A Taste of Reason

I just got home and have been up for almost 22 hours straight.  So, this will be quick until I can process the rest of my pics from my camera and Brooke’s tomorrow.

First, a quick little complaint.  And this is by no means limited to the Reason Rally.  The signal strength for WiFi and 3G is terrible at rallies these days.  If you walk about a block away from the action, you can get a little signal but when you’re right in it, no signal.  No twitter, no blogging, no email, no photo stream.  Very, very annoying.  I don’t know what can be done about that.  Maybe the Mall had restrictions.  There was only one open WiFi and it was jammed with traffic.  I seem to recall that YearlyKos had better luck with this sort of thing since they laid down temporary cable and configured routers on site, and that was great.  The Reason Rally and Occupy might want to look into that because real time sharing was just impossible.

Here is a little taste of the Reason Rally from behind the crowd.  The rally was located near the Washington Monument end of the Mall.  The rest of the Mall is torn up for landscape renovation.  The turnout was impressive.  If it hadn’t been raining, I’m sure that there wouldn’t have been enough room to accomodate everyone.  We found a spot to sit about halfway up on the left side of the crowd.  We weren’t cheek by jowl but there wasn’t a whole lot of space outside our own personal bubbles.

Behind the crowd, there were several tents.  One of them was for Camp Qwest, an activities tent for kids.  The other big one was for the organizations that put the rally together.  It was packed.  Here’s what it looked like from outside:

More pics and commentary tomorrow.  All in all, I *loved* this rally.  Brooke had never been to a rally and she really enjoyed it too.  The atmosphere was very upbeat and positive, even in the rain.  In fact, I got the feeling that no matter how hard it rained, we weren’t leaving.

Highly recommended.  They need to do regional ones.

And here’s an animated version of Tim Minchin’s beat poem “Storm” that he did at the rally today.  I think we all know people like Storm who think belief in God is outre but astrology and alternative medicine are mystical and mysterious and f^&* knows what else.  I just get irritated by this crap.  The inability to think rationally is not limited to the right.

But Tim really kills:

Nitey nite.

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  1. Kos had backing, (possibly CIA backing?) in money and volunteerpower and paid expertpower to install those digital infrastructures you speak of.

    Occupy and Reason and so forth will have to develop that level of analog meatspace real-person-on-the-ground power over time, combined with money; to be able to do that same sort of thing. Am I wrong to think so? It is a multi-year goal to shoot for …for the Occupy and Reason and other such groups to become organized semi-perma-communities able to gather, focus, and project analog meatspace power over the years to come.

  2. Kos is working for himself.

  3. These rallies could be a very useful too in helping ppl resist the powers that be, I just hope they don’t all get in line during the election

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