Scratching Post Friday – Tampa Bay Sunset Fiesta!

Hello Conflucians!  Here is your Tampa, Florida correspondent, SM, giving you some of the LOW DOWN happening in the I-4 Corridor.  What’s the I-4 Corridor you ask?  Well, it’s a stretch of highway and surrounding cities that is one of the most swingiest of swing voters in the US of A which is smack dab in the middle of the dangling-off-into-the-ocean state.   For a better view of what the I-4 corridor is, here’s a glance:

Shaded in gray is the "I-4 Corridor"

Here’s what the Miami Herald has to say about my part of of FL:

Nearly one out of five of the state’s unaffiliated voters live in this swath between Tampa and Daytona Beach, and an even higher percentage are considered ”persuadable” Democrats and Republicans. No wonder the area is seeing a flurry of candidate visits, with Republican vice presidential contender Sarah Palin slated to campaign Monday in Clearwater and Fort Myers.

”Someone suggested to me that the whole thing could come down to a couple square blocks in downtown Tampa, and that’s not out of the question,” said Richard Scher, a University of Florida professor, who calculated that the 12 counties hugging I-4 host 38 percent of the state’s independent voters.

The latest statewide polls tell a familiar story, with the Republican nominee dominating the northern part of the state and the Democrat carrying the more liberal southern end, leaving the state’s heterogeneous midsection up for grabs.

”I-4 is a little bit of South Florida, a little bit of North Florida, a little bit of Yankee transplants, and a little bit of old South rednecks,” said Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker. “It may be the best microcosm of Florida.”

Why do you think that the presidential candidates are always holding events here?  Anyway – point is:  FLORIDA will not go to the FL-primary and convention vote hoarder Barack Obama – the PUMA vote is in EFFECT.  I’ve waited to see the SUSA polls for today, but the latest numbers for SUSA says the following for Florida:

  • 52% of Hispanics are voting McCain
  • 22% of African-Americans are voting McCain (WOW!)
  • 13% of Liberals are voting McCain
  • 39% of Moderates are voting McCain
  • 34% of Pro-Choice voters are voting McCain
  • 53% of Central Florida is voting McCain
  • 18% of registered Democrats are voting McCain
  • 44% of Independents are voting McCain
  • 39% of non-Religious people are voting McCain.

The Florida Panther

PUMA is in definitely in effect.  Normally, the above mentioned demographic groups would be skewed towards the Democratic side.  Despite that, and as we’ve seen in previous elections, even a 1% difference means a LOT in Florida – Mel Martínez won his senate seat against the great Betty Castor by less than 100 votes.  Too close to call and EVERY VOTE has to be counted and verified.

We are sick and tired of having our votes used as toilet paper in this state.  It happened in 2000 with Gore, in 2004 with Betty Castor and in 2008 with Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primaries.  But the Florida PUMA is roaring.   So don’t despair my precious PUMAs, don’t believe the HAKA.  There is a very big GINORMOUS silent majority out there, watching steadily, graceful even in repose (h/t Arabella Trefoil) smiling at everyone, but their hearts are determined to vote AGAINST voter fraud and the misogyny.

To celebrate that, here’s a tune I hear from time to time when I go down to Ybor City at the Columbia Restaurant.  Mojitos and Tapas on the house, Rico is passing out fine, hand-rolled Tampa Cigars for the Aficionados and Flo is busting her Flamenco moves for no-no words. Here is one of my favorite songs from The Gipsy Kings called “Viento Del Arena” which is sung in the Gitano language of Caló, demanding freedom for the Gypsy.  At this point aren’t we all political gypsies?

¡Que viva los PUMAs!


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402 Responses

  1. Viva Florida!

  2. At this point aren’t we all political gypsies?


  3. A splash of hope!!! Thank you!

  4. Hello SM77 I have always voted on election day as a patriotic duty but feel real real pressure to early vote, what are your thoughts on this?

  5. WOW sm. Thanks for these numbers. It is pretty surprising to me that 22% of AAs in FL are voting for McCain! But it was also the case that Hillary won the AA vote in MA and a good number of AAs in NY back in the primaries. It doesn’t surprise me that Hispanics are going to McCain in FL. Those are all PUMAs who are pissed that their votes for Hillary Clinton weren’t counted in the primaries. Seriously, if Obama hadn’t screwed over FL in the primaries he might have been able to win the state now. I will be surprised if Obama wins FL.

  6. What a wonderful picture of the states great cat the Florida Panther! Brought back from the brink of extinction because the people of Florida never give up!

  7. DisenfranchisedVoter, on October 24th, 2008 at 7:39 pm Said:

    WOW sm. Thanks for these numbers. It is pretty surprising to me that 22% of AAs in FL are voting for McCain!


    I remember lots of African Americans from Florida who came on buses to Washington for the RBC meeting in May.

  8. Oh and it is UF homecoming this weekend and this is the only time I will say GO GATORS-Skin the Wildcats!

  9. FUZZY:


    BUT, there are trends that more than 54% of early voters are votes for McCain.

    BTW: When you come to Tampa – I’m not driving – and neither are you, so bring a friend to drive.

    FLORIDA will stay RED.

  10. Disenfranchised: YES! AA vote 22% for McCain! As opposed to the HAKA that is sold in the MSM.

    SUSA is the most reliable poll in the USA. No Gallup & any of that other HAKA BS.

  11. I was wondering the same thing about early voting, Fuzzy. SM-You said don’t vote early? I’ve been wondering. What are your reasons?

    In GA, as of Thursday, almost a million people have voted early! There are lines.

  12. My daughter and I and the next-door neighbors have voted early in FL…did we miss the memo about this not being a good idea?

  13. TGW has last night’s SNL opening clip.

    Yeah, it makes fun of McPalin but it’s FUNNY

  14. sm77:

    Captain Spaulding says “Vote early and often” but he’s originally from Illinois

  15. Fuzzy: You best leave my KY WILDCATS out of this!

  16. MYIQ:

    Tell Capt. Spaulding that I’m a fan of Mondongo. Look it up. Google it, please. Goes well with Chianti and Fava Beans.

  17. All Right!!!!

    Thank you for this good news, SM. Let’s hope PA follows suit.

  18. Sorry parent but I bleed blue and orange!

  19. Hubby is painting the upstairs & had WV NPR on really loud, I couldn’t avoid it. All the durn day they carried water for Obama. Talked to some Dem official who says more WV will vote for Obama than many thought possible. Talked to multiple union leaders who are sure the state is leaning Obama.

    I talked to my retired union dad, and asked if he thought it was true. He says, “Oh, they just rattle on like that! All the members know the leaders push the Democrats. They’re as crooked as the hind legs on an crippled dog!” He didn’t seem real worried.

  20. Fuzzy: The whole darn state of KY bleeds blue and white, except for a few furriners in L’ville. Heck, even a lot of L’ville is blue. Just ask Gary.

  21. I don’t have the option of early voting, but even if I did I would want to go on election day. It just feels right to me.

  22. BostonBoomer:

    IT WILL.

    Florida is a petrie dish for the nation – it is the ONLY state that closely represents demographically the US of A.

  23. Nice of Eastern Kentucky native Naomi Judd to rally with Sarah today in MO. 20,000 showed up when they only expected 3500.

  24. BB: I passed up the chance of early voting. I like going to my precint, seeing the same workers, standing in line with locals that I may not see real often. It’s a ritual, a tradition, and I very much like it. Even standing in line is part of that.

  25. The Captain prefers tacos de cabeza, lengua or birria

  26. Hello, can someone tell me if they’re able to access the No Quater site? I tried but some suddenlink nonsense is showing up instead. Thanks!

  27. parentofed,

    If West Virginia goes for Obama, I’ll eat my hat. I don’t believe that for one minute!

  28. Ooops that should be “No Quarter”

  29. I’m not having any trouble with No Quarter.

  30. If you want to have fun, vote in the morning then come back in the afternoon and tell the poll workers you changed your mind.

  31. Oh never mind, it’s working now.

  32. parentofed,

    Same here. I know the people who work the polls. One of them is a former co-worker. That’s when I catch up with her. I enjoy the ritual of it.

  33. BB, just a little note to say that your name is certainly prescient. I heard earlier today that the largest and determining demographic is that of the late 80′s and early 90′s “soccer moms” who have now been renamed the “boomers.”

  34. Ptofed, I gave up on NPR during the primaries when Hillary couldn’t get a fair shake. Tried ATC again a few weeks ago, and they weren’t just carrying water for Obama, they were claiming he ruled the oceans. Guess where my $ ain’t going during the next pledge drive? Sad, isn’t it?

