The Mourning After Pill

Brought to you by Mr. Deity and Lucy

Mr. Deity has a regular youtube series satirizing religion and features guest skeptics, like Michael Shermer.  But he’s gotten some flak over this video and accusations that he’s shilling for the Democrats, which shows that some people don’t really *get* Mr. Deity.  Mr. Deity is about how ridiculous religious judgmentalism is and pokes holes in the reasoning behind it.  While Mr. Deity and Lucy (for Lucifer) step out of character for this video, the video is not inconsistent with their criticism of religion in general.

Still, it must be annoying to have to answer comments like these:

  • When did Mr. Deity just become a spokeshole for the Democratic Party? I suppose there’s some snarky response chambered and “We’ll return to our regularly scheduled broadcast after the election” but I am disappoint. Lord knows I don’t want a social conservative in any office, let alone one that’s been insulated to the extent that he believes in mythical biological mechanisms, however it’s genuinely douchey to be a shill for the Dems and trying to tie in Paul Ryan.

    promontorium 1 day ago

  • First of all, I find it enlightening that in your mind standing up for rape victims makes me a schill for the Democrats. That’s apparently not something a Republican would do(?). Second, Ryan is connected because he and Akin co-sponsored a bill redefining rape as “forceable rape.” You don’t need an adjective before the word rape — as Ryan now understands… “rape is rape.” It saddens me when good people like you see this stuff only through the lens of politics, rather than right and wrong.

    misterdeity in reply to promontorium 18 hours ago

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7 Responses

  1. I am afraid to watch this.

    • It’s almost a little too spot on but bearable.
      You could go learn the invisible horse dance instead. ;-)

  2. As to the above comments, Right and Wrong happen to be synonymous with Democrat and republican. Or as someone once put it, “The truth has a Liberal bias”.

    • Oh, really? When was the last time you heard Obama say, “My administration will vigorously enforce and defend reproductive rights and full equality for women. If you don’t like it, don’t vote for me”
      That’s right. Never.
      And you never will.
      At this time, both parties use abortion and contraception as a political football. We fight over what should have been settled half a century ago while people remain unemployed and are losing their houses.
      Don’t give either party a pass. Neither one has the moral high ground, especially not Obama.

      • I said Democrat, Obama isn’t a Democrat. My bad for not making that clearer.

        Real Democrats believe in rights for all and that the government should but out of private life. No legislation based on Bronze Age mythology.

        Real Democrats believe in robust but sensible regulations of financial business and industry.

        Real Democrats believe the military should be for self defense, not stealing the natural resources of Third World countries so Americans can drive big SUV’s that never go off road.

        Real democrats believe that we all have a right to affordable health care and the obligation to see that our fellow citizens get it.

        I piss all the locals off when I call Obama the first Black republican president. He’s a tool of Wall Street and a Social Conservative. He believes in none of the above. He’ll give my values lip service only to get my vote, but it ain’t gonna happen.

  3. I have to tell Republicans “we need another Lincoln and look what we have running. For Democrats I can say “we need another FDR or Lincoln.” Of course, Lincoln would have nothing much to do with the current Republican party or even the Obama “Democrats.” After all, he believed in the right of worker unions to strike, federal government financing of rilroads and higher education, and free land for settlers.

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