Friday Fast: American school kids are out for the summer. Who feeds them?

This about control.

Certain conservative and otherwise intelligent voters are resentful that someone might be leeching off of them.  They all know someone who won’t pull his weight and that person becomes the template for how they see all poor people. For some reason, it never occurs to them that it might be the assholes on Wall Street who got massive bailouts and bonuses and a blank check in perpetuity to our Treasury department even after they blew up the world’s economy who are the biggest leeches of our tax dollars.  THOSE are the people whose behavior we should be trying to control and who are selfishly hoarding more money, goods and stuff they didn’t earn.  But we don’t hear the Republicans going after them.

No, it’s much easier to pick on people below you who can’t defend themselves.  Sauron’s Mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck continue to feed a steady diet of resentment to Americans who are lucky enough to still have jobs and haven’t felt the full impact of the Little Depression- yet.

Let’s examine what they bought with those food stamps.  Let’s take whatever joy there is left in their world, the last bits of food security, and rip that away too because it feels really good when we accuse the parents of hungry children of being lazy, stupid losers.

Some voters need to graduate from fourth grade.

The rest of us can give up our lunch today and donate our lunch money to organizations that help feed Americans who are currently suffering from food insecurity.  That is especially important for growing school children.  Schools out for summer and if they aren’t getting a free or subsidized lunch, many of them are going hungry.

I don’t need Michelle Obama to lecture me on childhood obesity when so many kids can’t get enough to eat.  And having the Republicans selfishly and cruelly deprive these kids of food stamps is beyond evil.

Here’s the link to Feeding America.

Here’s the link to NoKidHungry.

Here’s the trailer for A Place at the Table:

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8 Responses

  1. I’m going to send a check to SOS; it’ll have to be via snail mail because I no longer use the credit card thingy.
    Thanks for the good idea.

  2. I donated my lunch money. Should be good and hungry when dinner rolls around.

  3. I have culled most of the blogs/email groups etc that I follow. I keep yours. I admire your rage. The only time I disagree with you is when you occasionally permit a flicker of optimism that the elites will behave.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    • lol!
      What can I say. I’m a Tolkien fan.

      • Yes. I noted the “Sauron’s mouthpieces” comment.

        I respect the fact that you have stepped up & said “I will bear the ring, though I do not know the way.” Brave lady.

  4. We just got back from taking Middle Kid to the Bus Station. He’s on his way to Georgia. It seems like an appropriate outing for today’s mission.

    • Where in GA is middle child going?

      • Not that close to Atlanta but close enough that he could have taken the bus there. He didn’t though — I’m not sure the name of the town. His girlfriend’s family lives in a really small town and I can never remember it.

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