  35. hi, sorry to bust in..but larry johnsons No Quarter blog seems to be down..does anyone know if he’s been hacked? I tried three times just now..

  36. myiq2xu, on October 24th, 2008 at 8:18 pm Said: Edit Comment

    The Captain prefers tacos de cabeza, lengua or birria

    I’ve more than enough LENGUA in my lifetime, and not from a cow.

  37. their hearts are determined to vote AGAINST voter fraud and the misogyny.

    I’ll second that! I worry about your claim that SUSA is the best poll in the US though, because it has Barky up nationally by double digits. IBD was the most accurate last time around, and it has a 1-3 point differential right now, with 11% undecided.

  38. FIF: If you look at the RCP polls, they are taking into account the internet polls which are infested with Obots.

    Like Flava Flav once rapped: Don’t believe the HAKA!

  39. debate, on October 24th, 2008 at 8:24 pm Said:
    hi, sorry to bust in..but larry johnsons No Quarter blog seems to be down..does anyone know if he’s been hacked? I tried three times just now..

    the url is
    could someone try it please. thanks

  40. Yeah, they’re trying to spin that ‘warming up to Obama’ crap here in KY, too. Mostly from the unions. It’s big old load of BS, people are fed up with Bush here just like everywhere else, but that doesn’t translate into Obama votes. If it got close here, all some 527 has to do is play that Wright tape. We’re nothing if not patriotic.

    We used to have money deducted monthly for NPR, we give nada now.

  41. NQ works for me.

  42. sm77:

    You’ve never had my lengua!

  43. I vote early every election and vote by absentee ballot. I can sit at the dining room table with my voter guide and my ballot and make sure I get everything right. In CA we have more than a few ballot initiatives that usually are a little whacko to boot so it takes some time to sift through all the “stuff”.

    I see no virtue in searching for my polling place, a parking place and standing in line. The idea is to vote seriously, thoughtfully and in a state of serenity.

  44. parentofed, on October 24th, 2008 at 8:28 pm Said:
    NQ works for me.

    thanks for checking.. must be on my end…
    thankyou.. I might have to reset my modem of something..

    anyhow..great blog riverdaughter

  45. I love Naomi Judd what a voice she and her daughter have!

  46. MYIQ: LOLOLOL!!!!!!!! Well, I guess that has to be proven then.

    (I’m not laugh AT you, well maybe, but yeah, LOL!)

  47. The Kid slightly knew Ashley Judd, and was very impressed with her intelligence.

  48. debate,

    I just posted earlier. I am reading No Quarter right now. I refreshed and I’m having no problem. Maybe it has something to do with your internet provider?

  49. Fuzzy: See what happens when you go to UK, you get to know Ashley Judd!

  50. Which reminds me, where’s Angie?

  51. Nope. NoQuarter is up. Not been pwned or such. I wish you all the best. Always have a backup and exit strategy.

  52. We had over 20 amendments to the city charter on the ballot, plus a whole raft of city, county, and state elections. I had visions of people with bad eyesight trying to read all the fine print on election day, and thought, “Wow, you know, early voting is an outstanding idea.” Even so, we waited a long time in line yesterday. I’m half wondering if most everyone in town will have voted before the 4th rolls around.

  53. Actually, the Kid met Ashley Judd before she went to UK. I’ve also met Keith Whitley’s brother, Dwight Yoakam’s dad, Patti Loveless’ cousin, and the grandparents of Miley Cyrus contracted my bathroom from the home improvement company they owned. Everyone in E KY knows Ricky Skaggs and Ralph Stanley, tons of others.

  54. She and Riverdaughter got into a thing last night. Has Angie been back since?

  55. Which reminds me, where’s Angie?

    Angie, you out there? Come back. It’s not only myiq who appreciates what you have to say. Though we all know, for some strange reason, he’s your favorite. :)

  56. I met Phyllis Diller!

  57. Ralph Stanley…isn’t he the guy who does that really haunting song about death? (It’s on the Bro’ Where Art Thou CD)

  58. Britannia:

    Angie likes strange guys, and I’m really strange

  59. Yah, angie needs to come back – soon.

  60. Kat5

    I’m a man of constant sorrow, but at least I’m not in the jailhouse now.

  61. I love the Blue Sky Boys version of in the jailhouse now.

  62. Kat5: Yes, that’s Ralph Stanley. He was part of a group with his brother Carter, who had an MI and died when he was in his late 30′s or so. Carter was the great voice on the earlier recording of Angel Band, my favorite version.

    BTW, my aunt/uncle lived across from Billy Ray Cyrus and I met Miley’s mom several times when she was a child.

  63. Okay, there’s an enchilada out there with my name on it. Heading out to dinner – buenos nachos.

  64. In checking that No Quarter question, I stumbled onto the story about Obama’s Campaign Web Contributions. Even for someone as cynical as me the story is pretty shocking.

  65. I alway sove boowitch13 at Youtube she has some lovely videos I love God Bless America Please and P.U.M.A. family and Friends they really picked me up!

    they reminded me of why we fight!

  66. The more I see how some Obama supporters act on other websites, the more I hope McCain-Palin wins. It’s really discouraging to see people act like they do. It also tells me people will give up their integrity if they want something bad enough.

  67. I always vote early as well to avoid the rush. It went well again this year as well.

  68. Parent and if you go UF you get to know Sister Hazel! oh and Honorary gator Toby Keith!

  69. Fuzzy: Phooey! No deal!

  70. my-How did you meet Phyllis Diller? Love her!

  71. That was all over the internet yesterday, KB. People were donating in names like Adolf Hitler, and all were accepted. That is how he is getting so many donations from overseas, I guess. I brought it up last night but couldn’t get anyone interested. Does anyone care about this stuff? I guess McCain has filed complaints, but they will probably get away with it.

  72. sm77,

    If they’re “persuadable”, nothing will persuade them like a call from a real, live person. Voters are being inundated with robocalls these days. It’s easy to hang up on a machine and they do. When they find a living, breathing human being on the other end, they listen.

    Human contact means everything. Get out there and call!

  73. I can’t believe BO spent $105 million in the first two weeks of October!!

  74. Angie Come Back !! – It’s friday … we need You Now .. !

    Chit happens all the time in families – We Are Fa mi ly .. !!!

  75. I love angienc hope she comes back….

    Fuzzy loves all his confluence friends because he loves the intellegence that is displayed here and you all make the fuzzybear feel loved!

    even if parent bleeds blue and white I still want to give parent big fuzzybear hugs!

    But gold and scarlett might be another matter~!

    Parent the rain has been awful here and “The Swamp” is a real mess-and the traffic yuck!

  76. Here’s another creepy story. According to The Corner, the polling outfit Strategic Vision has been getting death threats since they released their latest numbers showing McCain ahead in FL and OH.

  77. BB, I heard (someplace) that he was spending $35 million a day. A DAY!

    And I’d love it if you wrote a story about the contributions!

  78. I have 3 favorite teams UF and whoever is playing Florida State and Georgia that week!

  79. Joan:

    I really shouldn’t talk about it – gentlemen don’t kiss and tell.

  80. hey katie-was the flap about the french-as the grandson of a french person I can truthfully say they made a mess of french north africa and indochina but so did most of europe with there colonies….US did not do much better!

  81. Angie the fuzzybeargville misses you!

  82. Maybe MadamaB could send Angie a note???

  83. Creeper: at this late in the fight, SUSA polls are going to report more of the same. They are the most and unbiased of polls out there. I’m an independent contractor in advertising & market research (which is HURTING in FL, ouch, another bill to pay!)

    SUSA polls can be counted as the real deal. I wouldn’t write about it this on such an illustrious forum as the Confluence if it weren’t verifiable.

  84. fuzzy: Aww, it sure would be terrible if a few gators got sunk in that big old loblolly mess you got down there. Not worried about my Cats, they stay on higher ground.

    Good luck for a good, fun game tomorrow, fuzzy, no hard feelings no matter what.

  85. wow, I just spent 6 days in the I-4 corridor. I didn’t realize it was so politically significant.

    SM, why do you say not to vote early? I’m just curious – my state doesn’t have early voting.

  86. 35 million a day could feed a lot of hungry people……I really hate politicians

  87. There is one McCain ad that I would like to see. I keep hearing Obama ads about how McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. I want to see an ad that shows virtually all Dems, including Obama, voted with Bush in the 80% range. Not that Obama has much of a voting record……..

