The Gods are messing with me

The Waltz by Camille Claudel, lover of Rodin

Don’t ask.

Some weirdly improbable events have happened today.  Nothing traumatic or work related.  Just… weird.

By the way, does anyone have experience with real estate agents who aren’t truthful to their buyers?  No particular reason.  Just curious.

Share your realtor horror stories in the comments below.


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  1. What a way to describe Camille Claudel, whom I’ve always regarded as an artist in her own right and quite apart from Rodin being her lover. I’ve even read that Rodin is thought to have borrowed liberally from her work. Without attribution, of course.

    • That is a gorgeous piece of work. The sensuality of the couple and the movement in the dress are stunning.

    • Lovely picture of a lovely statue. I prefer Claudel’s work to Rodin — more fluid.


  2. Actually I DO have some experience with lying agents…. I’ll see if I can figure out how to tell the story without it taking pages and pages.

  3. Legally in NJ, the agent is the seller’s agent. An RE agent explained that to me. An agent can be a seller’s agent, but there’s some sort of certification process and s/he has to advertise as such. It does pay to know that because otherwise you would assume, as I did but I lucked out with the agent, that the agent you selected is your agent. No.

    • Should have written “An agent can be a buyer’s agent…”

      The agent who explained is cert’d to be a buyer’s agent.

    • Same thing in GA. The agent represents the seller even if they are not the listing agent.

  4. My in-laws, years ago, sold an agent three acres of land. As we found after the estate was being settled, the agent actually surveyed out seven acres. Yes, he got away it, Rollo Tomasi.

    • How was the sale agreement written and did your parents have a survey done for themselves? I’ve found myself taking things for granted I shouldn’t have. (And I’ve been clipped when I was being careful. Shit happens.)

  5. I have no idea what your going on about in this post, RD. But…Camille Claudel. Ah yes. Her work makes me wish I were a young man again.

    I tend to think of Rodin as Camille’s Claudel’s boyfriend.

  6. Two nearby properties were flooded. One was sold at a huge bargain and the buyer was told , very falsely, that it did not flood in Irene. In the other case, a potential buyer was told that the property flooded only in Irene ” to the best of my knowledge” although it had flooded at least three other times in the 16 years we have been in the neighborhood.

    Both cases would be illegal in NJ although in the second case the agent was trying to cover his/her legal liability.

  7. RE agents are like car salesmen. RE agents will talk people into selling or buying property to get the commission. But the biggest problem with RE transactions are the owners who hide from potential buyers problems with the property being sold. Buying during the rainy season is good because most hidden problems are associated with plumbing, roof and drainage. The property should be inspected by professionals, and buyers should make the purchase contingent on the seller paying to fix problems that the professional inspectors find.

  8. And now for something completely off topic: :mrgreen:

  9. When I was in law school (30 years ago) my Property Law professor used to say that there were liars, damn liars, and real estate agents.

  10. I could write a long essay on how much I detest real estate agents. Out of selling our houses twice, I only had one good listing agent and that was because we went through a relo company and I think she was afraid of losing that contract. I had to fire one on that same house. Lesson number 1 do not use friends that are real estate agents. Lesson number 2, don’t use the same agent to buy another house that is listing your house especially if they are lazy about your own listing like ours was and we were on verge of firing her until she got off her duff and did her job.

    • Lesson number 1 do not use friends that are real estate agents

      I would say do not use friends for anything professional whatsoever .

      When we use friends , we think they will do an extra great job cause we are friends and they think we’ll be happy with a half ass job cause we are friends and then you have a so so job and one less friend…

      Double this for family , they are harder to shake.. and even more for friends and family you take on to “help” them.

      They will be fulsome with thanks at the start and then outraged later at some minor point( like your “tone”) in order to save face over the fact they needed help which having gotten ,don’t need as much now.. …it’s just the way of humans .

      I love that story in the Bible where Jesus cured 10 people of leprosy.Only one came back
      to say ” Hey thanks, Jesus .” There you have it

  11. Yup, one described a three bedroom w/one being a master bedroom. Lot was 25 (W) X100 feet (L) and as it turned out two of the bedrooms didn’t meet the legal size to be called a bedroom, maybe an office or a nook and the master bedroom was not by any means large.

    Waste of time. It should have read, one bedroom, a small office and kitchen nook, in AS IS CONDITION.

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