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Open Thread

Welcome to our new visitors!  Today, we set a new record for hits on this new little blog.  Many thanks to Taylor Marsh, ghost2 and Ronk who linked to us.  This blog pro-Hillary for the moment so if you are pro-Hillary, you should feel comfortable here.  We don’t censor but the comments are being filtered for trigger words that may require moderation.

After the primaries, we’ll kiss and make up with our friends and go forward together, like the tributaries of a mighty river.  We will be confluent.  Post away and tell us what you’re up to.

13 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter, just found your blog today, courtesy of Taylor Marsh. I howled with laughter at your snark about the SF Chronicle endorsement of Obama. Great writing! It is wonderful to find another blog that isn’t knee-jerk against Hillary and knee-jerk for Obama. I’m finding this whole Obamazoid movement pretty frightening, since it’s basically backing someone who has not shown me he is anything close to being a progressive. Hopefully, we’ll wake up Wednesday to a saner world. Keep up the great work!

  2. Agreed. Anyone who has already caved on universal health care coverage is in no way progressive, especially given that any credible expert on the topic will tell that making everyone participate is a necessity for controlling costs. That so many Democrats are on the verge of giving up on universal care before we have even begun to fight because they are swooning over the rhetoric of change “audacity of hope” is deeply disheartening. Those of us who support Hillary are the ones who are audacious enough to hope that at long last the American people will see the light and realize that the time is now to get all Americans health care coverage, even those who are too short-sighted to understand they need it. Unless we fix this problem our economy will continue to be seriously damaged by our terrible system.

  3. Pleased to meet you both. There are a lot of Clinton folk on the web. They just happen to be scarce at the big draws.
    I agree with the solidarity aspect of universal healthcare. It will cost less to insure everyone when everyone is insured. Let’s hope she strengthens her message about core Democratic principles. I think that is the contrast that voters want to see in the fall. They want to see a clear difference between the parties and she’s got it.

  4. Have you seen this kick-ass essay??


  5. Ooo, that *IS* good. A little long but good. I’ll see if I can put together a compliation of greatest hits from around the web tomorrow. If you find anything else, drop me a line or take me up on my offer to post, ghost2. I hope I have your email address right. You should have gotten an invitation.

  6. I saw that. I should have replied, but I don’t think the email was from you, just something from wordpress. If it was from you, I beg your forgiveness.

    For variety of reasons, I have decided against posting. I don’t post diaries at dkos either. Hopefully, I am a good foot soldier for Hillary. Prince Di’s mother had said, “I am proud to bits of her”. I feel that about Hillary.

    No mean task. She is up against a chauvaunist culture, a misogynist press, blogsphere, democratic establishment (funny, isn’t it), and she keeps going. You can’t believe how many diaries at dkos are breaking the news that Maria Shriver is endorsing Obama. I mean what has that woman done? I told these guys in a post, that not long ago they were chiding us, saying Hillary owes her success to her husband and warning us against dynasties?

    What idiots.

    I am so excited that you linked to Taylor, and now some people have found your blog through my link at Taylor. Also check Talkleft. Jeralyn is great, and Big Tent Democrat is leaning Obama, but he is sharp and fair.

  7. Make that ‘blog foot solidier”, if that means anything!

  8. Oh, also Alegre has started a new yahoo group called Hillarysvoice. It’s linked through her diary last night (I think).

    Yeah, why post when you can comment??

  9. Ok, some older links I had saved:


    anything by eriposte at theleftcoaster. Here is a good link, I think:

    And you may like the article Markos wrote for Washingtonpost in May2006:

    (Yeah, the guy who voted for Obama based on “I can’t stand Terry McAuliff”. And here GOP thought having a beer was reason enough to choose a President. Leave it to democrats to come up with truely half-ass reasoning! ) But, hey, he writes for newsweek, so what do I know??


  10. Thanks for the links. Yes, I agree, Kos’ support for Obama is based on some very shallow reasoning.
    I didn’t like to post on DailyKos either for a long time. I was pretty terrified they’d think I sucked. But I think one of my first posts got to the rec list and after that I was hooked.
    Anyway, do not be afraid. It’s only a collection of pixels on a screen. It cannot hurt you. 😉

  11. We just need to hit them on their horrible idea that the emancipatory movements of the 1960s and 1970s were stupid “culture wars” that need to be overcome, in the sense of “cast aside.”

    That is just appalling and it’s unworthy of Democrats.

  12. hey nice place. think i’ll hang around for a bit. found you through taylor and leftcoaster comments section. cheers!

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