  88. “The more I see how some Obama supporters act on other websites, the more I hope McCain-Palin wins. It’s really discouraging to see people act like they do. It also tells me people will give up their integrity if they want something bad enough.”

    I was talking to a guy the other day, he was probably in his 50′s or 60′s, and he was talking about how much he “hates” people in states like TX and OH and how stupid and bad they are. I can understand that mentality in a 12 year old, but this is a grown man. These people need to grow up–the idea of putting them in charge of the country is absolutely ridiculous.

  89. Kiki: I don’t like early voting in FL because it’s been skewed in the past in FL.

    NOW, we have changed to OPTICAL Scanning, which I wrote about last week, but – I’m not just once bitten, twice shy with my vote, I’m MAD AS HELL it wasn’t counted in the 2008 primaries.

    I have hopes in the new optical system.

  90. angie, we love you! Come back!

  91. I read a great and informative article today by Matt Gonzalez (Ralph Nader’s running mate) about why he couldn’t jump on the Obama bandwagon…………

    it’s a really good summation of Obama’s rhetoric vs his record

  92. Seriously:

    What about New Jersey? Can we still hate them?

  93. AngieNC: Come back!

  94. SM, we all got screwed in the primaries – did anyone feel represented at the farce of a convention?

    but yeah, you FL and MI people got screwed the worst. I can certainly see why you have voting issues, living in FL. but at least you guys are a swing state, and get lots of attention (both good & bad)

    nobody campaigns in Alabama. why would they bother?

  95. my quote for the day-

    “Life is too short for drama & petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, Love truly and forgive quickly! “

  96. Fuggedaboutit.

  97. My daughter and SIL will be casting votes for McPalin in Florida. My daughter would have voted for Hillary if she had been nominated.

  98. no myiq, but you can hate Alabama. it’s legal, acceptable, and even the residents support it.

  99. big hugs to parent!

  100. The second, searching question from myiq: “Which reminds me, where’s Angie?”

    (tears) (sniff)

  101. Fuzzy, I prefer to kiss insanely and laugh slowly……but that’s just me :)

  102. .. Well .. it’s Friday Night.. !!

    McCain vs. Obama Dance-Off!!!

    found this at Ace .. ..

  103. Now wait Alabama’s motto is:

    ranked 49 in everything! At least we are not Mississippi!

  104. Great column, SM! You really do your research. I am holding on to your prediction that FL goes red. If not, I am coming for you! You have been warned.

  105. Kiki,

    How do you kiss insanely? Can you explain in detail? Sounds interesting.

  106. Short version as I was online last night: angie took offense at something Riverdaughter wrote in a comment and RD threatened to ban her if she refused to stop. Tempers are at the breaking point these days but it is best to remember whose blog this is.

    I have a feeling that angie will return. She knows we are fond of her. This election has everyone of us a little nuts. It took me all day to clean because I kept coming back to the blog. It is close to an obsession at times trying to remain calm.

  107. Pat, I have adult diapers packed for our road trip!

  108. BB, I kiss insanely. Thats why Myiq dumped me for angie.

  109. joaniebone: No stops. Unless he looks interesting by the side of the road. Depends on what is stitched on the backpack and if he has spelt all his words correctly. I still have standards.

  110. someone’s gottta have ‘em, Pat! mine are deep in the gutter with my IQ.

    My IQ, if you knew HALF the woman I am, you wouldn’t be asking after Angie!

  111. (giggling) I love it when Pat and Joanie make plans…

  112. SM – My step-daughter and family can all vote, but never do. They live in the I-4 corridor. I’m considering a bribe – do you think that iPods would work? :)

  113. Kisses to sissie!

  114. I didn’t dump anyone.

    Joaniebone left me here all alone and Angie gave me a shoulder to cry on

  115. I have kissed insanely!

    I know Kiki but passionate long slow ones between sips of a good pinot noir and some smoked baby swiss with the soft surf in the background and a brilliant sunset over the gulf on a blanket at the beach…..then leaning back into the one you love…..god/des i should stop my blood pressure is going up talking about this!

  116. You were never alone myiq. That hideous “thing” is always close by. And you wonder why it is so difficult to get a date.

  117. This is totally off topic but – Does anyone know if Biden’s medical insurance (paid for by us taxpayers) covered his hair plugs?

    I was thinking about this because I think E.D. medication is covered but women’s birth control is not covered by most insurance. I know that when hair plugs first became available insurance covered the procedure but that may have changed.

  118. a girl goes out workin to pay the bills and this is the thanks I get?

    and I thought you liked the thigh-high boots for work!

  119. kiki, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:11 pm Said:

    SM, we all got screwed in the primaries – did anyone feel represented at the farce of a convention?

    but yeah, you FL and MI people got screwed the worst. I can certainly see why you have voting issues, living in FL. but at least you guys are a swing state, and get lots of attention (both good & bad)

    nobody campaigns in Alabama. why would they bother?

    I’ve lived here for 8 yrs since Spring of 2000 after major cajoing of my family to move here after my divorce.

    FL votes are toilet paper since I’ve moved here – and we are FED UP down here in the dangly-in-the-ocean state.

  120. well at least romance isnot dead between my ears!

  121. Getting dates is easy.

    Getting the girl to show up for the date is the hard part.

  122. Somebody please throw a bucket of cold water on Michael.

  123. joaniebone does not shop at Walmart!

  124. where did afrocity go?

  125. Fuzzy, keep going. It’s all I’ve got these days.

  126. Pat Johnson, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:16 pm Said: Edit Comment

    Great column, SM! You really do your research. I am holding on to your prediction that FL goes red. If not, I am coming for you! You have been warned.

    Are you kidding me??

    Do you think I want to be in the trunk of that Mazda heading to Chicago on November 5th???

    I do my homework as a good St. Mary’s student for Lawrence, MA does.

  127. fuzzy, tell me more.

    myiq, tell me less.

  128. I just had two dates in one day :) but he come home from dinner and went right to sleep :(

  129. As a gay man, I can safely say with out apearing the least bit sexist, we here at the Puma/just say no coalition have the most beautiful women and if those raging hormone obat teenage boys new what they were missing….

    you know what you would hear at


    See we gay men have it so good with the ladies because it is easier for us to love what goes on between there ears!

  130. Michelle is giving the radio response address tomorrow following Pres. What’s His Name. Oh joy! And I saw her today on Fox standing in for Himself. I have to say it: she is a mess. I don’t care how many makeovers and stylists are in attendance, that woman is not pretty.

  131. Just got a call from the RNC. Sarah’s coming to Fredericksburg on Monday for a rally. I don’t understand why I get calls from the Repubs and the Dems? I have some history with the Dems but how did the Repubs get me on their list? Because I gave $ to Hillary so they’re hoping I’m PUMA for Palin?

  132. Jesus, gary, you just described my ex husband!

  133. i love you, my fuzzy.

  134. betuscha, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:24 pm Said: Edit Comment

    SM – My step-daughter and family can all vote, but never do. They live in the I-4 corridor. I’m considering a bribe – do you think that iPods would work?

    Depends if they already have I-Pods, but as long as they vote PUMA (i.e. NoBama and try to suport Downticket Dems) it’s a-ok.

  135. SM,

    According to the Strategic Vision poll, McCain is leading by 2 in FL. Also leading in OH.

  136. Michael: She says that to anybody carrying their own bucket. Dismiss it outright.

  137. Gary, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but neither do you!

  138. Joaniebone,

    You slay me! I’d just love to kiss someone insanely. Thanks to Kiki, that one is going to stick with me. LOL!

  139. garychapelhill, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:32 pm Said: Edit Comment

    I just had two dates in one day :) but he come home from dinner and went right to sleep :(

    Tell your husband to stop playing that damn SPORE game!

  140. I am so Michelle’d out she was here yesterday and it took all the secret service agents to keep her skirt from flying up in the breeze…the crowd almost got a good look at her “Pretty”!

    that would have made the news I am sure….

  141. No way does insurance cover hair plugs. That is totally cosmetic.

  142. Gary,

    You wore him out!

  143. That woman is no Jackie O no matter how hard they try to push that bowl of mush.

  144. Pat’s just trying to keep me legit. An impossible task.

    On that subject, the dining director at work just told me that she was putting together a “no-ho” event for next weekend. I am steamed that I can’t come!

  145. My ex-wife couldn’t wait for me to come home and have sex.

    So she didn’t.

