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If you want a beautiful life, you have to fight for it in any way you can…

People United Mean Action

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27 Responses

  1. F#%k! I can’t find the song on iTunes.

  2. let the iranians alone and rule their own country!

  3. i just twiiterd that vid

    • Did too. But I added #IranElection — always nice to add some topics to those tweets.

      OK, I admit it, it is still a bit strange and silly doing this twittering. For one thing if you’re following a topic or two, the tweets go by so quickly you can’t possibly read them all. So you’ll miss lots of things. So it seems great to follow a handful of people or a not so popular topic, but anything more everything becomes noise it seems to me. Maybe there are some better tools to manage that. Hmm, maybe I’ll make one.

  4. I do like the idea of a general strike. It’s definitely harder for the thugs to collect them all and arrest them when they’re just in their homes.

  5. to the GOV OF iran the worst thing has happened the
    revolution has a martyr and you cant kill an idea with bullets..

    • I agree. I think we have a turning point. You can’t run a country if in order to maintain you have to kill or imprison all the members of that country. In the end the people rule, one way or the other.

      • maybe it the natural order of things you can go back in history & you see it over & over were in the end the people will aways have the last say one way or the other

  6. Well, Pumas can certainly relate to “selection not election”. Great video. I post every post to Facebook and Twitter

  7. if the DNC keeps pulling stunts like what happened on 5-31-08 & just like a little kids . they got away with it this time so next time just like some kid they will try it again only on a grander scale. we might be doing the same thing the Iranians are doing . democracy always finds away

    • Speaking of 5-31-08, I heard from Donna B today and she wasn’t happy to hear from me. here’s what she said:

      1st: You are dead wrong. Your facts are misleading, your analysis inaccurate, your tone insulting and your language provocative. And I am sure you must understand that this level of hatred is destructive and foolish.

      Again, may God continue to bless you and your family. And our great country!

      P.S. Never wish anyone something bad. It’s wrong and worse, it only comes back to you. It cannot harm me. Just you. Don’t send hate

      Night nite. We loss friends here on the Metro. I need to stay with them and not with you haters.

      Print and pass this please: hate is a losing strategy. Please stop the hate.
      Disagree but don’t hate.

      Isn’t she special?

      • “Hate is a losing strategy.”

        How true, Donna. That’s probably why your team lost the NOW election.

        • What bothers me about her is the lies (uncommitted my foot…she was in the TANK…then she sat there and said nothing while Hillary was called a ‘White B’ :shock: on CNN) and when the best candidate was running, that just happened to be a women, she showed she was a ‘FeMANist’ and not a ‘Feminist’.

          The votes weren’t counted and she knows it…and I hope one day someone will tell the darn truth.

      • Isn’t it interesting that she (and other failbots) see our message as hate. Projection perhaps? Some psychological issues perhaps.

        The election was stolen, Obama and Donna and others cheated, and lied, and hated. And they really hated. So they hear us saying votes should be counted and elections should be fair, and they think that means we hate them. Interesting.

        • In a word, guilt.

        • From a psychological point of view, it’s fascinating. Wanting the votes to be counted is “hate,” according to Donna B.

          Night nite. We loss friends here on the Metro. I need to stay with them and not with you haters.

          Print and pass this please: hate is a losing strategy. Please stop the hate.
          Disagree but don’t hate.

          And if you keep arguing for justice, you’re responsible for Donna losing “friends” in a train crash. How did such a troubled person get into a leadership position in politics?

      • WTF? She makes no sense. Are we supposed to question what we saw with our own eyes?

      • I am still waiting for Donna to leave the D party. She threatened that if the the super delegates chose the candidate.
        Well, Donna, the super dels certainly did the choosing…so why didn’t you protest? Why didn’t you leave the party?
        Waiting to hear an answer to that……….


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