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That’s it, I’m taking Countdown off my DVR schedule

I’ve watched Keith Olberman faithfully for a couple of years now and I used to think that David Shuster was a pretty good reporter. But the Obamagasm and testosterone poisoning on DailyKos and other of the Big Blog Stores has infiltrated Countdown and MSNBC in general and made them a less credible source of news for me.

It’s very annoying. First it was the major network news programs that couldn’t be trusted, Fox never was, CNN started copying Fox to remain competitive and we progressives had nowhere else to turn. Then MSNBC started to take up the cause for us and Countdown delivered brilliant commentary channeling our frustration and anger.

They are channeling something else now. The skewed coverage of the primary elections is apalling and very disappointing. In an effort to increase the bottom line, they have latched onto the Obamania inspired circlejerk of the Big Blogs. It doesn’t seem to bother them that the voters of the big Democratic states are voting for Clinton by wide margins.

I blame Jack Welch. The bottom line is everything to him. Countdown wouldn’t even exist anymore if a lot of us didn’t schedule him on our DVR’s and if the satellite companies didn’t collect data that GE uses to woo advertisers. So, buh-bye, Keith. I’d rather stick to C-Span or CNN than listen to another jerk call Hillary, “Babe” or accuse her of pimping her daughter. The frat boy crap has got to stop.

Better yet, I’m going to reset my DVR for Bill O’Reilly. Yeah! That’s the ticket! I don’t have to watch him, or at least I don’t have to be in the same room when I play the DVR back. Oo! Oo! I have TWO DVRs! I can program the other one to do the same thing! Oo! Oo! I actually have a dual DVR on my one TV in the living room and the other half of it is awaiting my new TV for the basement. Now is the perfect time to buy that third TV and set the DVR to pick up Billo on it.

3 DVR’s all recording BillO every frickin’ night for the foreseeable future. Boosting his ratings. Increasing his ad revenue. It will go straight to his massive head.

I want to hear KO and Shuster to cry uncle and make a sincere effort to get the rest of us back. Ooops! There will be no way I can tell they are contrite BECAUSE I WON’T BE WATCHING!

You want to know the worst part of the MSNBC turn to MAXIM Media on steroids? The worst part is that my 12 year old daughter was a faithful Countdown viewer. But if you think I’m going to let her self-image be tainted by this overt appeal to males at her expense, you are sadly mistaken.

I don’t know what the rest of you readers are going to do but someone’s got to draw the line. I’ll go first.

Update: It looks like David Shuster will be suspended. Why not suspend Tweety too while you’re at it? And have a written notice placed in Russert’s permanent record. It’s too late, guys. You’ve probably lost your female viewership at this point, that is, the portion not slavishly worshipping Obama.

21 Responses

  1. Shuster has been thrown under the bus. They had Tweety “apologize” and couldn’t stand another situation, so they suspended Schuster. Wow. Tough guys.

    Tough shite.!!!

    We stopped watching MSNBC when Olberman when off the deep end.

  2. Yes, I see that Shuster was the sacrificial lamb for all of Tweety’s excesses. I don’t know how Tweety sleeps at night.
    But Schuster’s remarks, tho’ relatively mild, were the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    It’s way past time for MSNBC to dial it back and resume some journalistic objectivity.

  3. When a democracy no longer has a fair and impartial press all is lost. We’ve been on a rapid decline for the past 8 years; I’m stunned that we are doomed to repeat the same type of candidate reporting that we suffered during swiftboating and the Bush administration.

  4. Hi there annagonzalez, very pleased to meet you. I agree that we are on our way to visiting the same scenario but I feel more hopeful this year that the candidates are going to strike back this time. Also, I think the media has lost some of its influence. Being wrong for 8 straight years tends to take a toll on your credibility.
    Natural selection says that an organism has to adapt to its environment or die. I think there may be a level of adaptation on the Dem side going on this year. Let’s cheer on this species.

  5. I don’t think Schuster’s comments were mild.

    Yes, they have called Hillary Clinton far worse things, but mostly they don’t come up and say it out loud. They say ‘annoying’, ‘shrill’, and other things and leave it to voters to fill in the blanks. It’s not hard.

    But this comment was aweful. And it was MANIFESTLY stupid. I mean, everyone’s family campaigns for them. Bush twins, anyone? Their audience saw the stupidity of the comment immediatly. Hence the action.

