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The Clinton Cocktail Hour- Never Surrender!

cocktailMark Twain once said, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Actually, that’s a pretty funny quote when you think about it. Is it possible to exaggerate the report of a death? You’re either dead or not dead. It’s no exaggeration to say one or the other. Or are the “reports” greatly exaggerated? Were there an excess number of reports of Twain’s non-death? And if so, why were so many people anxious to report that he’d “bought the farm”, joined the choir invisible, become an ex-humorist?

Likewise, we’ve heard a lot about Hillary’s imminent demise although Peggy Noonan is simultaneously complaining in the Wall Street Journal that Hillary stubbornly refuses to eat her poison mushrooms and stay dead. Even bloggers on our own side are keeping a death watch and counting the delegates to the point where they can pull the sheet up over her campaign’s still warm phone banking lists. She’s like the guy slung over the back of the Holy Grail’s Bring Out Your Dead plague scene. His claims of “I’m not dead yet” and “I’m feeling better. I think I’ll take a walk” are met with “Don’t be such a baby” and a wink and a nod to the cart pusher to put the guy out of our misery.

Well, she’s not dead yet. She’s very much alive and leading in the big states that are left. And as we’ve seen in several states where she’s been slightly behind, the undecideds make up their minds as they pull the voting booth curtain closed. And she usually gets their votes because they know her brand name. It’s got the quality seal of approval.

So, let’s dedicate this Cocktail Hour to a vigorous and lively primary season. Put away your malice and mallets. Buy your friends and enemies a round and let’s celebrate. Everyone is welcome. To the left of the door is Rico, our bartender with flair! Tonight’s featured cocktail is a *Lust for Life*, but you can order anything you like.

Our singer tonight used to sing with her cousins, the Pips, but these days, Gladys Knight is delving into the rich repetoire of the first female jazz singers. Her new CD, Before Me , can be found at iTunes or amazon.com. Here’s a cut from that CD that I think goes particularly well with tonight’s theme:

Trigger words have been known to get in the way of scintillating conversation, so feel free to leave them with our lovely check room attendant, Florence. The waiters will be circulating in a minute with some piggy back dates, baba ganouj topped baby new potatoes and lobster ravioli.

Please drink responsibly and top your wait staff generously.

By the way:  If you don’t have time to share a drink right now, Taylor Marsh has graciously offered to host the party at her site tonight at 5pm PST (8pm EST).

32 Responses

  1. I brought some goodies with me to the cocktail:



  2. Rico, something cool and soothing. I’ll try one of them Lust things. Yes, and get me the drink too.

  3. piggy back dates. hhmm, I remember several of your other diaries riverdaughter, so wil not assume those are small tidbits on a plate.
    However, I did have the pleasure a few weeks ago of sampling chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon that I will make for a cocktail party one day.Nothing like a sweetly covered Mexican sausage to compliment a drink called lust for life.

  4. Yummy. I love chorizos. For some reason, I can’t get to DKos. I don’t think he’s blocking me but who knows.

  5. ghost2,
    I admire your wilingness to keep going there. I admit to giving up on them, they will not be polite, we have no chance of educating them, the infiltration is complete.
    Good for you and the others who are willing to wade
    through the cesspool.

    …a virtual bottle of your finest bubbly for ghost2 !
    and a bootscraper if you please…

  6. A shower may be in order too. ,aybe Rico can help you with that.

  7. Thanks Tucsonlynn,

    Oh, I have given up on many of them. But I still know that it’s a big blogs and the bad MSM pays attention to it. So I go there, check out things, set them straight if I can, and don’t let them get to me. I avoid all gushing diaries on other candidates, and just glance at anti-Hillary diaries to see if there is anyway to tell them off.

    When I say anti-HIllary diaries (hit diaries), I mean it. The front page posts are twisted, but at least they take a fact and then twist it. 99.9% of hit diaries are devoid of any substance whatsoever. The occasional exception has one sentence of fact, and 10 paragraphs of spins and twist to make it appear in the worst possible light.

  8. Thanks. Thanks for the fine bubbly!!

  9. Hi, all. I need a big fat mojito after watching Keith Olbermann (you heartbreaker) and Chuck Todd talk about the undemocratic nature of the superdelegates.

    Are there still any chorizos?

  10. litigatormom,
    I have never tried a moijito, that must change.
    Yes Keith has indeed become a heartbreaker.

  11. ghost,
    my pleasure. you read so I dont’ have to.

  12. Sad thought of the day:

    You know after the Iraq war, atrios kept posting, “why did Bush want to go to war?” He wanted to KNOW their REAL reason.

    Today, I wondered, why the DC insiders do badly NOT WANT Hillary?? What is their REAL reason?

