O’ Brother Where Art Thou?

I’ll fly away

Go to sleep little baby

What can I say?  My neck is genetically red.

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  1. Hillbilly Deluxe!!!

  2. OK, I was going to do this as a post, but here it is–I just can’t resist.


    Link to Murphy’s latest:


    Be sure to scroll down all the way. Someone should post that on Real Clear Politics. I can’t figure out how to do it.

  3. Shakesville actually posted about Favreau and the commenters aren’t saying “get over it.”


    However, I can’t help wondering why the head shaker didn’t write the post.

  4. BB:

    Or why no one posted anything until Saturday.

  5. Everyone is calculating what their outrage or lack thereof will mean for what they deem to be “greater” causes and “more” important issues…

    Maybe Obama wants to say something, but he is waiting for Favreau to finish putting the last touches on what he is supposed to say… or is it “think”? Maybe Favreau is really who we elected. It would make sense.

    It’s all despicable and sickening.

  6. if it broke on Friday it would be over by now–maybe this is better. If the MSM does take notice, they’ll be talking about it all week.

  7. There haven’t been any new stories on it today. The only thing that wasn’t a complete rehash is a piece by Andrew Malcolm in the LA Times. It’s kinda snarky, because Andrew Malcolm is a older fella:

    Will Someone Please Tell Barack Obama and Crew He Won.

    Someone might want to whisper in Barack Obama’s good ear that he won the election.

    The campaign is over. He is the president-elect. Isn’t that why he’s announcing new advisors from the old Clinton crew every other day? And calling all the nation’s governors to Philadelphia for a 57-minute meeting that was shorter than his daily workout?

    We recently complained about The Change for Obama Team still fundraising most days because it only raised three-quarters of a billion dollars, barely twice as much as its nearest presidential competitor.

    And we just got another bid for more dough, promising a Limited Edition holiday mug in exchange for only $15. Hope about a holiday from money pitches?

    What we really want is the Obama Change campaign DVD, mainly for the Deleted Scenes part. We hear it’s been rated R.

    But Obama’s newly named and possibly endangered, misbehaving chief White House speechwriter, Jon Favreau, is turning out words for him that still sound like campaign stuff.

    Watch the video below of this weekend’s address to the nation. Except for the stats, it could have been delivered in October.


  8. Jon Favreau needs to be the first official member of P.E.N.I.S.

    Poor Envious (Nobody?) Intellectually Stunted.

  9. How about:

    P athetic
    E thically challenged
    N erdy
    I diotic
    S chmuck


    B eknighted
    A wful
    L ittle
    L oser
    S chumck

  10. CWaltz @ 1:21a
    shouldn’t he be a member of the JR P.E.N.I.S club.
    You know the ones with the cocktail weenies and ball barings.
    He can only try to make out with a cardboard cutout.
    I guess he gets shot down by real females.



  11. You know, this movie contains such a combination of great and unbearable – I had to make myself a selections tape – with all the songs – leaving out every Clooney shots – and that was way before he became a flaming B0bot. His presence was such a false note in an otherwise great movie, I had probems watching it – and I adore the music in it – and ALL other actors are fantastic!

  12. ohhhhh bb I like yours.

    Pathetic ethically-challenged nerdy idiotic shmuck.

    Hee Hee now PENIS envy will have a new meaning.

  13. I grew up on these songs, went through a short period of renunciation in college, and then realized how wonderful it was to have grown up dirt-poor on a farm in eastern Ky. Thank you for the music, Myiq.

    I especially have memories of the creek baptisms. It was just like this, although my church had line-out singing.

  14. myiq2xu , you have excellent taste in music. That was just what I needed! I have the soundtrack cd from that movie. I used to listen to it over and over, but haven’t for a while. I think I’ll get it out again.

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