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    Beata on Weighing the Benefits and Cost…
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Cocktail hour

RicoYeah, Florida! Home of “The Mouse” and green slime. May your delegates be seated. Now, onto SuperDuper Tuesday!

Welcome everyone to the Clinton Cocktail Hour. I am your hostess, Goldberry. This is the time of day when we remember we’re all on the same side and we toast each other. To the left of the door, you will find Rico, our bartender with flair! Tonight’s featured cocktail is a *Jersey Girl*, which, I guess is what I am after all these years. But if that’s not to your liking, order anything you like.

Tonight’s entertainment is provided by a musician who’s no stranger to progressives, Bruce Springsteen. You can find his new CD Magic at iTunes or amazon. This is the title cut:

If this were summer, I’d offer you some sunwarmed Jersey tomatoes and tree ripened white peaches and we’d eat them on the Jersey side of the Delaware after floating down the river on our innertubes with sixpacks of beer strapped to the side. But it’s winter and it’s cold and dreary outside so we need something warm and toasty. The waiters will be circulating shortly with some crispy fried calamari with marinara and asparagus tempura with citrus-cilantro ponzu for the vegans.

Trigger words really aren’t practical in a bar so feel free to hang them up, along with your dripping umbrella, with Florence, our lovely checkroom attendant.

Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

Putting it in terms even SusanG can understand

You have two employees.  One has been a very dedicated and hard worker and has excelled in her job,  She’s been waiting for her chance to run the company for a long time.

The other is a young up and coming whippersnapper who’s been shmoozing everyone he meets but has been so busy playing office politics that he hasn’t really done anything on the job.

In comes some Board of Director types.  The company’s broke due to the bad management of the previous CEO.  They look at the CV’s, take the Whippersnapper out for a round of golf (after all, they know the other one, they’re old friends).  The Whippersnapper shmoozes REAL good over scotch and cigars.  They decide they “like the cut of his jib”.  The next day, as the other one is bravely fighting off the typical sniggering about how she’s not exceptional even if she did get farther than any woman before her, the Board of Directors name the Whippersnapper as the new CEO.

Now, imagine it’s a Whippersnaperess.  Hmmm, does she even get to go to the links?  Do they put up with the shmoozing or does she have to have all of her reports done on time and in perfect order?  Can she even *apply* for a promotion with 2 years under her belt or does she have to cure cancer and win the Nobel prize in physics first and in 2 years in a row?

I think you know the answer to this.

More on the NOW-NY response to Kennedy’s endorsement-Updated

I’ve only started to read Taylor Marsh in the past couple of days but she wrote a brilliant post yesterday about the NOW-NY response to Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama. Here’s the money quotes:

It took one woman working day after day over decades, plus having the connections of her husband, to get in the spot where she can have the opportunity to run for president, doing so in the midst of incredible odds, the worst press coverage ever, while everyone has decided to adorn the young man with little experience as the next possibility, because we have to turn away from the past. Tell that to the National Nurses Organization.That “past” that Kennedy and others are encouraging people to walk away from is the very foundation on which Clinton has built a lifetime of service to prove she has the mettle to be president. It’s the dues a woman must pay to get the chance to lead, because those dues are required of her. A standard to which her lesser accomplished male opponent is not being held.

No doubt Barack Obama is talented, having a gift of rhetorical flourish that any politician should admire, even covet.

Whereas Hillary Clinton, the woman who could only rise to the position she’s now in to finally have an opportunity to compete did so through hard work over a lifetime, because youth alone for her, even if she had the gift of rhetoric, would be judged as insufficiently experienced to be president.

It’s likely this tired old resume double standard that brought NY NOW’s press release out without an edit. Because the very thing that makes Hillary Clinton qualified to be president is being pushed aside and called “the past.” Let’s face it, if Clinton was Obama in a dress, er, pantsuit, she wouldn’t be getting the time of day, let alone Teddy Kennedy’s endorsement.

Taylor echoes what Gloria Steinem said in her NYTimes OP/Ed piece just before New Hampshire. If Barack Obama was named Achola Obama but was identical in every other way, NO one would be taking him seriously as a candidate. His lack of qualification would have gotten immediate and unrelenting attention. But because he is a man, he jumps ahead of Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she is more qualified. It’s like the female supreme court justices who graduated at the top of their law school class but could only get jobs as paralegals and secretaries while their husbands joined law firms as lawyers. (Was that Bader-Ginsburg or O’Connor? Well, I have a 50% chance of getting it right, there have only been 2.)

There was a backlash against feminism in the 80’s and ever since then, many women have been afraid to say they are feminists even as they went about their lives, earning degrees, becoming managers, running states as governors, becoming astronauts. They just took it for granted that at some point in time in the not too distant future, they would have the opportunity to be president of the United States. It was all happening without having to adopt the feminist stereotype of short hair, unshaven legs and no-bra. No one had to march for anything. Oh sure, abortion laws have become tighter and contraception is now in jeopardy as well. But I guess we all assumed that with the right people in charge, things would right themselves.

After yesterday, I don’t believe that anymore. It’s time to get in their faces.

Update: Now SusanG gets into it over at DailyKos with the typical “Wimin’s libbers say things that make me feel oogy”. Hey, I might not have phrased it their way either but if you’re focussing on the tone of voice of the release, you are completely missing the point. The point is that Clinton worked her ass off for this job and puts up with bad press everyday and in comes Obama with less experience that Clinton has in her pinky finger and he jumps to the head of the line. The *point*, Susan, is that if he were a black woman, Achola Obama’s first debate performance would have nailed the lid on her political coffin. Yet we get all weak kneed over Obama’s fumbling attempts to argue a point because, because, why exactly? Please tell me what Change! is all about other than a more lefty version of High Broderism. Please tell me how two years in the senate qualifies him for this job. Tell me how he governs with a stump speech with all of the Bush mess headed our way. Take your time, I’ll wait.

Oooo, Susan is not going to be associated with that type of activist. It’s unseemly. It’s strident. It’s shrill. It’s so unfair to our male patrons. Susan has been taking lessons from Tweety. She must be singing that Nellie McKay song “Feminists Don’t Have a Sense of Humor” in her sleep. Give. Me. A. Break.


  • How well will Hillary do today in Florida? What will the impact of Ted Kennedy’s endorsement for Obama be? Will it free up liberals to vote for him or will women, such as myself, turn out in numbers to register their displeasure?
  • The following disgusting website was referred to me by an Obama lurker. Is this viral and does it explain some of the support from people who don’t remember the 90’s? The helpful reader says the following:

    I don’t speak out of ignorance. I’ve done my due diligence in investigating
    both candidates. And so have many other people in charge. That’s why the
    Kennedy’s have endorsed Obama also. They know the “real” from the “fake”.Get informed, please!


  • Obama once again throws Muslims under a bus. I guess the audacity of hope doesn’t apply to all people. I’ll betcha he’s not an atheist either. Neither am I but my adolescent is. Is he going to be her president or will he continue the Bush tradition of treating non-Judeo-Christians as second class citizens? And when exactly are we supposed to get over our fear of Muslims if the Democratic frontrunner continues to treat them like lepers? Just sayin’.
  • Please, someone tell Hillary to not do robocalls.  They make voters hate the candidate that makes them. (I heard about this from many, many Lamont voters in the CT primary.  The Big Dawg’s robocalls for Lieberman REALLY turned them off)  It’s a surefire way to lose voters unless you are telling people what their polling place is.  Never, NEVER make advocacy robocalls.  And if Mark Penn is suggesting them, hurt him, real bad.