Americans Who Pay Attention Leadership Council: There’s no accounting for taste

Press Release

The Americans Who Pay Attention Leadership Council met recently to discuss how the President should deal with the Republicans and have concluded that there’s no pleasing those people.

“It’s a trend we have noticed for some time now”, a senior official of the leadership council says, “Republicans seem to get off on yanking our chains.  We think it’s a consequence of the way the country developed over 300 years.  The two distinct cultures that developed in the north and south were incompatible, probably shouldn’t have been stuck together to begin with and the Union hasn’t been as successful as anticipated.  But it’s too late to fix it now.”

When asked what the main sticking point seems to be, the council says it has to do with the comfort level that Republicans and their followers have with exploitation of other human beings.

“We have seen a progressive decline in living standards since Americans decided to let the Republicans have their way.  We have noticed that Republicans are particularly good at throwing fits, playing the victim, blaming other people for their bad behavior and generally acting like poorly disciplined adolescents.  Before you know it, they’re going to be out partying all night, totalling the family car and knocking up their girlfriends.”, the senior official said.

“It’s important for the president and the other party to stop acting like negligent and permissive parents.  What feels good to the Republicans is probably not good for America. It’s time for the White House to stop listening to the friends of Republicans who keep telling it to give the Republicans another chance or they’ll jump off a bridge.  They need to be grounded, not going through some squishy therapy session where we’re all supposed to get along.  Unfortunately, the president is behaving like he’s living vicariously through Republicans so this could be a problem.”

The Leadership Council reiterated it’s observation that an increase in cable news ratings was inversely proportional to American living standards and recommends a low cable diet.

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7 Responses

  1. The Prez and his fellow corporate Dinocrats behave the way they do because the Smaug Elite owns both major parties.

    The biggest bribe is not paid to the elected and appointed officials while they hold office. The biggest bribe is the promise that if they serve the Smaug Elite faithfully, those dragons will reward them with cushy high-paying jobs after they leave office.

    I suspect that the Dinocratic Party is becoming the primary vehicle of the Smaug Elite, because the smarter dragons have realized that the Reptilian (Tea) Party has become too demented for maximal utility.

    The smarter dragons may have remembered that their fellow dragons in 1930s Germany thought they could control a mad demagogue and his bleating horde of followers, use them to get rid of those trouble-making Commies, then control the demagogue and his horde. That did not work out well for the German Smaug Elite.

  2. Obama is like the apologetic father who’s offspring takes a dump on your coffee table. He lets republicans get away becaue he is one.

    • You already said what I was going to say a version of. Obama is a secret agent Republican. I also remember reading a comment in a Naked Capitalism thread detailing a CIA front company Obama spent a couple of years working for sometime after college . . . a company which specialized in penetrating, infiltrating, subverting, and destroying-from-within various targeted social change activism organizations. The commenter raised the possibility that Obama is a CIA asset tasked with infiltrating the Democratic Party and destroying it from within.

      • Or rather . . . that company sold advice to companies and groups on how to infiltrate and destroy activist threat groups.

  3. We have noticed that Republicans are particularly good at throwing fits, playing the victim, blaming other people for their bad behavior and generally acting like poorly disciplined adolescents.

    Substitute the word “Republicans” for Obama…funny how that works.

  4. wonderful. thanks.
    wish I could have that post tattooed to the asses of a few wingers I know

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