  146. Mawm needs a break from online poker too!

    the husbandly duties should never be ignored!

  147. BB: Then SUSA must be right since they are polling the same numbers!

  148. myiq: Thanks! I just lost a gulp of Mountain Dew.

  149. Hello SM77 – thank you for drawing attention to the I-94 Corridor. You commented about this area some time ago and I wanted you, and other readers here, to know that I took note. So, today, when Democrats For Principle Before Party/The Denver Group place its first Florida buys, we bought 3 spots in Tampa as well as well as one in Miami. But it based on your point, made again in this post, that we put a chunk of resources into Tampa/St. Petersburg (WTSP – CBS affilliate – Morning Show).

  150. Joan, I think someone must have put my husband and me on the Republican mailing list. (I was involved in a very nasty band break up many years ago, and let me tell ya a nasty band break is worse than a bad divorce.) Anyway, I get Dem mailings and Republican mailings even though I’ve never given a dime to a Republican.

    I’d love to see Sarah. I wish she’d come to Northern Virginia. I’d have to 1) call in sick and 2) find someone to go with me. But I would love to go see her in person. I think I’ve become a diehard fan. I love her almost as much as Hillary.

  151. actually mawm has gone to bed and I am watching a show about rescued dogs on national geographic and bawling my eyes out….all the stories have happy endings though.

  152. Pat: I really think that physically speaking, Michelle Obama is a very beautiful woman, when she authentically smiles and not have the ScoopMouth (h/t Sugar from Sugar and Spice).

    Her Fashion choices have been very off-putting for what I consider a “First Lady” style.

    She may wear Jimmy Choos, but her clothes look like they were used!

  153. ranked 49 in everything! At least we are not Mississippi!

    Fuzzy, that’s so funny that you said that – I’ve only lived here a few years but people really do say that! could be worse, this could be Mississippi…….

    but when they’re not bad-mouthing MS, AL really is a self-deprecating state. right after I moved here I went to see Paula Poundstone. she interacts a lot with the audience and people were all telling Alabama jokes, Paula even said she didn’t have to have any material when she comes to AL, the audience willingly provides it. it’s interesting

  154. myiq2xu,


  155. I can’t get past Michelle’s sour insides, which spill-over onto her face.

  156. For me, it’s not about external appearances, though. Beauty comes from the inside. Forgive the cliche.

  157. I agree sm77. Although I wouldn’t say beautiful, BO definitely got the better deal.

  158. Heidi Lii, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:41 pm Said: Edit Comment

    Hello SM77 – thank you for drawing attention to the I-94 Corridor. You commented about this area some time ago and I wanted you, and other readers here, to know that I took note. So, today, when Democrats For Principle Before Party/The Denver Group place its first Florida buys, we bought 3 spots in Tampa as well as well as one in Miami. But it based on your point, made again in this post, that we put a chunk of resources into Tampa/St. Petersburg (WTSP – CBS affilliate – Morning Show).


    Heidi Li & Denver Group on the I-4! Good to know!

    Please let me know when they air so I can record them on the DVR.

  159. Further information about advertising in Florida: Time is growing very short to place buys that a small group like ours can afford anywhere in Florida. Having run a block of ads from Democrats From Principle Before Party/The Denver Group in Pennsylvania last week, and Ohio over this weekend, we have decided to put remaining resources primarily into Florida. NQ has generously volunteered to run a fundraiser for us starting Monday, but because air time is rapidly being bought up in Florida (and Ohio and Pennsylvania) and because there is a 2 to 3 day lag time between sending the the materials to the TV station and having an ad air, we know we have to place as many buys on Monday and Tuesday as possible. So we hope for a big weekend this weekend and a big boost from NQ on Monday.

  160. {{{heidi Li}}}}

    north of the corridor myself, but was in Orlando last weekend it was yard sign after yard sign “McCain Palin” off 441 on state road fifty almost every business had a McCain Palin Sign! There was even a big one at the corner of 441 and hwy 50 at the corner of a high LGBT traffic area “McCain Palin”

    That part of Orlando has a large Vietamese Population and they must be solid for McCain!

    See unlike the Obats-These folks are loyal to the hero who suffered for them for so long!

  161. fuzzybeargville,
    As a gay man, I can safely say with out appearing the least bit sexist, we here at the Puma/just say no coalition have the most beautiful women …


    Ha! We’re onto you, you closet hetero!

    BTW, Joan, those hair plugs of Biden’s are what’s left of his brain, trying to escape before the neurons are corralled into another bout of stupidity.

  162. I just read Anglache’s latest post which accuse all men as either rapists or would be’s. What is wrong with this woman? She sounds like she is sitting on a mountain top and proclaiming law all unto herself. How deeply offensive is that post? Conflucians are ra*cists and all men are rapists.

    Wow! To hold that special power to be able to make these proclamations. Just glad I do not reside in her kingdom.

  163. gxm-I didn’t know about her Richmond rally or I might have gone to that. The idea of standing in line for hours usually changes my mind about going to things like that though. The Fredericksburg thing is in a park so maybe no line involved. You should go-easy drive down 95! My son is home this weekend from UVA-he just hates her! We are bickering about her which is silly. His imitation of her is pretty amusing though.

  164. Thank you for the reminder Heidi, I just sent more $$$.

  165. Is Angienc here?She is the only one that pays attention to me.

  166. We don’t have final written confirmation yet on the Tampa-St. Petersburg buys, because the stations are all having their lawyers carefully vet every ad because of the “truth squad” effect, but I am 99 per cent sure that this is the current schedule:
    CBS Early Show – 7-9 am – Wed. October 29th
    CBS Early Show – 7-9 am – Thursday October 30th –
    CBS Early Show – 7-9 am – Friday October 31st

  167. afrocity: We all pay attention to you. In fact, someone upthread was asking for you.

  168. Britannia:

    The Captain is attracted to beautiful insides.

  169. kiki-I am originally the florida panhandle an area that most snooty floridians call Lower Alabama! I know what you are talking about….

  170. Maybe I’ll see if I can get my husband to play hooky. Probably not. Damn I wish my daughter didn’t live in Florida.

  171. afrocity, I LOVE your posts. And I miss Angie too.

  172. Is anyone gonna post a new thread soon?

  173. Pat, I was pretty shocked at that post myself. I missed the one about us so the force of her writing this morning really took me by surprise.

    I know too many really good men — she’s just wrong.

  174. {{{Afrocity}}} I love your comments and you have the birds eye view of what is going on in the Obama City

  175. I was recently south of Tampa in a small town, Venice, to see my best friend for a week. Her husband watches TV constantly and it was all BO! He kept switching stations to get away from it! Venice seems mostly McCain, according to talk and yard signs.

    My trip up and down I-75 to Atlanta was McCain bumper stickers 3 to 1! Oh, how I pray! (Atlanta, of course, is different.)

  176. Been out of the loop, pumas, traveling east but sent in my mail ballot marked for first repug presidential candidate I’ve voted ever for… mcpalin… go, pumas… beltway repugs may be deserting mcpalin BUT the people won’t… not with the arrogance of the BO elitists and the misogyny of their ways… we are all joe the plumbers and we were well represented by Hillary but now the mantle has been passed… even if only temporarily… NO BO… PUMAS GO!…

  177. Pat & Katie:

    I am tempted to respond to that post by Anglachel but I need to “pause and reflect” first.

  178. Anybody on the thread from Orlando? If so, do you think it good place to run commercials by The Denver Group/Democrats For Principle Before Party?

  179. hi Afrocity! I pay attention to you, I just don’t talk much…

  180. Funny pic of Me-chelle at Hillbuzz wearing that horrendous print dress juxtaposed with a similar print sofa.

  181. Heidi Li: I have a very close contact who is a sales rep in ABC-28 Tampa (Good Morning America timeslot) that can give you a slot if you need it.

    Email me at so I can give you contact info.

  182. MyIQ — I’ve been on “pause and reflect” before even commenting to her…..

  183. katiebird: Not only wrong but sliding off the edge. That is one of the worst accusations you can make and it is done as a blanket statement. My thought is that she is just way too much puffed up with power. She is off my reading list.

    It is now down to this, one or two others, and
    And perez seems to be in the tank for Obama so he may be deleted shortly. I just need my latest updates on Amy.

  184. gxm17, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:48 pm Said:
    Thank you!

  185. Why is Obama winning. Just like Bush.Texas was a mess.Why do people vote for people without looking at their record. How can these people vote for this man and sleep at night?

    Black People are dying in Chicago.We are killing each other.