  6. ghost2: agreed but Tweety’s commentary has been so much worse. I think we can safely conclude that the Clintons were not going to be satisfied until someone paid. And given Tweety’s longevity and clout and Shuster’s lack thereof, it was Shuster who got suspended.
    Too bad really. I had high hopes for him until he cause acute Obamaitis. Tweety just hates Hillary. he has no genuine affection for Obama. But Shuster showed promise.
    Oh, fuckitall, this is the same channel that gave us Imus’ “nappy headed whores”. I think it;s fairly clear what they value in a journalist and it ain’t wimin.

  7. I agree full heartedly with the above article. I used to watch Olbermann religiously for the past 2 or 3 years, but noticed a big change as the primaries started evolving and his discourse starting evolving in a very bad direction against Hillary – tht did it for me! I was honestly very surprised and disappointed because I thought he was one of us – a democrat that would be fair – but I was so wrong. Amazing. I have stopped watching and will not go back. BTW I am one of his female viewership that he has lost.

  8. I’ll betcha Keith, David, et al wouldn’t act this way if they had daughters of their own,

  9. I see this as the absolute last thing that Chelsea’s parents are going to put up with in the press. Their darling girl was remarked upon by a clod like she was a streetwalker. It is thrilling to see the Clinton’s fight fire with fire. If you want Sen Clinton to appear on your crummy little network you will have to clean it up boys. The Bush WH has done this for years. Behave or you do not get a seat on the bus
    Great blog! I am a refugee from the dumbfest on the biggie blogs.

  10. “Give me your tired, your sore,
    your huddled masses yearning to blog free,
    the wretched refuse of your broadband
    Send these, the blogless, trollfest tossed to me
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door”


  11. I took count down off long ago. I keep Bill Maher on just because, because I want him to be Hillary’s VP.

  12. NewHampster: LOL! ok, but no foreign missions. We don’t need any more international incidences.

  13. Would you believe that MSNBC is not on my cable system and all I have ever seen is clips on the net? I asked my children what the pimping out stuff was about because I could not believe that was used casually on a cable network. My daughter said Chelsea doesn’t care what that old guy thinks. She is 18 and cried when Edwards withdrew. My son said Chelsea needs a big brother as in large who could talk about the choice of words with Mr. Shuster. To be 25 and see things so straightforward would be good. I think Sen Clinton is handling this just so.

  14. I totally identify with the response. It’s just natural to want to come to your children’s defense. When they drag the kid into it, they’ve crossed the line.

  15. The idea that the response by Sen Clinton is a political calculation is troubling. This is obviously being floated as a possible reaction on the net to see if it will fly. The press is watching to see the reaction and so far it is not working. As long as the public remains disgusted, the press will see that it is not acceptable to act like a mob on the telly. The right wing has done this for years. If they sense a weakening in the public attitude they will continue with the bashing. It must be sobering to the most egregious Clinton bashers to see one of their own humiliated for simply joining in on the fun. I bet Shuster is being paid so he doesn’t suffer to much as he was doing what was expected of him.

  16. Escoffier: You wouldn’t happen to have a scandinavian background down under would you?

  17. Afraid not. Remote islands off Scotland though. Is that close? Why do you ask?

  18. […] Posts That’s it, I’m taking Countdown off my DVR scheduleHillary Breaks Down the “Fourth Wall” and Reaps Big RewardsGOP Opposite Day with Peggy NoonanThe […]

  19. First time to your site. I stopped watching Countdown in early January even before the New Hampshire primary. I started noticing the misogyny before most people caught on. I’m really not surprised by Shuster’s comments at all. I was just wondering how much of it Clinton was going to take before speaking out. I don’t expect this to end though. If she’s the nominee I’m sure MSNBC will try to get their revenge on her somehow.

  20. DisenfranchisedVoter: She’d be doing all Democrats a favor if he efforts resulted in breaking up this monopoly the media has in calling the shots.
    Let’s pray she is successful.
    Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  21. great post…I’d only been recently watching Countdown too – loved the anti-Bush stuff, but their election covereage is so way over the top pro BO, I’ve had to give it up

    on Super Tues, whenever Clinton won a state they’d make sure to follow up with, “of course delegates will be proportioned,” whereas with BO it was “Obama wins SC!”

    I had hopes for KO too

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