How big will the Reason Rally be?

I just booked two tickets for the Reason Rally bus and tickets were going fast.  There were only a few spaces left on the bus.  This may be a bigger turnout than I anticipated.

If you are a secular American and you’re tired of our government bowing to the religious who throw bronze age rules and regulations in your face, consider attending.  Richard Dawkins is going to speak as well as Adam Savage from Mythbusters, Greta Christina and many others.  The purpose of the rally is to demonstrate our numbers and that we can be a formidable voting bloc.  This voting bloc wants reason to prevail in the way we run our government, make our laws, educate our children and maintain our privacy.  You do not have to be a non-believer to attend this rally.  All that is required is a desire to protect the separation of church and state.

The attack on reason is gathering steam.  In addition to the new regulations on abortion and contraception sweeping the nation, Tennessee has just passed a Monkey Bill which will mandate that science classrooms teach that evolution and climate change are controversial subjects.  While reasonable people can debate the degree to which human activity contributes to global warming, there is nothing “controversial” about the subject of evolution.  It happened and continues to happen. I see it in the sequences I download and proteins I study every day.  There is no better evidence.  The only thing that is controversial about it is scientists’ opinion on why the religious right refuses to believe an incontrovertible truth.  Some say it’s stupidity, while people like me say it’s indoctrination.  It’s a controversy.  Can we discuss that in Tennessee classrooms?

And for those of you who just can’t get enough politics, here is a very informative video of Sean Faircloth, author of Attack of the Theocrats on the strategy for secular success.

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  1. I’m in DC for the rally!! Last I heard they were saying 30,000. That would be amazing.

    • Cool! The bus I am on is almost completely full. More tickets sold since I booked about an hour ago. Maybe we can meet on the Mall. Do you have a smart phone that I can send an email message to? Or you could email me.

  2. RD – if I make a donation on the “tip” link, can you use it for food and essentials while there? If you need trip money to be separately donated, let me know how.

  3. Whoa! Only four more seats left on my bus. It’s going to be full before tomorrow. I wonder how many buses from Trenton they’ve already filled? Princeton is close by and is probably a hotbed of heathens.

    • Holy hemiola! Newark’s buses are completely sold out. Amazing.

      • Starkville, Mississippi- SOLD OUT
        Rochester, NY- 4 seats
        Cinncinnatti- sold out
        Cleveland- Sold out
        Columbus- Sold out
        Dayton- Sold out
        Akron- 1 bus full, 2 seats needed to confirm second bus
        Chicago- sold out
        Orlando- 11 seats left, bus is confirmed
        Tampa- 14 seats left, bus is confirmed
        Atlanta- Sold out
        Ann Arbor- 18 seats left, bus is confirmed
        Grand Rapids- 21 seats left, bus is confirmed
        St. Louis- Sold out
        Hartford- 4 seats left

    • Pittsburgh- sold out
      NYC- sold out
      Philadelphia- 10 seats left on the second bus
      Nashville- Sold. Out. NASHVILLE.
      Durham, NC- 8 seats left
      YORK, PA!!!- (where my brother’s bible thumping church was, Alabama of the north)- only 3 seats left. Incredible.
      Boston- Sold out.

    • Very few seats left in Pennsylvania. Incredibly, Amish country has booked every last one of their seats. What the heck is going on there? Maybe it’s just proximity to DC but Virginia isn’t filling their seats.

  4. Here is a funny poster which is semi-related to this topic.

  5. I’m pea green…

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