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Another anti-propaganda post from NotYourSweetie

A Public Service Announcement from the 1%

I was going to break down why the Buffet idea about focusing all of our attention on reducing Congressional pensions and salaries is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard when NotYourSweetie, who wasn’t born here, put up a post about the use of propaganda in her home country.  She’s seen this stuff before:

In the old country, they were not skilled at propaganda. They never tried to disguise it as entertainment, or news or sports. It was just that: propaganda 24/7, pretty much displacing entertainment, news or sports. Everyone knew what it was, but was helpless to do anything about it.

The first time I knew I had to get out of there because it was messing with my brain was a time they decided to reduce pensions. Not stop COLA, but reduce them. I was young and couldn’t care less about that. But then I started seeing old people on TV cheering and explaining to me why this was a good thing. My threshold for absurd just exploded.

Once I came to the US, It took me a while to find the nicely packaged propaganda (about one months I would think). I comfortably kept it at a distance, along with advertising with my  superpower my voyage bestowed on me (kinda like Superman could fly because on his planet….)

But very soon, I’ll fly into the same threshold of absurdity, ironically on the very same topic: old people will tell everybody why it’s good they’ll be put on an ice floe.

I’m betting that she’s as disgusted as I am that Americans are proving to be so unforgivably gullible and stupid.

Turn off your TVs and radios.  The only reason propaganda is used is to make people agree to do something their common sense and wisdom otherwise tell them is brain dead stupid, like getting into a land war in Asia or voting for a less than one full term senator who came out of nowhere with bucket loads of cash.  We know that it is propaganda because even the media is referring to it that way.  It’s got to be bad.

And stop listening to rich people who want you to think that pensions are something you pay for instead of deferred compensation.

One other thing: for years, those of us in the Pharmaceutical industry were subjected to a fear campaign about the “patent cliff”.  That was when the major blockbuster drugs were scheduled to go off patent.  It was going to mean catastrophic losses for the companies.  You would think that Big Pharma would have spent the decade before strengthening their research divisions, working with Congress to modernize the FDA, disentangling itself from the financial industry yoke that punished them every quarter for not meeting expectations or doing a whole host of other things that would have protected themselves.  But no.  What it did instead was engage in frenzy of mergers and acquisitions and merciless slashing of the research divisions in order to please the shareholders.  Now, these companies are hollowed out.  EVERYTHING is outsourced and hundreds of thousands of careers are ruined.  The scientists were asked to sacrifice everything they worked so hard for in order that not one shareholder had to take a loss for executives making a decade’s worth of incredibly bad decisions with known consequences.

This “fiscal cliff” is no different.  There will be a merciless slashing of anything that will lead to greater productivity and prosperity just so a tiny handful of exceedingly rich people don’t have to pay taxes or be accountable to anyone.  They want to be free of any political or national obligation.  It will be done for the shareholders, in this case, the 1% who gave money to Obama and Congress members.

That’s what is going to happen if the propaganda succeeds.

Pass it around.


Now would be a good time for Stephen Colbert to put his PAC to use with anti-propaganda material.  I mean, if he’s not running for president anyway.

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8 Responses

  1. Isn’t it odd how we never hear about how much these multple wars are costing? All we hear, now, is how many jobs will be lost if we cut back on defense. When Bush was overseeing these insane wars, we heard how much each war was costing weekly and that they were off the books. Now, these wars are job creators! What total BS! The phalanx is in high gear to take a dollar from the rich and 10 from the rest of us. I watched Meet the Press today and there is an orchestrated effort to make us eat catfood. Why was the head of Honeywell yaking about how Medicare and Medicaid must be reformed? These business people just want all the money for themselves so they can be bailed out. The people, screw them..

    • The 1% want the military spending and the wars, because ultimately the continuing success of their parasitism on most of the world (not only on the US taxpayers) depends on maintaining military and covert-action forces capable of suppressing native resistance to exploitation when such resistance exceeds the limited competence of the bought-off native elites and their hired thugs. :evil:

      Of course, the Imperial Legions don’t always succeed in forcing ornery natives to submit to the 1%, either (cough*Vietnam*cough). :twisted:

  2. This makes my stomach hurt. They really had to gear this up on Thanksgiving weekend?

  3. The good news is that the “Southern Strategy” isn’t working on a national scale any longer. :)

    The bad news is that the 1% no longer need the “Southern Strategy”, since they own the (Vichy) Democratic Party as well as the GOP. :(

    (I prefer the traditional term, “Malefactors Of Great Wealth”, but I’ll admit “1%” is handier.) :roll:

  4. If Goebbels could see the modern Murkan Corporate Conservative Propaganda Machine in action, he would weep emerald-green tears of envy. :evil:

  5. In August 2000 Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band played on the White House lawn for then President Bill Clinton, so he knows a little bit about the ways of Washington; Jimmy: He’s an awesome dude; Warren? Not so much.

  6. I like this re-worded poster, partly because it is such a widely recognized image and partly because it seems adaptable to many re-wordings.

    Surely millions of people have seen the version which says:
    ” How about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up?”


    It could be reworded with things like . . .
    Sacrifice? I gave at the office. So shut the fuck up.
    or . . .
    Sacrifice? I sacrifice every paycheck. So shut the fuck up.

    If I had photoshop capabilities or knowledge, I would photoshop those versions myself so everyone could see what they look like. Hopefully,
    someone else who can do so, will do that very thing.

  7. […] Against the Radicals This is the chart that debunks what everyone says about US national debt Another anti-propaganda post from NotYourSweetie How Dare You? The real lesson to be drawn from ‘Lincoln’ Disaster Economics Where Petraeus let […]

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