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Applebee's Quesadilla Burger

I made the mistake of reading Time’s Top 10 Worst Fast-Food Meals and now I’m hungry again. I think I’ll run over to Applebee’s for a Quesadilla Burger and then pick up a McDonald’s Chocolate Triple Thick Shake on the way home. We don’t have an Outback here in town or I would get some Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries too.

What are you doing at this hour?

Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries

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  1. I’m reduced to Burger King Buck Double cheese burgers.

    Anyway I was over at Newegg checking out computer parts and decided to pop back here before hitting the rack.

  2. Bob Somerby:

    Maddow is a pampered child in a nation whose discourse is badly broken. She rarely shows any sign of understanding the depth of that problem—of how much effort it will take for real progressives to fix it. If a tax cut proposal makes sense to her, she seems to assume it “makes sense” in an absolute way. But it may not make political sense in a nation full of people who get their ideas from Rush Limbaugh and Fox, as Maureen Dowd’s brother does.

    The tax cut issue pretty much isn’t a gift, especially after last week’s elections But Maddow doesn’t understand this. She’s full of self-confidence—but she isn’t especially smart about politics. (Beyond that, she isn’t real honest.) Sadly, she’s making the liberal world dumber—as she stuffs those millions of dollars down her self-confident pants.

    Gee Bob, don’t hold back – tell us what you REALLY think.

    • :shock: it’s not a gift?

      • If the government taxes me, and then my money goes as a tax credit to grow soybeans, it’s not a gift from me to ADM? :shock:

        If the government taxes me and I can’t pay my rent, so it can give a tax cut to GE, it’s not a gift to GE :shock:

    • She only cares about the political debate, not the economic one. A two year extension of tax cuts to the wealthy means that in 2012 Dems will be able to end those cuts (the ones to the wealthy) and claim it as a political win. In the meantime the bank analysts are saying without those cuts now, our GDP growth rate would be cut in half. Not sure that’s going to happen. More likely that those cuts will put more pressure on federal spending for middle class services and jobs which Rachel doesn’t have to worry about.

  3. I can’t believe the dissed my 5 guys burger joint. Bastards.

  4. Miranda Lambert just won Female Vocalist of the Year.

    Loretta Lynn gave it to her.

  5. Mellowsville man

  6. Talking Heads: Psycho Killer

  7. Supermullet:

  8. And here, I bring in the morning with today’s Sneeze – idiot theater in 3 acts


  9. Some lovely jams in this thread.

    Wounded Nation

  10. Today’s tabloids – the Cat Food edition – some call it bold, some call it cancer surgery


  11. I watched South Park. To me – it was like a funny illustration of Myiq’s post about Obama’s movement. And maybe not just to me as Obama’s name actually came up


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