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Dear Ted, don’t go there

I remember 1980. That was the year that jimmy Carter needed your support during the Democratic National Convention. That’s when the party needed unity against the Reagan juggernaut. That was the year you tried to flip delegates who were committed to Carter to your side. That was the year that you reluctantly shook hands with Carter on that stage in New York City.

That year was the beginning of the end when the bitterness and divisiveness planted in the summer at the convention was followed by our 28 year winter of discontent.

I don’t care whether you think Barack Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s little more than a good stump speech. And if you think your opinion is going to flip NJ to his column, you’re mistaken.

8 Responses

  1. I wonder — did what Hillary really said about LBJ and JFK send Kennedy over the edge, in the same way that what FOX said she said about LBJ and MLK sent many African-American listeners over the edge?

    In any event, it figures to be murder behind closed doors in the Senate Democratic Caucus.

  2. Oh, it’s a homocide alright but what is behind it? I get Sebellius and Ben Nelson and Daschle and Tim Johnson.
    Kennedy I think is a different animal. He is an idealist who’s been forced to be a pragmatist for many, many years. Does he think that Obama is tapping into some idealistc, JFK, RFK optimism thing? Possible. but it’s not like Ted Kennedy hasn’t been foolish before. The 1980 debacle at the Democratic convention split the party and weakened it going into the general election. I don’t know if the results would have been different given the Iran hostage crisi but it certainly didn’t help.
    In NJ, Menedez and Corzine have endorsed Hillary. I expect that Schumer will do the same in NY. She’s gotten the NYTimes endorsement and it was a strong one. People in these two states aren’t stupid.
    But as for Ted, I think he’s looking to fulfill his brothers’ legacy before he dies, even if this is not the year for it. I know people want inspiration but with Obama against McCain, I just think inspiration isn’t going to be enough when the Republicans roll out the fearmongering.

  3. You’re absolutely right: Kennedy is putting on the makeup for his final act, to bump-up the chance that he will be remembered as a vanguard figure rather than an example of the most ossified Establishment liberalism.

  4. I hear the RFK side of the family will go with Hil…family parties might not be held in Hyannis this year…maybe Hickory Hill?

    Hey…get outta the pool, dammit! That’s reserved for the photogs and media people…

    Ted Kennedy is (and almost always was) an embarrassment. Just what the Rs ordered…a Kennedy-tarred black candidate to run against….sigh…

  5. oldpro: Isn’t it telling that so many people are seeing something different in Obama? Every thing but what isn’t there, that is.

  6. Yes, rd…what isn’t there: a progressive fighting Democrat. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this much projection. Must be all those reality shows on TV. I haven’t decided whether the model for this show is American Idol or Survivor. Who WATCHES those things, anyway.

    Gloom, gloom, gloom. I’m worried and depressed. Think I’ll go back to the bar for a nighcap or two…or three…

  7. I’ve always been shocked that Kennedy hasn’t had more resistence for No Child Left Behind. That was one of the worst bills ever passed, yet he seems to not be connected with it that much in people’s minds. Shouldn’t he apologize? Shouldn’t he say, “I’m sorry”?

    Here is what chaps me about Obama. He can’t seem to connect with groups other than blacks himself. He doesn’t have a clue what women want, so he got himself a middleman with Ophra. Now, he doesn’t seem to be able to connect with Hispanics, and unions. Kennedy is going to help him with that. Does Kennedy speak spanish? The only people Obama seems to connect with are black people, although I am not sure if they are voting for him because he has a chance and he is black, and for this I don’t blame them, or because they like what he has to say. What does he have to say exactly? Then there are the ivory tower types. Hmmmmm.

  8. My best guess: there is a quid pro quo dance between Obama and some of the spurned Democratic courtiers. Maybe they felt the Clintons did them and their beautiful liberalness wrong (ala Robert Reich and Brezhinski) or didn’t go all out for them (ala John Kerry in 2004) or were too busy outflanking Republicans to carry the torch to a new generation (ala Kennedy). And here is Obama offering himself. They live vicariously through him. But what does he give up to gain their support? Well, he has been carefully walking a narrow line, trying to keep his backers on his side while not pissing off the villagers. So he takes a pass on the MoveOn vote and doesn’t even show up for Lieberman-Kyl. Does *anyone* really know what they’re getting with Obama? Why isn’t there a huge question mark of doubt hanging over his head? Who is he? Who does he represent and how did he make such a meteoric rise? Who are his financial backers? And what are they up to?
    I can’t support him until these missing data points are filled in. Until then, I’m sticking to my very bright and capable sure thing in Hillary.
    I don’t put too much stock in Ted Kennedy’s endorsement. Oh sure it will come as a shock wave and whoever in the Clinton campaign is pissing people like Kennedy off should take a leave of absence. But I have been waiting for SuperDuperTuesday so I could cast my vote for Hillary as have millions of other voters and we are not going to be persuaded by Kennedy, no matter how much we respect him in the Senate. i have my OWN senators, thank you very much, and I trust their endorsement as to who is best for NJ and the country.

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