    Obama told us to look for Change.

    It has gotten worse.

  186. afrocity, you don’t seem the insecure type. What’s goin on girl?

  187. Whops, you just answered my question. Your problem, my dear girl, is that you think. Most people do not.

  188. myiq: She checks all comments before posting. Chances are you won’t get through. She looks down on most of us readers. Although you are far more intelligent than I am. She might let you through.

  189. Thanks for the morale uplift, SM! :)

    This Florida girl is excited to see those numbers.

    Voted early on Thursday, for McCain/Palin, of course. No crowd– I was able to duck out to a smaller voting station out of town, since they were able to use the computer to print up a ballot specific to my precint, there was no reason to hang out in the lines in the city– and there were only about 10 people in the office at the time, including the poll workers.

    A word about Florida Hispanic voters: A big hunk of them will be Cubans, who already tend to be Republican to start with– at least in the Miami area, and who may cause a nasty shock in Miami-Dade since that area is expected to go for Obama. The MSM tend to count the Cubans in with the rest of the Hispanics, forgetting that they absolutely abhor anything that smacks of socialism, due to their experiences with Castro. The Cuban community is very strong in Miami, and they tend to hold their grudge against Castro and socialism as a default position. Obama never had a chance in Little Havana.

    A minority of Cubans, especially those outside Miami, along with probably most Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and a few South Americans mixed in will undoubtedly be PUMAs. :)

    Excellent work, ladies! I salute you! :)

  190. The uniformed hate of Sarah Palin is so infuriating.

    I was one of many recipients of a Sarah Palin attack email today regarding the “wardrobe” tempest in a teapot. It was from people at work. Several are my bosses. I’m seriously thinking of sending them her speech on feminism and saying: It’s very disheartening that the corporate media is devoting time to the wardrobe non-issue and not reporting the great speeches Sarah Palin has given this week. Maybe if people payed attention to her words instead of the corporate media’s distraction tactics people would realize that she’s a smart woman with some great ideas.

    My husband is so egging me on to send that email. But I’m seriously concerned for my job and how it might affect my chances for advancement/raises.

  191. Afrocity: sending some attention your way (smile). I read what you write whenever I’m on these threads.

  192. The other day I posted a comment at Violet’s place (not directed at her) that feminism doesn’t require hating men.

  193. Whoo-hoo! I got “polled” again. This time it was Gallup. A couple of things stood out to me in this survey. First, they wanted to talk to a man in my house, but they had to settle for me. Second, after the presidential section, there was a really long segment on lifestyle/health questions. Like, “how is your health? Excellent, very good, good, fair, poor”, “Do you have any of the following conditions, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, etc”, “What kind of health insurance do you have?”, “Are you satisfied with your position in life now? How about 5 years from now?”
    Very interesting. I’d like to know where they’re going with those questions. Anyone want to speculate?
    Rico, can I get an Irish Whiskey on the rocks? Hey, I did my second zumba class today. It’s the most fun I’ve had excerising since I had sex last.

  194. gxm: Don’t jeopardize yourself.

  195. Afrocity-I always look forward to what you say.

    Angie-please come back! We are all on edge! I miss you!

    Good luck, Myiq, with getting your comments posted at Anglachel. She has said several times she only posts comments she likes! Who died and made her Elvis??

  196. Urge -sorry I am a real kinsey 6 but I appreciate that women are all beautiful creations, but I do love the feel of strong arms wrapped around me(for that matter my arms wrapped around him too)!

    my point is the beautiful minds we have here are truely amazing…

    I am at a loss for words in the presence of all of you!

  197. Pat, jaisus wept! first I have to defend myiq from people calling him an idiot, and now you’re telling me he’s “far more intelligent” than you? Where’s the evidence? You are one of the smartest, funniest, sharpest people on this site.

  198. Pat, I think she looks down on her commenters even more than her readers!

    I don’t at all mind a blogger screening comments. For example I think Joseph Cannon does a good job of it. But, doing it in an insulting manner like she does is just awful. I wouldn’t dare comment there!

  199. mamapajamas, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:57 pm Said:

    The Cuban population is one of the reasons The Denver Group wants to run ads in Miami, although wow is that a pricey media market.

  200. I wish my daughter wasn’t in HS so she could go with me. She loves Sarah!

  201. Pat:

    I used to have all my comments posted at Anglachel’s, but then I mentioned that I was a PUMA and she stopped letting them through.

  202. Heidi, Don’t bother with the panhandle. My daughter says it’s a sea of McCain signs. Although she also said she’s surprised at the amount of Obama signs.

  203. Have you seen the new 3 a.m. ad by McCain (apologies if it’s already been posted):

  204. fuzzy – liar! you’re never lost for words. What is this, Afro, Pat, then you. Is here a sudden contagion of lack of self-esteem? Is it something in the air. Come on, you guys, don’t you know how you all have helped us all get though this?

  205. urgetocompute: Don’t kid yourself. myiq is one of the smartest people on this blog. Along with so many others. But his wit and observations are spot on. Check out his site. Very illuminating.

  206. I can’t talk to anyone. No one cares about my views here. Everyone here is for the messiah, yet 270 Chicagoans have been killed in the last 6 months. Obama wants this 2M dollar party in Grant Park he buys his house from criminals. They do a citizens arrest on Karl Rove yet Ayers walks around Chicago shopping at Whole Foods.

  207. AfroCity, my I-4 in-laws used to live just south of Ft Worth. They dIdn’t vote there either, figuring “there wasn’t anyone worth voting for” or “my vote won’t matter since Bush will win anyway”.
    And that was just the way the local pols liked it.
    Apathy – very dangerous.
    Pls keep writing – I’m a big fan!

  208. If I respond to that post it won’t be where she can delete it.

  209. I meant here in Chicago

  210. Heidi Li we get an Orlando channel here in gville channel 2 I think….It would really be a kick if I could find a Puma in Orlando to hang with I go down there once or twice a week!

  211. Pat, thanks for confirming my gut instinct. The smartest thing is to just stay silent. I’ll get my say in the voting booth.

  212. myiq is one of the smartest people on this blog

    Yeah, but Captain Spaulding…

  213. Pat Johnson: I’ve never read Anglechel (sp?). Who is s/he? Why does everybody think s/he is so smart?

  214. afrocity, it must be extremely difficult living in Chicago and not being a follower of BO. I can’t even begin to imagine. My problems are small potatoes compared to yours.

  215. FIF: If you look at the RCP polls, they are taking into account the internet polls which are infested with Obots.

    sm: are you still here? Is that true? How friggin’ ridiculous? Why don’t they also incorporate polls from Obama’s web site?!

    But…what about your confidence in SUSA? Their national polls have BO at double digits. I know they were reliable during the primaries, that’s why it concerns me. [I'm also playing devil's advocate here, knowing that it's all voodoo polling anyway.]

  216. I don’t think I’m smarter than anyone here, except the t-rolls

  217. Well, urgetocompute, Biden’s brains are not that great looking if that’s the case and he needs to get some to escape from the back of his head, too. ; )

  218. afrocity: if you want to be in touch with a fellow Chicagoan who has not drunk the kool aid, send me an email at HLFblogger at gmail dot com and I will e-introduce you to one another.

  219. Britannia:

    Captain Spaulding has more brains than all of us combined.

    He keeps them in jars in his room.

  220. sorry once or twice a month-sorry

  221. afrocity, you are in a difficult situation. Is there literally on one for you to talk with? I have a very good and close friend in Chicago, but she, too, is for BO. I’m really sorry, girl.

  222. afrocity: Right at this moment you feel small and insignificant because you are right in the midst of it where many of us here are not. And it must be doubly frustrating for a young black woman such as yourself to go against the norm in your community. Whatever we feel must pale by comparison.

    You are someone who thinks and feels, a heady combination. Don’t let others frame who you are. It is easy for me, an older white person who has no idea of what kind of life you lead and what got you to this place, but we do share much in common and if I speak for the others it is to tell you that you do make a difference and your voice is heard.

    Sensitivity is a tremendous trait as it is merely empathy in the ability to feel what others feel. We all got through down times. Each one of us. The dark will give way. It always does.

  223. fuzzybeargville, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:46 pm Said:

    That’s helpful information. Thank you.

  224. you can have double digit polls in all the other states but it looks like it comes down to Florida Ohio and Pennsylvania….sorry BO but VA NC and CO are a pipe dream!

