flash and everything, when you parse his words, when you consider “we don’t want to fight the battle of the 90’s”, “Republicans had all the good ideas in the past 15 years”, “we should get past the 60’s”, two things are certain: he is running against Clintons in general and Hillary Clinton in particular. His campaign motto, is “I am not Hillary.”

    Am I right?

  11. ghost2 you are totally right on all counts! That’s Obama’s big problem. He’s a charismatic, intelligent man with very limited political experience who hasn’t accomplished much to point at. Granted, it’s a very big accomplishment indeed to be a serious contender for president. I’m not trying to minimize that here. He has become a superstar, and his handlers worry me.

    From what I know, Obama did not make good use of his short time in the Senate to prove that he could get things done. I have begin to wonder if he even thinks it’s important to actually do the things he talks about. Big systems are hard to change. Real change is almost always small and incremental, which works well if there is strong underlying policy. OK, the underlying new policy could be a big change, but implementation is tough and hard work and takes time to get going you have to plan the transition. Glamorous dreams don’t create change, hard work does.

  12. I posted the following at the TheLeftCoaster, and hope you don’t mind me pasting it here:

    spot on analysis. I remember reading over and over that Bill Clinton thought winning the nomination would be harder than the general. And I also remember that I internally agreed with him. No one now remembers that.

    There was a diary at dkos who asked for chances to win the nomination, when Hillary had a 20% lead in the polls. I gave her about 40% chance. The reason was that: She was the frontrunner. But I have watched too many elections not to know this. A frontrunner has a target on her back. Sure, everyone prefers to be the frontrunner, but even in the best situation, when the frontrunner is formidable, I see her chance of clinching it is no better than 50%.

    Add to the fact that she had 8 opponnets, not one or two. So, there could be 5 (not counting Kucinich and Gravel) ways of something surprising you and throwing the race wide open. That maximized the ability of the opposition and minimized her ability to focus on the weakness of one candidate in particular.

    Add the press (a 2,000,000 pound guerrila in the room that everyone ignores) and you realize that this woman is simply remarkable.

    I agree with you that her campaign made mistakes, but disagree with those who say she made a blunder on MSNBC debate about immigration (with Russert). That was a gotcha debate, and she passed it very well. Dodd and Edwards jumped on the chance to make it look like she took many positions. She didn’t. But the press, desperate for a narrative and starting point to pile on her, started right there.

    I am sad for the stupidity and pettiness of the democrats. The list includes Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Donna Brazille, Markos, Josh Marshall, and this is just the list of people I respected until now, and no longer do.

    Jane Austin has her heroin say in Pride and Prejudice, “to this moment, I never knew myself”. Well, Jane, to this moment, I never knew the true pettiness of the so-called progressive men. To this moment, I didn’t know the chauvunism and pettiness that is so aboundant.

    MSM, I expected. But not this.

    Doesn’t it remind you of the scence in the movie, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, when the priest tells the father, “Oh, there was a bigot underneath there all along”?

  13. ‘ to this moment, I never knew the true pettiness of the so-called progressive men. To this moment, I didn’t know the chauvunism and pettiness that is so abundant. ‘
    It is amazing. My 76 year old father and a lot of his buddies are gung-ho for Hillary, have been from the start. My male friends hate her. This has caused some serious and possibly forever rifts in my social circle.
    Granted, these friends all wanted Edwards to win and they all helped me on the Dean campaign, so they are not without some redeeming merit, but the Hillary hate is clearly due to her being a woman. they have to know she is better qualified, but they keep saying, oh she’s a centrist, oh I would vote for a woman, just not this one. Baloney.
    ghost2 , you say you are sad for the stupidity and pettiness, I am enraged and hope to calm down to sadness one day .

  14. Here’s the weirdest thing yet I’ve heard from Obama: when asked how he responds to people who quesition his experience, he said that people ought to look at the campaign organization he’s built.

    It’s like he really IS the meta-candidate.

  15. He must be planning to follow the George Bush presidential style and will run his White House in perpetual campaign mode.

  16. Hi, just found your blog. Love it. Am currently residing in Jordan and am often fielding the “Hillary or Obama?” and “Rep or Dem?” questions. Its hard to explain to people here that not only do the Reps seem to own the game (ie. dumping voter rolls…liberal voters ousted through redistricting etc.), but the dems have this tendency to self-destruct. Not sure if it’s courage of conviction or stupidity, but how about Obamaites and HRC fans stop lobbing bombs at each other and start on McCain? Thanks for the reminder we do have common enemies who are MUCH worse than opposing dems!

    Can we get the media to remember this? How about the campaigns? Instead of running against each other, why don’t H &O run against McCain starting NOW–let the delegates decide who offers the best chance for the US? Just a thought–a united party is WAY more appealing than a divided one!

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