Obama running a Corzine campaign?

The polls do not look good.  No, they do not.  Even if you toss out the outlier Gallup poll, the race shouldn’t be this close.  It is beginning to feel like the Democrats were relying on tribalism and identity more than seeing this race as a referendum on Obama’s performance.

I’m looking around the web and it seems like a lot of people are in denial.  They know there’s something wrong but they’re afraid to look or go to the doctor, hoping that come election day, it will have cleared itself up.  I wouldn’t take that attitude if I were them.  Romney may win this thing not because people genuinely want a Republican but because the Democrat is just so uninspiring and contemplating four more years of lackluster performance and capitulation to the Republicans is very depressing and may make them stay home.

The weird thing is that Obama’s campaign is appealing to Republicans and Independents while leaving the Democratic base demoralized.  Who the heck does the Democratic party expect to come to their rescue??  The Lone Ranger?  Are they going to work Bill Clinton into an early grave on the campaign trail?

Anyway, whatever it is, they’d better get on the stick.  The Republicans sure look like they’re playing to win.


Big Tent Democrat should come down from his cloud

Once again, Big Tent Democrat has deigned to tell us mere mortals what is sane and insane as far as electoral politics are concerned. This was prompted by the persistent rumor that Hillary would be replacing Joe Biden as VP. Let me say for the record my own thoughts about this rumor: clearly it is an attempt to get the Clinton Democrats back on board with the least amount of pain or effort required from the elements of the Democratic party that put Obama in the White House in 2008 and it’s not going to work for *this* voter. As I will patiently explain to my relatives who may be initially intrigued by this rumor, it will do nothing to change the direction of the country and it will do everything to end Clinton’s visibility. It’s a bone they are trying to throw us to see if we’ll bite. I won’t.

Furthermore, I don’t think the country can wait until 2016 for Hillary to become president. No, in fact, BTD must be crazy if the thinks that there won’t be a much more viable politician on the horizon in eight years. By then, the one party system that currently appears to be two parties will be even more firmly in place and the new crop of voters won’t remember the good old days of the Clintons.

Voters are angry. They were promised change and they didn’t get it. I take that back. They voted for a Democrat and they got a Republican instead. If Obama runs again in 2012, there will be a whole lot of people who will stay home. If Hillary runs in 2012, she’ll win in a landslide.

Here’s the problem as I see it: there are a number of “very serious bloggers” who are listening to the party infiltrators who now have control of the Democratic party. And then there are the tired, poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free who don’t know what those guys are smoking. The unwashed masses are not well off, self employed hacks. They’re not jaded cynical “pols will be pols and they do what they do” types. No, they are average everyday taxpayers who are getting taken to the cleaners by the people who the new batch of “realist” Democrats support.

Don’t blame us when we don’t show up to the polls to vote for Obama. In 2012, he will have had four years to turn things around. He is not automatically entitled to a second term. If you run him again, the Democrats deserve to lose. Better to have an ethically run primary and when he loses it, have him step down in 2012. Give Hillary a chance to step up to the plate and play the role of Democrat in Charge.

I realize the sane people never listen to us. But we crazies have been right up to this point. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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