  225. Heidi, Here she is. Sometimes she’s scary-smart. Sometimes not. So much.

  226. Oh, myiq2xu, you are WAY smarter than the t-rolls!

  227. Thanks Heidi Li I need someone to connect with.

    I am listening to Greta. Laura Ingram is reading the riot act about Palin.

  228. Fuzzybear,

    You think that McCain has a chance in Colorado?

  229. Saying you are smarter than a tr*oll is not a big deal. From the ones who have entered this room I can only say that our educational system is in need of a major overhaul.

  230. afrocity, I have to chime in and say that though we’ve never formally met, I ALWAYS read and love your comments.

    In truth, I am so tired most of the time that I just lurk. One reason I am so clownish most of the time around here is that I feel like I can’t compare to the amazing and articulate intelligence of my Conflucian family.

  231. I am off topic but still on the subject of hair plugs. I think Biden’s senate gold standard medical insurance paid for his hair plugs. He apparently had the procedure in the mid-80s.

    I was in graduate school in 1980-81. I had a political science class on gender discrimination. I remember that a female law professor and active early feminist guest lectured. She said that elective hair plug procedures were covered because men had to keep their hair to help their careers – she was pissed about it because of the gender bias.

    I am thinking about this because of the nasty sexist attacks on Palin about her clothing, hair and makeup costs.

    I have a right to know if Biden’s vanity plugs were paid for with my tax dollars.

  232. I think McCain will carry it off and we will have 2 years of the Nancy and Harry show then the midterms come and its bye bye Nancy and Harry! Hello Hillary and I have no idea who would make a good speaker to take nancy’s place!

  233. Joan, you’d sorta expect Bidens brains to look weird given how they manifest in his speech.

  234. Thank you for your comments Pat. I have let this election consume me. I was looking for justice for the primaries but there is none. I pray every night that America does the right thing and not elect this fraud.

  235. Dee, I hope you are not hinting that there was hair plug pork in that bail out bill?

  236. joaniebone: Don’t you ever underestimate yourself either. When you enter the room I get a smile on my face as you are always able to elicit a great big belly laugh. Being able to do that is a gift.

  237. The. Fraud. Will. Not. Win.

  238. Okay, I am sick of being nice. Let’s indulge in some snark!

  239. What kind of a gift? A geat gift, like a vacation?

    or a a gift like, oh–I don’t know–a Christmas sweater?

  240. Afrocity-Colorado is a four corners state and remember they were the first to have an antigay amendment pass. amendment 2, which was overturned by the SCOTUS in a case I call “every single LGBT Coloradian vs Colorado!” so yes McCain has a chance lots of military bases there too!

    Sadly this might help McCain….

    Heidi Li where did we/I fail Hillary that it came to this?

    hoping homophobes keep a bad democrat out of the white house?

  241. Pat, you let your inner sweetheart show through!

  242. I just opened a bag of candy that is intended for the Trick or Treaters. I knew this was a mistake! If I keep this up I will be passing out slices of cheese to the little darlings.

  243. I just had……four….pieces of pizza.

    I should stop drinking scotch. What is wrong with me?

  244. Who knows. I know they get hair cuts and rugs for free.

    Earlier tonight elsewhere on the internuts some a** posted that if more women get into office we (taxpayers) will have to start paying for botox and face lifts.

    I know Biden has had a face lift and apparently botox. I really do want to know who is paying for his vanity trip.

  245. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of this jerk Drew Griffin from CNN that said those awful things about Sarah taken out of context?

  246. Whining

    I just got a new cell phone and I might have accidentally gone to The Internet (which costs extra money) while I was poking around. This could be dangerous.

  247. Dee– I remember when Biden first had those hair plugs done. He actually appeared in the Senate before they “took”, and the top of his head looked like an empty lot with a few plugs of starter grass growing on it. I remember falling on the floor laughing at the vanity of it. (Actually, I find bald men rather interesting!)

    At the time, though, I don’t recall anyone wondering who paid for it. Good question.

  248. Joanie at least it wasnt fruitcake…of course if you listen to our detractors….we are all fruitcakes here!

  249. afrocity,

    I think that clown apologized already… to Byron York.

  250. afrocity,

    I think that clown apologized already… to Byron York and Rich Lowry.

  251. Fuzzy,

    I now think we had this exchange before.I have tried to campaign for McCain in Denver blogs and I get kicked out in a New York minute.

  252. Katie, I think you have to sign up and pay for the internet. It won’t just come on. On my crackberry, it doesn’t.

  253. MABlue, he NEEDS to apologize directly to Sarah.

    Otherwise, he’s a coward.

  254. Fuzzy: you’re from FL Panhandle? In the late 90′s we rented a house on St George Island and one day went across the bridge for ice cream at this old-fashioned fountain. While sitting there, I looked at the glass wall behind the fountain and there was a $2 bill with Big Dawg’s pic on it! It was right in the middle so you couldn’t miss it. The woman just glared at me; I didn’t say anything.

  255. psstt…..fuzzy… I LIKE fruitcake! What on earth does that say about me?

  256. Joanie, I got to a “newsy” page as I was trying to figure out how to “cancel”….

  257. katiebird, my computer keeps ringing, but you are hanging up. Let’s chat, I only charge $2.95 a minute, but for you I’ll look at an atlas and pretend I’m in Europe and then I’ll pay you.

  258. katie. Sounds serious.

  259. Hey did you know the bean soup in the senate dinning room only costs these cheeze balls s 18 cents…there is a restraunt in Pensacola called Maguires Irish Pub that serves the same soup at the same 18 cent price if purchased with an entre. It is actually very good!

    cant get universal healthcare but thay get to pay 18 cents for their soup! what a crock!

  260. afrocity – Pls take heart. That’s the nice thing about being a PUMA. We can just sit back and watch. Time is on our side. Even when Nixon won in ’72, Watergate did not go away. Jutice prevailed in the end. The truth will come out, just as it did back then. It’s just gonna take longer, since we no longer have a Fourth Estate.
    This may help – a little Fred and Ginger

  261. Pat: I once ate all the candy [well, I thought they were done and then came a big gang of 'em], so I gave them all unused pencils. They weren’t too happy, but I just smiled and cooed like it was all great.

  262. Afrocity,

    I pay attention to you. I love to read your comments! Sometimes it’s hard to get a word in edgewise with all the crosstalk. People were asking for you upthread.

  263. Hi Prolix! Look guys, a bigger clown than me! A real “christmas sweater”!

  264. I know what my problem is. I should have bought crap candy, like gummi bears and stuff that glows in the dark. But no, I buty the good stuff which sits there calling my name. Like now, I am eating a Nestle Crunch Bar. Next year they are getting pretzels. At least if I dive into that bag I know they are not fattening.

    I am an idiot.

  265. (hands over my ears) LA LA LA LA …. I can’t hear you Prolix…..

    And there is supposedly a Chat and Instant Messaging option somewhere. What a mess.

  266. joaniebone: Prolix is a gentleman.

  267. my honey bear voted obama I am so lost!

  268. Katiebird,

    I don’t think you can accidentally go on the internet. I just got a new cell phone too. I’m going to get rid of my land line, so I signed up for unlimited everything.

  269. “They weren’t too happy, but I just smiled and cooed like it was all great.”

    parentofed, I’m sending my son to your house. I bet that’ll go over big!

  270. Pat: Tried buying Milky Way one year since I don’t like them, only to discover that well, they’re really quite tasty.

  271. MABlue:

    Don’t insult clowns like that. Captain Spaulding might get upset.

    You don’t want to see him get upset

  272. Yes, I actually went to a bad sweater party once with a sweater that had Christmas lights and a big moose head that stuck out the back. The Christmas lights were those big old ones that you can cook a christmas goose with. I had to change out the batteries every 8-9 minutes.

  273. Pat,

    I just ate almost a whole box of oyster crackers. I think I’m getting really nervous about Nov. 5. It’s a good thing I didn’t buy any Halloween candy.

  274. Prolix, you are a gentleman, and I wish you weren’t. It’s getting dark up here so early these days.

  275. I checked my online account and I didn’t see a Data charge so I think I’m ok. I’m really worried because we’ve got our daughter on the account and she might not worry so much about incidental charges.

    I think I’ll just visit the shop again in the morning for a training session.

  276. parentofed: I have a bag of Milky Ways too as a matter of fact. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  277. I just assumed that MBNA paid for his plugs. I don’t even remember that being done back in 1980 and would think that something so uncommon wouldn’t be covered. And especially something so unnecessary. Anyone famous do it back then that I would remember? I do rembember the ED vs. BC argument, though.

