Looks 10, Pain 3

I am gallbladder less. Sitting in recovery. Surveillance of my abdominal region suggests that I will have to postpone my next Victoria Secret shoot.

It could be worse.

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  1. Yikes!! This must be our first recovery room post! Get some rest!!!

  2. Dosed with Tylenol. Voice sounds like they filed my vocal cords. I think I might have punched a few anesthesiologists when they were waking me up. Sorry about that.

  3. Sorry about that, RD. Get all better, soon.
    I thought they did gallbladder surgery through the belly button, these days.
    Feel better.

  4. I sang in ICU. It was frightening. Thinking of you, Hang tough.

  5. Yikes! Be well. Oh brother.

  6. I had my tonsils out once. It hurt. It got better. Then it didn’t hurt any more and has continued not hurting even unto this very day.

    • Thanks for that inspirational story. ;-)
      right now, pain at about 1.5, grogginess at 4.
      more concerned with my throat. i sound like harvey firestien.

      • Since I am not a doctor, I know nothing for sure. Yet I somehow feel the voice will return completely to normal over time.

        (Many years ago I came to work so sick I sounded like Igor from the classical old Frankenstein movies. If I had felt more sure of my
        job-tenure at the time, I would have answered the phone . . .
        ” This 6th satellite pharmacy. I . . Igor.” But I thought better of it at the time.)

        • According to this description of the surgery from the anesthetist’s POV, my throat was violated by a ventilation tube while I was under. I suspect that’s what’s responsible for my laryngitis. I think I was fighting with the anesthesiologists when they were taking the tube out. Might have punched one or two of them. In my defense, I didn’t even realize it when they put me under. It happened so quickly that I have no memory of them telling me to count backwards or anything. I’ve been under before so I kinda know what to expect. This time, it happened really, really fast. Not sure what that means. Blood pressure is as good as a 20 year old’s, so I guess that’s a good thing.
          Pain is pretty much gone. Yay! Still sound like Harvey Firestein.

          • I am dealing with sorta high blood pressure. To what do you attribute your excellent level blood pressure?

          • Had that throat tube a year and a half ago. Memorably sucky but after a really crummy period of time, I’m doing much much better. If you run into a doctor or nurse who seems to take pleasure in listing everything wrong with you, don’t listen. It can needlessly take the wind from your sails. Learn what makes you feel better and what delivers bad lab work, test results, etc. and learn from it. You know your own body better than the doctors and you have a demonstrated ability to learn, communicate and overcome.

            Go get em no matter how you sound. At least with Harvey around you’ll have some fun, an alien invasion, whatever. And remember, he’s the boss in Independence day. “There is no shame” … in sending your mother to Atlanta.

          • Don’t know what accounts for my excellent BP. I’m always a little surprised to see how good it is. My mom has high BP so I assume I got this from my dad’s side of the family. I don’t do anything special. When I was younger it was even lower and nurses used to joke about it.

  7. May your recovery be swift.

  8. I wish you the very best, RD. I know that the pain involved with anything gallbladder-related can be awful.

    Sorry you had to cancel that Victoria Secret shoot. If there are (or have been) any others, send me a link…!

  9. Feel better soon, RD!

  10. I have passed the low fat chocolate pudding test. It was lovely. No indigestion, no weird feelings that I’ve been living with for a few months now.
    Low fat bruschetta and flatbread is next hurdle, washed down with some pomegranate selzer.

  11. You are highly functioning, especially considering what you have been through! Great that you are back at the keyboard, but rest a lot, too.

  12. Get well soon

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