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An Unholy Alliance

Tom Watson writes a deliciously snarky piece about the meeting of the minds of Bill Kristol and DailyKos. {{shudder}}

I hate to see it come to this but I think he is on to something. That is not to say that everyone at DailyKos is being assimilated. There are still quite a few loyal Kossacks and lurkers who are valiantly holding out for the rest of the site to return to sanity.

Actually, Tom brings up a point I have been wondering about for some time now: What is it about Clinton that drives otherwise perfectly rational people absolutely crazy? (Kristol is excluded from this because he started out nuts) Why is it SO important to crush The House of Clinton?

In some respects, the last few months of anti-Clinton frenzy is reminiscent of the lead up to the Iraq War. Those who are virulently anti-Hillary act as though they’ve seen some secret intelligence document that spells out how dangerous and Un-American she is. But all I ever see are doctored satellite photographs of some trailers used for agricultural research.

PLEASE Mr. Kristol,. Frank Rich, Peggy Noonan, tell us what you know. If there is a deep dark awful secret about Hillary, like there’s medical proof that she’s really a paranoid evangelical with the IQ of a table lamp who has megalomania and messianic delusions of grandeur, it is your sacred duty for the sake of our great nation to tell us without delay so we don’t elect someone who’s going to lead us into a pointless, endless, expensive, destructive war or violate our civil liberties or torture people or ruin the economy or a city. I mean surely, SURELY these brave pundits would have told us if we were ever in danger of electing someone that nuts, a person capable of destroying the middle class. Surely they will warn us that we are making a big mistake by nominating a neophyte whom they will take great joy in levelling with the brutality of their poison pens.

I’m sure that Kos has his reasons for loathing Clinton. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that he doesn’t like her campaign people because, hey, who doesn’t loathe campaign people? David Axelrod makes my skin crawl and Joe Trippi makes me want to take a bath. If it were just a matter of Clinton people not trying out new campaign techniques, I’m sure Kos would have been happy to make suggestions to Hillary. No, it’s got to be something even worse than the House of Bush that has him thinking like Kristol that the worst thing in the world would be Hillary 44.

If only they would tell us I could stop being so skeptical. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. I just couldn’t swallow the Iraq War stories and I just can’t swallow this one either. Oh, woe is me, cursed to be always out of step with my peers.

And always right in retrospect.

26 Responses

  1. Goldberry,

    Sorry to be off-topic, but did you see my (a ‘rose’ on valentines day for HIllary) on the thread (Raindrops from around the web- Monday) below?

    I really hope you like it, and hope we can find patrons [ha ha] on the blogs for idea. Not only is it a fundraising idea, I like to smack back the “she’s not likable’ crowd.

  2. Ghost2: I did see the rose idea. I think it’s pretty nifty but did you mean send literal roses or a rose metaphor in the form of a money?

  3. By tedious process of elimination, I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that they hate her because she’s a woman. I’m not happy to come to this conclusion, because I don’t like reductionism and I don’t like whining, but what else has any explanatory value at all?

  4. To help the voters who have these books none too far in their past, my theory is that she is Hermoine to their Ron. Hermoine, in Harry Potte, is the smart girl who works hard and actually LIKES to work hard. she learns for the joy of it and doesnt go out of her way to suck up to people because it doesnt really come natural to be a phony. This makes the none too swift really annoyed. She shows them up without even trying. So, rather than try to admit she makes them feel unworthy, they turn the conversation to her hair, laugh, and ankles. Juvenile.

  5. Harry Potter, that is.

  6. ps – I like your post. wink.

  7. I have always been fascinated ( as well as frightened) by the phenomena of “mass hysteria.” I have observed that whenever people get really overzealous eventually the other shoe drops.

    “What is it about Clinton that drives otherwise perfectly rational people absolutely crazy? ”

    SImple answer – 16 years of political propaganda and increasing power of Republcain talking points and language framing.

    The Republican machine has been attacking and undermining the Clintons since 1992. Folks like Frank Luntz and Karl Rove have very methodically been spinnning the narrantive about the Clintons for 16 years now. They have done everything they can to stay in control of the narrative. The media has pretty much adopted this narrative….and been broadcasting anti-Clinton opinions and imagery using the Republican language which they have done everything in theri power to drill into the American unconscious..

