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Nightcap -Wednesday

scotchWell, we’re at Joe’s tonight. I don’t know about you but I need to relax from the primary wars and this is a nice dark and cool place. We’re all friends here.  There’s a long bar of some rich polished wood. No ferns. The music is so good tonight, I may not go home. There’s a great sax player and the singer, ahhh, pure aural sex.

Set’em up Joe. Nothing fruity. A nice smoky scotch would be perfect.

Wanna dance?

Maureen Le Fey Conjures Again

Morgan Le FeyRonK made a reference to Maureen Le Fey’s latest column today in his ponderables but I thought I’d expand upon it because I *get* Maureen, even if I don’t particularly like her. No one can mix metaphors better than MoDo, expect maybe me on Vanilla Absolut.

In today’s incantation, er, column, Maureen continues to reinforce the themes that Hillary is an arrogant, prevaricating Ice queen and Obama is possessed of a skittish and delicate constitution. Let’s go to the text:

Their relations have been frosty and fraught ever since the young Chicago prince challenged Queen Hillary’s royal proclamation that it was her turn to rule.

Last winter, after news broke that he was thinking of running, he winked at her and took her elbow on the Senate floor to say hi, in his customary languid, friendly way, and she coldly brushed him off.

Wow, I’d say mine was a fairly straightforward interpretation. But wait! There’s more. A couple of weeks ago, Maureen made reference to Hillary’s Daisy Buchanan like voice. Gatsby said it was “full of money”. This week, Maureen is referencing Gone With the Wind and comparing Hillary’s SOTU appearance in red to the “Who shot the drapes scene?” from the movie where Scarlett shows up wearing green velvet with heavy bullion fringe. One almost hears Hillary pining on about Ashley. Or was it Rhett by that scene? Where was I? Was there a point?

Oh, yes, it was MoDo subtlely alerting us to Hillary’s humiliation at losing South Carolina to a young upstart who happened to grab Edward Kennedy’s endorsement. Well, what could be worse than that? I mean, other than standing in a field, shaking a radish at the sky vowing to “never be in the position to need anything from Ted Kennedy again!”.

Obama’s camp must be in stitches about the drape scene reference, no pun intended. Ha-Ha-Ha! But MoDo is an equal opportunity curse thrower. I’ll bet the laughter stopped when they read *this*:

But the fact that he didn’t do so shows that Obama cannot hide how much the Clintons rattle him, and that he is still taking the race very personally.

or this:

Knowing that it helped her when Obama seemed to be surly with her during the New Hampshire debate, telling her without looking up from his notes that she was “likable enough” — another instance of Obama not being able to hide his bruised feelings — Hillary went on ABC News last night to insinuate that he was rude Monday.

and this:

But Obama is the more emotionally delicate candidate, and the one who has the more feminine consensus management style, and the not-blinded-by-testosterone ability to object to a phony war.

Oh, brother, now that the Breck Girl has dropped out, MoDo turns her emasculating gaze on the only male candidate left on the Democratic side, because the male Democratic candidate is always the bottom, doncha know. It’s well known conventional wisdom. You can ask the Villagers who probably put her up to this little bit of faux literati idiocy.

Jeez, Maureen, you’re really showing your age. We on the other side of the generational divide know that Sensitive New Age Guys can at times be the same pricks they’ve always been and we know plenty of women who can swing their own while being friendly and well-respected managers. So she wears red. So he’s good at the mock outrage. Either one of them has more intelligence and strength than any of the doddering old men on the Republican side.

Get a new spell book, Maureen. Yours is sadly out of date.

PS to the Cocktail Kossacks: You guys are doing a great job in my absence. I might do a nightcap tonight here but I think the Clinton Cocktail Hour at DailyKos is in excellent hands. 😉

RonK Ponderables

  • BREAKING NEWS: MoDo doesn’t like Hillary. again. Doesn’t buy “the snub”. Wonder where she’s phoning that in from?
  • In other ponderings, SC would have been a much tighter contest with Edwards out. Exit polls suggest JRE’s drew heavily from voters reacting negatively to both sides of the race race, but more heavily against Obama’s side … and his demographics were closer to Hillary.From what we can suss out statistically and anecdotally, Hillary is the second choice of more Edwards voters nationwide (as opposed to Edwards activists nationwide).The two person is good favors Hill. It amplifies the big-state delegate margins she’ll roll up Feb 5. perhaps more importantly, it makes all subsequent debate appearance head-to-head confrontations, as we try to pin down Obama on which of the infinitely-many possible paths of change he has in mind.
  • Good news, everyone — Workhorse Sen. Patty Murray endorses HRC!

    Sen. Murray is the “mom in tennis shoes”, one of seven kids of a multiple sclerosis affected veteran father, who rose from preschool teacher to workhorse deputy chair of Senate Appropriations and highest ranking woman Senator ever in her party’s (or any party’s) leadership as Senate Democratic Conference Secretary?

