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Happy Valentine’s Day! Send Hillary a Dozen

RosesI gotta confess, there’s nothing better on Valentine’s day than having the FedEx guy show up at the door.  I love the long box and the ribbons and the tissue paper and the unopened red buds all cool and fresh surrounded by snowy baby’s breath and glossy deep green foliage…  BFF is not a rose sender.  😦  He must think this is not important.  He is wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah!  I’m sure we could flood Hillary’s office with roses like we did Barbara Boxer’s a couple years ago:

boxer roses

But I’ll bet a dozen George Washington’s would go better with her smile.  And it’s a very affordable Valentine’s gift, don’t you agree?  $12.00 is a mere trifle really.  But if there are a lot of us sending her dozens and dozens, it would be a Valentine’s day to remember.  Hey, even two dozen is a bargain.

I know it’s the thought that counts but the actual gift would be put to better use.  Think about it.

Send Hillary a Dozen

11 Responses

  1. Happy Valentines. Oh I hope this all takes a turn for the better soon, for Hillary. Ugh. It’s really difficult to watch all of it as it unfolds. Ugly.
    Hope you get some roses tomorrow.

    Those plus candy truffle-filled hearts…!

    your pal,

  2. Thanks for the Hillary cheer…will send my virtual bouquet.

  3. My daughter and I just sent Hillary 10 dozen!

  4. Whoo-hoo! That’s a lot of smelly flowers. I’m sure she loved them.

  5. Just donated to Hillary… today I decided to donate $44.44. It’s a great number!

  6. My darling husband contributed what he wouldv’e spent on a fine dinner out.

  7. Tucsonlynn: Awwwww, that’s, er, sweet? I hope he makes it up to you somehow. 😉

  8. thanks goldberry, I sent her my forty buck ‘roses,’ I can’t keep them alive anyway. I’m glad she’s calling attention to Obama’s lies, he can steal her homework, but if he debates her she’ll give him a ‘reality check’ and he hates that. He’s not inspiring his supporters to end the sexist rhetoric, but when he’s caught red handed, he lies great. he’s the new retro candidate, beloved by all Hillary haters, who may end up voting for McCain in the end. McCain wants a hundred-year war, and some ‘independents’ can’t make up their minds between the two? If they can’t make up their minds, maybe they have, and they’re ‘dem’s for a day?’

  9. yep I bought more Hillary t-shirts. Anything for Hillary.

  10. Hi, Lynn.

    FYI…everyone. Tucsonlynn converted my husband and me to Hillary supporters!

    Thanks, TL!

  11. Hi back at ya M.

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