    Because as clear a case of misogeny that I have seen, I think it’s much BIGGER even than that. It’s a case of stop HILLARY CLINTON at all costs. Why?

    You know why I think that?? Check this,
    and then ask yourself, why SEIU, a Union organization is poised to bring out its endorsement just now, so as to provide shielding from this news? Why is that?

    This is beyond endorsement. This is going at all costs to stop somebody.

    Or tell me I am out to lunch (won’t be the first time.)

  13. Took KO off the DVR as promised. It’s cool. I don’t care how much the media hates Hillary, too many of us want her as our president. When KO starts to feel teh momentum of the ad revenue slumping, I’ll betcha Hillary starts to look pretty good again.

  14. This ticks me off. What next? “She’s on the rag”?

    Hi, Goldberry! Send me your email address, if you want!

  15. Lambert: you know what’s really stupid about that comment from Obama? These days, you can take a pill so you never have to be on the rag, ever.
    So, not only has he shown us that he’s willing to ride the media misogyny at the expense of the majority of Democratic voters out there, but he doesn’t know that biology isn’t destiny anymore.
    I’m not voting for him unless I absolutely have no other choice and the Republicans are holding a gun to may head.

  16. Oh, periodically!!

    Ok, a cutesy here:

    (are the women fainting at Obama campaigns staged?)

  17. Someone in the comment thread in the above link makes a comparison between those events, and Rudy and his phone calls.

  18. Oh, but Obama would NEVER say anything offensive/sexist/stoopid! He is transformational!!!

    I’m surprised, actually, that Mrs. Greenspan and Noron O’Donnell actually noticed the “periodic” nature of the comment. They both have a history of Clinton Derangment Syndrome. Mrs. Greenspam was practically drooling with excitement the night of the Iowa caucus. “Oh, this is DEVASTATING, I don’t know if she can survive it!!!!”

  19. ghost2: I have to agree that the Rezko thing looks bad but when it all comes down to it, I’ll betcha that his involvement was about as substantial as the Clinton’s involvement in Whitewater. It’s tempting to want to push this line but it would be wrong to imply fire just because there’s smoke. Besides, I think the GOP will take him out very effectively without ever having to mention Rezko once. They won’t even have to say Muslim or drugs or black. The way they’re going to do it will be so subtle that people won’t know why they don’t want to vote for him. The thought of it will just make them uneasy
    Hillary really will be fireproof because we are still out there voting for her in large numbers despite the relentlessly negative media. There’s no there there anymore. They’ve shot their wad.
    Obama is a media goldmine and with the Rovians in the control booths, he will be a sitting duck.

  20. Riverdaughter:

    What can I say besides you did it again.

    Funny that at some point today while I was taking a breather, I thought to myself “well… today is friday… wouldn’t it be great if Riverdaughter… you know…”

    And voila! As the say “ask and ye should receive”.

    This post is so inspiring because of the Gladys Knight, I am compelled to dust out THE BEST ARETHA FRANKLIN CD OF ALL TIMES: “ARETHA SINGS THE BLUES”

    Coincidentally, track 1 is “Drinking Again” and track 3 is “What a Difference a Day Made”

    I just made myself:


    In a mixing glass half-filled with cubes, combine

    2 oz Brandy

    1/2 oz Framboise

    Stir well. Strain into a Champagne flute. Add

    3 oz chilled Champagne

    You can’t help but relax and enjoy.

    (I posted my comments on TM.com)

  21. Hey, MABlue, that drink sounds mighty tasty and not too sweet. It’s like a fortified Kir Royale. Yummm. Yes, i love the new Gladys Knight CD but I also like Sharon Jones. Are you familiar with her? She’s backed by the Dap Kings. Excellent funk band made up of nice Jewish boys from Brooklyn. they also play backup for Amy Winehouse but I’ve heard that they think Sharon is more fun. Anyway, she’s got this song called “When the Other Shoe Drops Uncle”, meaning Uncle Sam. It has this cute line that goes, “your crafty little pencil is running out of lead”. It gets stuck in my head. Anyway, I can’t find a Youtube of it so I think I’m going to have to make one up because I’d love to use it during a cocktail party.

  22. Until about 5 days ago I think I had only given about 5 TRs in four years.

    For the third time this week, I have exhausted my 5 daily TRs (only now they are called “Hide Comments.”) Someone who asked a question about why Obama doesn’t mention choice in his speeches was swarmed — SMEAR!!! CONCERN TROLL!!! WHY ARE YOU TOO LAZY TO CALL THE CAMPAIGN AND GET LITERATURE?

    This must be what McCarthyism was like.

    Life is too short. Pour me another mojito, please.