    If you have a background in cognitive psychology or have read The Poltiical Brain, by Drew Westin (who was totally fab at YearlyKos), you know that humans can easily be manipulated. There’s a lot of science behind it. Look at the power of advertising. Also the simple fact that most people will believe something if they hear it enough times.

    What’s so diabolical and insideous about media propaganda… people will argue that they are really thinking for themselves because no one wants to believe they’ve been manipulated. But if you really pay attention to the “language” a person uses it becomes pretty apparent that people are unaware how much their reality has been manipulated. That’s why the netroots has talked so much about the importance of NOT USING Republican talking points. Yet Obama often uses the Republican talking points and he generally gets a free pass for it.

    Then MoveON made another really politically naive mistake and decided to get into the candidate endorsement game. The membership voted to endorse Obama. The same Obama who did not stand up for MoveOn during the “Betrayus” brouhaha. And guess what MOveOn gets for all their Obama love? There is no where on Obama’s website that I could find where he proudly states that he has the endorsement of MoveOn. Obama has generally been dismissive of the netroots as have many of the Democrats in congress. Until they need our $$, that is.

    Don’t the netroots realize that to any politican, we are either a tool or a foil? Why do so many in the netroots inflate our importance or relevence to the professional politicians? While I love the netroots in general, and am active in my own way, I have no illusions about how much “power” it has.

  8. Rich in PA: I didn’t want to go there either but, sadly, I can’t think of any other explanation. It’s disturbing because it feels that we really haven’t made all that much progress. I thought the younger generation of men were brought up differently and the younger generation of women would be more sensible. But he hasn’t and she is still trying to please.
    Sucks. Big time.

  9. Dragoneyes: Yep, there’s a lot of advertising going on both positive and negative. And Obama is riding the crest right now. Who could blame him? But if he thinks that he and his campaign has cleverly outwitted the press this time and they can continue doing it, he’s naive. The press can build you up and they can tear you down. And going into the fall campaign, it is in their best interests to keep their audience glued to their seats watching a horserace, so they *have* to tear him down. They *have* to play up every stupid remark and mute every brilliant one. It’s going to happen. We know it. They know it. It’s like a trainwreck. So we either end up with McCain who is a Republican, no matter how you slice him, or Obama, who has no fricking idea how to run a country.
    Not a great choice.

  10. Rose metaphor. money equivalent to the price of roses.

    Every year, Hillary is at the top of the list of the most admired women. So, let’s show appreciation by sending Valentines day $$.

  11. Yes, it is ingrained in out culture to mock women who have the nerve to turn 40 and refuse to cower. And even more especially if the woman is briliant.

  12. I meant to say, she is admired, but all she gets from the press is crap. So, let’s show them.

    Besides, she is HUMAN, and should be appreciated for all the work she does and all the crap she puts up with tirelessly.

    By the way, I posted about ‘roses’ on TaylorMarsh too. Goldberry, I really think it would be neat if you, Taylor, Tom Watson, and NoQuarters got a post of fundraising up tomorrow and Thursday. That’s my idea, anyhow.

  13. Ghost2: I’ll see what I can do. I was going to run a fundraiser this week any way.

  14. Even with all the Obamentum goin’ on now… I still don’t think he’ll end as our president. If Obama wins the primary McCain’s experience good chance that there will be more WAR this spring. Kerry had all the college educated voters and he also got alot of young folks into politics (or more accurateley driven to politics by BushyCo) and I believe there was a record youth tunrout in 2004. Admittedly Obama is alot more charismatic and likeable than John Kerry but it’s still similar demographics. [Note: I will vote for Obama if he’s the nom and hope for the best.]

    If I am correct that there will be more war and/or terrorist activies in the spring that will totally change the naure of the campaigns. Voters will likewise be effected. Hillary would start being more appealing to some folks as would McCain. it would not benefit Obama.

    Dick Cheney and George Bush will be leaving the White House in about 11 months. Bush has been threatening for some time now to leave the Dems a big mess in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think they still have a few last nasty tricks up their sleeves.

    We know who handles that shit the best now don’t we.

  15. Ooops, major edit needed to above… I must have deleted a whole line by mistake. The second sentence ended up being a combo of two. It should read…

    If Obama wins the primary McCain’s experience will be tough to beat. Considering there is a good chance that there will be more WAR this spring.