    Patty knows what the “levers of power” can do for the little guy when they’re used right, and what they can do to the little guy when they’re neglected or misuse

Feb 5 and forward, one rival comes out of each state with a clear majority of its delegates. This is good.

Dear Edwardians, Your Voices Matter

I saw the news that John Edwards is dropping out.  I’m very sorry that his voice for the other America will be without a speaker but I don’t think it will be for long.  Universal healthcare, social security, labor issues and concern for the working and middle class have a strong advocate in another frontrunner.

So, don’t give up hope.  We *will* be together this fall.  One person will carry that message for us and set to the heavy task of putting the country right.


pinky and the brain

  • Even NewJerseyans can be dim sometimes. This article from NJ.com highlights the campaign stop that the Big Dawg made in Camden. The media and Obama’s campaign has been somewhat successful at shutting the Big Dawg up. But it’s sorta in his nature to not hold back. Actually, I don’t have a problem with that but it has to be done very carefully. He’s larger than life and that kind of stature always comes with a proportionally sized magnifying glass. On the other hand, Obama will never be able to relax as long as the Big Dawg is out there. But getting back to stupidity. The Clinton campaign has NOT been playing the race card for one simple reason- Hillary can’t win black voters by doing it. Accusing them of doing it has been very successful but it doesn’t parse logically. As for the Jesse Jackson statement, just because something is true doesn’t mean it was meant to be racist. Obama was always going to be favored in South Carolina. He pulled out all of the stops and spent a lot of money there which meant that Hillary had to campaign there as well in a state she was guaranteed to lose the minute Obama announced his candidacy. But that’s because it was South Carolina. And anyone can see that Obama is an intelligent, charismatic candidate. The state that started to put things in perspective is Florida because there was little campaigning done there, the population is quite diverse and it appears that experience *does* matter. But, whatever. I just hope that when this is all over that Obama makes amends for driving a wedge into the heart of the party.
    There is plenty of visual evidence that the Obama campaign is making its stand in black neighborhoods. The borough of Somerville which has a diverse population in the midst of the mostly white and asian central NJ suburbs is festooned with Obama signs. Oh, Hell, I actually like Obama, OK? I said it. I will work like a fanatic for him if he’s the nominee. But I want the best qualified person to be in the WH in Jan, 2009 because it’s going to be so bad that even the best will be over her head.
  • I have to agree with Digby on MSNBC’s coverage of the Florida primary last night. I had to turn Countdown’s coverage off, last night. That’s how bad it’s become. The anti-Clinton theme fairly jumps off the screen. And not just from Tweety. Plus, they’ve relegated Norah “Betty Crocker” O’Donnell to standing in front of a scoreboard distracting us with weird catalog model hand positions. (Do models and women broadcasters take lessons in that subject?) And I don’t even like Noron but I don’t like to see women subjected to silly Vanna White status. Can’t you make her wear a nice pantsuit so she can stick her hand in one pocket while she gesticulates with the other to make her point? Better to just replace her altogether with another Rachel Maddow and let Tweety stand at the scoreboard with nothing much to say. C’mon, guys, do you have to be so obvious? If you’re going to turn into another outpost of DailyKos Obama delirium, I’m going to start hanging out at CNN more. Think about that, KO, Anderson Cooper will be stealing your mojo. Anderson COOPER.
  • Florida *did* count. I suspect that next Tuesday is going to be huge for Clinton but between now and then, the media is going to pull out all the stops to show how young and sexy Obama is and what a dried up old prune Clinton is. That goes doubly so with the supporters. All the Obamaphiles will look like Sports Illustrated athletes and swimsuit models. All Clintonistas will look like Bea Arthur and short indigenous Honduran illegal immigrants who collect the shopping carts in the local grocery store parking lot. They will conveeeeeniently forget that there are many well educated 40 something women pulling in decent salaries that can’t wait to push that big lumenescent Hillary Clinton button on the Sequoia voting machine. Oh, yeah, baby, Tuesday is going to be great. It’ll be just me and several million of my fellow New Jerseyans pushing Hillary buttons all day long. Orgasmic. Tweety will never know what hit him.
  • Many of you Kossack alums who I love dearly will have received invitations to post here. And I really mean it. Please take me up on the offer. You can probably tell that I get a little crazy when I’m by myself too long. At first, I didn’t think that anyone would read this outpost. Kos had assigned me to raving and blathering in the dark and scary wilderness outside the warmth and light of the palisade. But it’s actually not too bad. In just over a week, I’ve gotten more than 1000 hits. I’ll never be a big orange satan and I’m not aspiring to it. That would be a full time job. But even as a part time job, it’s a bit time consuming. So, I would really appreciate some lucid voices. If you guys are holding back because the name of the blog is too closely identified with me, we *could* change it. I found the page (among many administrative pages) that will allow us to do so. So, if that’s the only thing holding you back, give me a new name and start posting!