  23. Roger that. 5 TR’s in one day? I don’t think I ever got close to my limit with TR’s, tho’ I sure did break other people’s records as the receiver. Weird, actually. I don’t think I ever wrote a troll diary or comment at DailyKos. It’s just that new rules were written and enforced religiously in the past couple of months. Ah, well, primary season will be over soon, er, in a couple of mont…. *surely* by the end of the summer. Then, we will have either an insufferably smug DailyKos and a massive reenactment of Lysistrata *or* a broken and desolate DailyKos where the inmates wander around aimlessly, with fixed and haunted gazes in sunken eyesockets, clinging to their keyboards and moaning something about the Boulevard of Broken, Audacious Hopes.
    Moj(it)o, coming up.

  24. I was trollrating someone who kept accusing the diarist of being a troll, a concern troll, stupid, lazy, etc.

    Apparently, the proof that the diarist was a troll was that after a few people actually linked her to the information she was looking for instead of just calling her a troll, the diarist didn’t update the diary and change the title to, “BREAKING: OBAMA STRONGEST ON RIGHT TO CHOOSE!” Because if you don’t do that, you’re a troll.

    Alas, there were a lot of other comments I couldn’t TR.


  25. Litigatormom: It sounds like exhausting and stressful work. But you clearly believe that it is necessary work. Dpes this sense of responsibility spring from a belief in your candidate or in concern for your “tribe” that you see succumbing to a kind of temporary madness? The reason I ask is because I found myself doing the same kind of firefighting with my fundagelical family when they were in the grip of the Bushies.

  26. Good night everyone, I got dragged out out of this lounge and was forced to socialize with flesh and blood pals.
    Not as much fun, as they are all bitter, son of a mill worker supporters , but an interesting side note is that they are either starting to either feel sorry for me, or at last starting to respect that I care more about my cnadidate than they did about theirs..So the angry invective about Hillary being a centrist @%*&( was thankfully missing.
    I even managed to get some tips on things to do in El Paso when I go to help out there for the lection/primary…WTF, they get to vote 3 times????

  27. Nighty-night, TL. Deprogramming can take awhile. You may need to spend more time with them. What do “son-of-a-millworker” fans drink other than Iron City? (If they’ve never heard of it, they were not true believers)
    Well, whatever it is, you will need oto sleep so you can take it on. Sweet dreams.

  28. riverdaughter,
    It’s both. The perspective that prevails over there — that anyone who supports HRC is supposed to fold like Jay Rockefeller in the face of Bush’s demand for Telco Immunity — at this point precludes even the possibility of attempting to persuade someone in a calm, rational way that HRC would make a better president. But I’d like to remind them every once in a while that there are people who are willing to engage at that level — if they dare.

    But I also just hate the incivility and lack of respect — the diarist today isn’t even an HRC supporter — she’s leaning Obama, but she got swarmed for daring to ask a question of her supposed compatriots rather than doing intensive research on her own. They eat their own. How is THAT going to help us in the fall, whoever gets the nomination?

  29. RD/GB,
    I hope we meet in our next life so we can be pals.

    I am originally from the other side of the ‘between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is Alabama state”

    Here in my adopted hometown of Tucson, we/they drink all manner of things, there seems to be no loyalty such as Iron City or Schmidt’s,…. that’s telling my age!.

    I must say, I do indeed miss the old tap rooms of the inner city neighborhoods.

  30. http://www.slate.com/id/2184536

    Dear Barack:

    I know it’s kind of lame to break up with you on Valentine’s Day. And on the Internet to boot. But it’s also kind of ironic. And that’s what I need to tell you. As an ironic, contrarian, so-hip-it-hurts Gen X-er, I just can’t love you anymore. I can’t like you because … because, well, everyone else does. And suddenly supporting you just seems soooo last week.
    Me, I’m going to roll up my sleeves and start working for the Dennis Kucinich 2012 campaign. Edgy, no? And if things start really truly going south for you, I want you to know that you can count on my future fleeting and conditional support in the months and years ahead. Yes, you can.

  31. Press Release:
    updated 9:30 a.m. PT, Fri., Feb. 16, 2008
    WASHINGTON – Pope Benedict XVI will visit the White House on April 16 during his first visit to the United States as pontiff.
    White House spokesman Scott Stonzel said Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill and the pope would continue discussions they began during Obama’s trip to the Vatican in June 2006 on the importance of faith and reason in reaching shared goals.
    Stonzel said the goals include advancing peace throughout the Middle East and other troubled regions, promoting interfaith understanding and strengthening human rights and freedom. The pope was also expected to address the United Nations, visit Victory Monument one of 9 Chicago Landmarks and celebrate Mass in Chicago Ill. and Washington during his April 21-25 trip.

  32. The previous message is weird.

    I saw the link, and it’s Bush that has the discussions, not Obama.

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