  278. One year I bought little bags of potato chips. Ended up ripping open about a hundred bags one evening on a binge. LIttle empty bags of foil all over the damn place. Pitiful.

  279. Okay, so the Fourth Estate is toast, that much we know. How about we start a Fifth Estate stocked with PUMAs only?

  280. I DID stupidly buy tons of Halloween candy. Resisting so far but…

  281. ODE TO a T-ROLL

    (In honor of myiq)

    Shall I compare thee to a t-roll?
    Thou art more ugly and illiterate.
    Rough noises have you made since May,
    And November 5 seems to come so late.
    Sometime too foul my mood does rise,
    And often is my fair complexion dimm’d;
    But every t-roll’s comment soon declines,
    Never by chance, but carefully cut and trimm’d;
    Their disgusting efforts will not fade
    Nor lose possession of their odor strong;
    Nor shall Obama brag thou wander’st in this site,
    When I can spot you, you’re not here for long:
    So long as I can breathe and my eyes can see,
    So long lives this, and this has no place for thee.

  282. “…I actually went to a bad sweater party once”

    Jeezus! It was just a joke! And now we can never look at you the same again!

    (but you’re okay with the lights out)

  283. JoanieB, I’m really a rapscallion that was raised by dual personality parents. It really made the twenty questions games go fast.

  284. Here’s how to save money on Halloween candy.

    Put an empty bowl on your front porch with a sign that says “Had to go out, help yourself, please only take one”

    Then turn out the lights inside your house so they can’t tell you’re home.

  285. angie – please come back! who else am I going to talk to about my love/hate relationship with Audrey?

    katie – internet use depends on which plan you bought. that’s a great idea to go by the store and ask!

    afrocity – you can come hang in the far west burbs anytime you feel outnumbered – Heidi Li has my email address. I know it’s not as glamorous as being in the big city, but at least you can be yourself.

  286. bb: See what happens to us when we let this election get in the way of real life? I have a vision of them finding me laying across the computer (in my flannel nightgown, flannel robe, and socks) and requiring a team of people to get me out of the house judging by the amount of cookies, candy wrappers, and Lay’s potato chip bags surrounding my carcass.

    The house will be covered in dust and a year’s worth of laundry piled halfway up the wall along with a sinkful of dirty dishes. And with my daughter only 3 houses down shouting, “she is not the mother I knew”.


  287. Went over to my sister’s tonight and we caught the last part of What Not to Wear. Did anyone else see that? The do-over was a Chicago woman who was a campaign lawyer for guess-who. Stacy & Clinton were saying crap to the woman like ‘Yes we can’ and ‘If Barack’s smart he’ll keep you.’ All I wanted was some escapist crap, but you can’t get away from him. They better be having someone from the McCain folks there next week, or we are through.

  288. urgetocompute,


  289. Joan:

    Did the MBNA also pay for his teeth whitening, his botox and his tanning?

    What’s wrong with this guy who spends more money and time for cosmetics than some lady from the Bunny Ranch?

  290. Bravo, urge! Can we have ‘alas poor Yorick’ next?

  291. I just love Joaniebone’s liberal view on men! No elitist there!

  292. Heidi Li – can you send my email address to madamaB?

  293. Ha ha. This was posted on Chicago Craigslist:

    Chicago. Highest murder rate in the country. Great. Looks like all of that community organizing that Barak did on the south side paid off big time. Come to think of it, why hasn’t he uttered anything about the daily shootings that occur on the south side? Ashamed maybe? No, too busy to think about his south side peeps when the golden prize is within reach. Now he gets to be a big time national organizer? This oughta be real fun. A Chicago “connected” politician for president? Really people, get a clue. Do you not pay attention to the news and what a huge mess we have in Illinois? He’s done nothing at all to help us. I live in a ward that had the biggest do nothing alderwoman in the final years of her office who thankfully was ousted. Her name is Dorothy Tillman. Guess who supported her in her final runoff for office? You got it, our savior, Barak Obama. Somebody please,please, please tell me what this man has actually done? The answer to this question never, never comes. I guess the vote this year is based on the word “change”. With Barak and Pelosi and the rest of the posse you all might want to be thinking about grabbing your own tin cans and asking for real change on the street corner. You will be taxed to death. Small businesses will suffer the most. Take it from somebody who lived through the Carter years and watched my father pinch every penny to keep his small business going. This will be another repeat of those years with Obama in office and a democratic majority in the house. I love how the Democrats turn a blind eye to all of our economic disaster that is going on right now. They were to blame as well. Do some deep reading on this people. There is a wealth of good information out there. You still have time to really think out this election. Take a break from the kool-aide already. I’m just saying.

  294. fuzzybeargville, on October 24th, 2008 at 10:18 pm:

    In my opinion:

    The simple reason we are stuck with the lousy options rather than the Senator Clinton option is the Dean/Pelosi/Reid concerted effort to rig the primaries but even more so the nominating process in Denver. Dean and Reid are just run of the mill sexist straight guys; Pelosi is none too bright and has been jealous of Senator Clinton for many years (just as Dean has been viciously jealous of Bill Clinton.)

    The more complicated reason we are in the position we are is that gender and gender orientation are last two bases of socially acceptable bigotry in this country. I won’t go into a lengthy explanation for why that is true, except to say that too often gay men and straight women forget that they should make common cause – although one great credit to Senator Clinton is that she realizes the intersection of interests there.

  295. wow Urge, nice!!!

  296. Joanie, fewer lights means you are being “green” just like my complexion. So incredibly hulky.

  297. joanibone, i have to confess I did it for Pat. She sorta makes me wanna dig up crazy modifications of poems. It’s easy enough – just take a well known poem then lay back and think of myiq. Helps to have his site open in front of you as you write. The words seem to come at the sheer terror of looking at the clown on that page,

  298. Pat – at 10:34pm – LOL! You made my day and evening!

  299. When the trick-or-treater looks to be a little long in the tooth, I give them dental floss.

  300. Heidi:

    You pointed out the other day that when Obama declared himself to be the presumptive nominee Howie D handed over the keys to the DNC, even though Obama hadn’t won a damn thing.

    Denver was just an afterthought.

  301. Still ruminating on What Not to Wear. I just remembered that Stacy has been a guest consultant on Oprah several times. Please tell me this is just wild thinking on my part. Would people do this just to please Oprah?

  302. I. Absolutely. Loathe. Howard. Dean. He’s got to be about the ugliest, most venal thing that ever happened to the Democratic party.

  303. myiq2xu, on October 24th, 2008 at 10:33 pm


  304. phlamingophred, on October 24th, 2008 at 10:37 pm Said:


  305. urgetocompute: You are talented, no question about it.

  306. The more complicated reason we are in the position we are is that gender and gender orientation are last two bases of socially acceptable bigotry in this country.

    Excellent point Heidi Li. Both groups ignored and dismissed.

    Not to be gossipy, but because I genuinely care: what happened to angie last night? She is an essential PUMA.

  307. afrocity: please send me an email at HLFblogger at gmail dot com if you want me to e-introduce you to somebody who lives on Chicago’s Southside and feels EXACTLY as you do.

  308. I just disowned my son this evening. He got in the car at the airport this afternoon and had a fit that I was listening to Rush. We had a full blown screaming match.

    He is confined to out of my site for now. (He went to the first night of his high school reunion.)

    Andy Martin declared this man someone we know’s Daddy!

    Compare the profiles, I think he is right!

  309. Kat5 – you are sooo right. H. Dean is absolutely horrid (and yes, I use that word in real life too. Blame it on reading too much 19th century fiction as a kid)

    I cannot stand the fraud he has foisted off on our nation and on the party I was proud to support for many years. The DNC under his leadership has pushed me into the arms of the Republican party (who fortunately is fielding a candidate who isn’t entirely loony).

  310. parentofed, on October 24th, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    The show could easily be produced by Oprah’s company ….lord knows, There are only about 5 corporations producing all the mountain of crap on TV .

  311. I like mounds, junior mints and nonpareils.

  312. Carol: And this was the kid whose first words you could hardly wait to hear when he was a baby. I know the feeling. One of my sons was at college and called me one time to say that he was being solicited for the Young Repubs on campus. At the time I almost had a heart attack.

  313. thanks SM!!!!!! GREAT POST – putting up now on




  314. taggles: Well now that you mentioned it, I also have a bag of junior mints here. Somebody please stop me!!