  16. i dont know dragoneyes, if they line the two of them up will Obama looked too young or will McCain look too old?

  17. ‘David Axelrod makes my skin crawl and Joe Trippi makes me want to take a bath. ‘

    Me too.
    Nice to find this blog.
    Thanks for mentioning it on TM ghost2.
    So riverdaughter, why change your name from goldbeery, and having done so, which do you prefer to be called?

  18. of course I meant goldberry, not beery. too many cocktails already.

  19. Judith, you make a good point. It’s something I’ve thought about for a while cause obviously there’s plusses and minusses for each. Obama is very appealing!

    The question is, in a time of history where people are feeling alot economic pressure as well as all the militarism and the terrorism issue, I think most folks will, in the end, vote based on their security needs over their ideals. As riverdaughter said elsewhere… Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs plays a role here.

    I’ve felt for a long time that Obama’s time is later, not now. I’d love to see him get some more hard experience and then run for president in 2016. But I understand that many folks want him now. We’ll have to see how it all plays out.

  20. dragoneyes (hey, what color are those? :-))

    I see your point, of course. I think that too and have said it on other boards. And Riverdaughter’s maslow post gave me a flashback to the pysch texts in the closet…so I liked that…

    but I saw McCain standing next to Arnold and it was not a nice comparison.

  21. tucsonlynn: Goldberry is my DailyKos name and I didn’t want to lose it completely, so I went with riverdaughter, which is essentially the same thing. Upon reflection, I probably chosen something like Bathsheba Everdeen but Goldberry stuck and, oh well, too late now. Since I can’t post until the primaries are over on DKos, I needed a name people would remember.
    I’m glad you were able to find it here. I hear that DKos is having a bit of a psychogenic fugue moment.

  22. In case I’m not the only one who doesn’t know exactly what that means, here’s the best definition I just found…

    Psychogenic Fugue,- is a sudden, unplanned excursion away from ones planned itinerary accompanied by either memory loss or confusion about, loss of, or assumption of a new identity.

    btw, I pop by DKos briefly here and there to try and catch the occasional intelligent issue diary… was just there and was glad to be able to support a diarist who admitted she voted for Clinton today.

  23. dragoneyes:LOL It’s just a term my younger sister uses all of the time. I didn’t know it had an actual meaning.
    Too funny ‘cos it sounds about right.

  24. I was looking through archives at TaylorMarsh.com, and came across this completely by accident. But I just love Taylor’s rant at the beginning. Post titled: Barack Obama Lectures his Own. Date? 06/29/2006


  25. Dragoneyes has it exactly right. The media bought the spin coming from the right. They also did this with Gore, which everyone seems to forget. The media despised him and willingly passed along right wing talking points about him. They were also fine with mocking Kerry and did not work very hard to debunk the Swiftboaters.

    I think one reason that the media was originally so susceptible to this right wing propaganda was that the Clintons came from Arkansas. I just recently heard the venerated Tim Russert talk about the “Bubba effect”, a phrase which is disparaging of all southerners. The media had also been disdainful of Carter, deriding him as a “Peanut farmer”, but the right wing spin machine as designed by Lee Atwater had not geared up at that time so this was mild in comparison.
    One good example of how biased they are is the constant talking about the visciousnous of the Clinton attack machine. PUH-LEASE! Obama has been equally harsh with his attacks on Clinton’s presidency and his adoption of the Harry and Louise type ads. This is nothing unusual for politics.Neither campaign comes close to the slime Republicans are willing to throw. When have you ever seen a Democrat make as vile an attack as the Republican Swiftboating of Kerry? Yet the media accuses only the Clintons of being attack dogs. It’s delusional, but a lot of people, Democrats included, buy into this garbage. It is very damaging to our democracy. After all this kind of behavior on the part of our media got us the disastrous president we have now.

  26. BernieO: Yeah, the Clinton attack machine is a complete fabrication. Hilary’s been forced to compete in a way that no other presidential has. She has to be upbeat, unflappable, optimistic and relentlessly positive,. She can’t say ANYTHING negative about her opponent. She can’t even compare herself to him. Even that isn’t allowed. Her husband is supposed to STFU and never come to her defense or point out that her opponent is a fraud. In short, she has been forced to stand on a pillory all by herself while the public throws eggs and tomatoes at her and she must smile generously in return.
    Who made up these crazy rules and why are we tolerating them?

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