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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Putting it in terms even SusanG can understand

You have two employees.  One has been a very dedicated and hard worker and has excelled in her job,  She’s been waiting for her chance to run the company for a long time.

The other is a young up and coming whippersnapper who’s been shmoozing everyone he meets but has been so busy playing office politics that he hasn’t really done anything on the job.

In comes some Board of Director types.  The company’s broke due to the bad management of the previous CEO.  They look at the CV’s, take the Whippersnapper out for a round of golf (after all, they know the other one, they’re old friends).  The Whippersnapper shmoozes REAL good over scotch and cigars.  They decide they “like the cut of his jib”.  The next day, as the other one is bravely fighting off the typical sniggering about how she’s not exceptional even if she did get farther than any woman before her, the Board of Directors name the Whippersnapper as the new CEO.

Now, imagine it’s a Whippersnaperess.  Hmmm, does she even get to go to the links?  Do they put up with the shmoozing or does she have to have all of her reports done on time and in perfect order?  Can she even *apply* for a promotion with 2 years under her belt or does she have to cure cancer and win the Nobel prize in physics first and in 2 years in a row?

I think you know the answer to this.

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  1. Thanks. Taylor Marsh was mad at Kennedy for his very reason. Here is the link to her post (Why is NY NOW so Ticked Off at Teddy?), which speaks for me too:

    Says Taylor:
    It’s likely this tired old resume double standard that brought NY NOW’s press release out without an edit. Because the very thing that makes Hillary Clinton qualified to be president is being pushed aside and called “the past.” Let’s face it, if Clinton was Obama in a dress, er, pantsuit, she wouldn’t be getting the time of day, let alone Teddy Kennedy’s endorsement.

    It’s a great post. Check it out!

  2. Funny, I jumped to comment, and just saw your other post below. Seems like you agree too!

  3. Actually, why are we trying so hard?? Carol Moseley Braun is our answer. She had a full senate term other her belt, plus ambassorship. Did anyone in the establishment and media took her run in 2004 remotely seriously? All we got was, she is a nice person, that’s all. Now, back to regular programming with men. Did she get any coverage? Asked about her standing on issues? Asked which committee she’s been on?

  4. We must be outliers then because the Big Orange Satan thinks this is an outrage.
    Hey, maybe the press person should have taken a coffee break before pushing the send button. I’m sure it could have been stated more artfully. But it seems to me that SusanG et al are letting their warped feelings for Hillary get in the way of what actually occured here. I mean, I understand why Sebellius and McCaskill and Ben Nelson and those guys are going the “New! and Improved! High Borderism ala Obama” route. That makes sense to me. But when Kennedy gets into the act, I gotta ask myself, what gives? It just seems personal and directed at some slight in the Clinton(s)-Kennedy relationship.
    But more than that, it looks like the Dems are chickening out and believing that as McCain gets closer to being the GOP nominee, Hillary becomes less electable. This is really stoopid thinking because it would be Obama that would get creamed on the National Security front. Unlike Clinton’s rational assessment of threat, Obama just dismisses it outright. Then when Rove rolls out the fall fear campaign, the last person they’re going to want to vote for is Obama. McCain will look like a strong, wise protector *with better judgment*.
    Obama is a schmoozer. That doesn’t mean he isn’t smart or verbally gifted on the stump speech (although the one time I saw him in person, I was not impressed). But why give him all of the advantages of power without having him earn it? And what are they saying about a real risk taker who has defied conventional wisdom for more than 3 decades? Sorry, but you’re old?
    I don’t know what’s worse, gender or age discrimination but how would Kennedy feel if someone upset him in the next Senate race because he’s “the past”?
    Damn straight, he’d have a frickin’ bird.

  5. I am getting crazier by the day.

    First of all, it annoyed the heck of me that Ted threw that “the latest tactics of Bill and Hillary has offended me”. You can’t believe how disgusting and maddening that is. First of all, it’s all manufactured lies, plain and simple, and Ted knows that. But really, in all the years of Bush, in all his years of Washington, he hasn’t seen anything worse that a couple of sentences bent into pretzels (by others) to make them mean something else? Also, the real dirty trick is to manufacture such things and repeat them over and over to slime two perfectly good people.

    No wonder ordinary people not think, but know that politician are asses and full of hot air. Kennedy just proved them right.

    The second thing is this coordinated effort by him and Caroline brought something else to me. You see, Obama has a lot of high level people working for him, he raises money (yeah, the supporters think it’s all small donations, whatever) like nothing else. He could be politically gifted, but no one, no one, gets there without some patronage and assurance from someone. Look closely at his statements, vacant as they are, they have one common theme: ‘change’, ‘future not the past’, ‘getting past the battles of 60’s and 90’s’. Can the guy be more clear?? He say, “I am not Hillary”. That’s his whole campaign.

    My guess is that many people in Washington (powers to be) resented Hillary’s clear path. It was similar to Gore 2000. Senators snickered behind his back, b/c well, they knew they couldn’t challenge him for the nomination. Same thing here. Kerry knew he wouldn’t have a chance against Hillary. Kennedy would resent the loss of Camelot. B/c face it. If Hillary is elected, Clintons (not Kennedy’s) become the story of this period of History. Both Bill and Hillary have very compelling personal stories, and with Bush thrown it, it’s the perfect contrast to them.

    So, putting my thin foil hat, this bothers Ted Kennedy. They resent Hillary. Another thing for these guys is that they are scared. Hillary won’t owe much to them in her run, so they don’t have much IOU’s to cash in later. I think all this psychology inside plays a big part in the dynamic between this people. I really believe lots of politics is emotional.

    So Barack is drafted, and put as a challenge to Hillary. Just perfect. Which other person would have been such a good fit? I think that of the original player pulling the strings behind the scenes you could have found Kerry and Kennedy.

  6. It took me a while to come around to the idea that the hatred of Hillary Clinton is sexist bullshit in its own right, rather than a mere extension of wingnut hatred of Bill, but believe me–I’m there.

    As for why Carol Mosely Braun was ignored, I reluctantly came to the conclusion at that time that she was morally unsound–not in the Victorian sense, mind you!

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