  315. OK, Kat5, it’s not much, but here goes:

    Alas, poor Obama! I knew him, Hillary: a fellow
    of infinite lies, of most outlandish fantasy: he hath
    call’d me r*cist a thousand times; and now, how
    abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rims at
    it. Here was TeH Precious I supported I know
    not how oft. Where be his smooth ways now? his
    Kool Aid? His “wit”? his flashes of socialism,
    that were wont to set the Republicans a roar? Not one
    now, to mock his own grinning? quite chap-fallen?
    Now get him to the Senate back, and tell them, in Illinois, thick,
    to this that they must come; make them laugh at that!

  316. Carol-Sorry about your son. I blame NObama for all of our troubles and losses!

    Where is Hillary when we need her?

  317. I sent the email Heidi Li.

  318. taggles: I can think much better with an Almond Joy in my hand.

    Please, Myiq, don’t say a thing.

  319. afrocity – we are worn out from hating BO and his minions. No one that is supporting him cares what he has done. He has provided them with a slick rock star image. They are shallow. The media is covering for him. They don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t a Republican or a Clinton.

    They will burn in Hell for what they have done to all of us. We can just vote and pray for a miracle.

    I’m sorry you are upset. Eat dinner and take your mind off of it.

  320. Joe’s a lady’s man. Got to look fine! I wonder if he owns a red convertible, too.

  321. no holloween candy here I am breaking up with boy friend over his vote for Obama…this will take time be right back.

  322. goodnight, loved ones. so sleepy. I have to get up at 5am and work tomorrow too. :(

  323. Night Joanie.

  324. urgetocompute, on October 24th, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    My Shakespeare loving husband enjoyed that…thank you!

  325. parentofed, I will eat an almond joy, but will remove the almond. I like the dark chocolate on the mounds better.

    At a movie theatre i go with junior mints or nonpareils.

  326. I have never deleted a friend from my Yahoo friends list reading about it now!

  327. katiebird, on October 24th, 2008 at 8:43 pm Said:
    In checking that No Quarter question, I stumbled onto the story about Obama’s Campaign Web Contributions. Even for someone as cynical as me the story is pretty shocking.

    KB – just came to the Confluence, from this link you cited. weird coincidence! the best (most shocking!) info is in one of the post threads listed at the bottom of that post. go back there and look at the link for “Not a Bombshell…” starting around post 24 or so through about 50. Shows definite intention to remove or disable fraud precautions on BO’s website fundraising.

  328. Heidi Li – I just sent this week’s donation. sm77 – most of it was for you and your excellent posting skills – well, and keeping us all laughing too.

  329. Joe’s a lady’s man? I never knew that. He is always spouting his Catholic upbringing so I thought he was on the straight and narrow.

    Listen to me; like any of these political bozo’s ever speak the truth. It must be the chocolate high talking.

  330. Sorry everyone! Had some Heidi Li business to attend – Democracy is a 24-7 commitment, even with some Rico Mojitos!

  331. Fuzzy- I’m so sorry about your boyfriend! Do you think there’s anyway to work it out? I know it hurts that he voted for NObama. I lost a friend but not a lover over this!

  332. My middle child (male-25) met a girl whose parents are college teachers so this fall he decided to try college.

    They also persuaded him to become politically active – for Obama.

    He’s gonna be in town this weekend (he lives in Olympia WA) so I will see him face to face for the first time since last Spring.

    I’m not sure whether to hug him or slap the shit out of him.

  333. Pat: WHAT Catholic man have you met that’s faithful?

    As far as the ones I know…(crickets)

  334. taggles – mmm, snowcaps!

    I don’t hate the misguided souls who drank that kool-aid – I just challenge them to support their position, and no hopey/changey emotions allowed. Once they can’t, they stop bothering me.

    sm – how’s things on the job search going? I can’t keep up with all the posts and comments so don’t know if you’ve said recently.

  335. SM: Come to think of it, none. But like I said, I am stuffed to the eyelids with chocolate right now. Just opened a bag of Junior Mints. To hell with those little robbers coming next week. I am putting a quarantine sign on the front door.

  336. myiq, does your son go to evergreen?

  337. myiq – I think I got a kiss before I nearly had to put my son out of the car. He is in time out. He will apologize in writing.

  338. myiq2xu, on October 24th, 2008 at 10:56 pm Said:
    I’m not sure whether to hug him or slap the shit out of him.

    I’d go for the hug then the slap – but it would probably depend on how he started things out.

  339. Carol: The kid has an Indy boyfriend who’s voting McCain/Palin and can’t stand Obama. They went to a party & were surrounded by Obots. When a guy would say something pro-Obama, the boyfriend would say ‘what’s the matter, don’t you love your mama?’ and crap like that. He can’t stand the misogyny of this campaign. The boyfriend is a friendly, funny guy and knew these people, so it worked for him.

  340. Princess!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m 250 miles away from there – get a Harriet Bus or a van pick us up in Tampa ~!~

  341. I was hoping my hillary signs would keep them away!

  342. Carol: I had Rush on today while doing my own version of Irish housekeeping. He was talking about the Obama tape made in 1995 where he practically called himself a Socialist. Said he had to do this to “save his soul”. A bunch of malarkey.

  343. Pat, that is why I won’t buy the candy early. I go and get it the day before. I have bought it early before and it disappears, and I am the most innocent culprit. Others in this household cannot pace themselves.

    Junior mints are good for ya though. like a peppermint patti. not many calories.

  344. Nite Nite – I had to start cleaning house today at 5 am and still didn’t finish.

    I am exhausted.

    11 days and this nightmare had better be over. Pat, start warming up the car.

  345. afrocity, on October 24th, 2008 at 10:51 pm Said:

    I got your message, afrocity, wrote to you and wrote to my friend. I hope he gets in touch with you.

  346. (not going to bed yet, apparently)

    junior mints + popcorn = love

  347. Phlamingo: I am a vessel of my PUMA-ness – if you feel the PUMA-mambo, dance it to your heart’s delight and support our cause! Thank you!

  348. myiq2xu

    You have kids?

  349. taggles: Cold Junior Mints are delicious! Big Y had a sale, buy one bag, get one free, so I stocked up. Dumb move. I have been in an out of the bags for two days now. Like I am channeling Aretha Franklin.

  350. Popcorn and Snowcaps – the best!!!!!!!

  351. New post up. This thread is getting unwieldy.

  352. Pat – you have been eating Halloween candy since July. Give it up!!!!!!!!!!

  353. PAT: LOLOLOLOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless you, Pat, you sure as hell make me laugh!

    But if Charlie Brown shows up,please don’t give him a rock. Well.. only if he’s not a PUMA.

  354. now he is sending me Muppet Porn fro youtube!

  355. Carol: All gassed up and ready to roll! They had better get their bathroom duties out of the way because I ain’t making any stops.

  356. Hi Joaniebone!

  357. Here’s a very powerful and I think, positive, point to remember. I know for a fact that the DNC thought they could get away without even putting Senator Clinton’s name in nomination at Denver. It was the efforts of we rank and file voters and the Hillary delegates who were part of HRC 300 who absolutely forced Obama, Dean, and Pelosi to cave. Yes, they then proceeded to rig the roll call vote, but when one is confronted with great power (which Dean/Pelosi had and have) even partial victories are to be remembered and savored.

    This is going to a long fight, as most fights against oppression are. We are going to be tired sometimes. But we must not get unduly discouraged.

  358. afrocity:

    That’s what my ex-wife says

  359. MyIQ, 3 of my siblings went to a college in Olympia, Wa. From what I hear it’s Obama Central. For some reason though only one of those siblings is a real Obot. In fact at least one of them is a PUMA.

  360. Local news just reported that McCain is ahead by 2 points in NC – Rasmussen report. They said it was the first time that McCain hit 50%.

    On another note, it seems to me that NC is well represented here on RD. Could I get a show of hands? Durham here.

    Angie – I hope you are here at least reading if not posting.

  361. I believe in celebrating any and all holidays with chocolate. It is my tribute.

  362. hug him, myiq. in a month or 4 years or (worst case scenario) 8 years Obama will be just a memory. don’t let him ruin your relationship with your kid.

  363. My Obama-voting Dem friends today sound just like my Bush-voting Repub friends sounded in 2000. Just elect a Dem [Repub], all Repubs [Dems] are jacka**es and you can’t believe anything Fox [CNN] says. Same tune, slightly different lyrics.

  364. Pat: And today is National What?? Day?

  365. Pat – can you make a detour toward the lake? It’s really big and hard to miss.

  366. Olympia Washington: Home of The Evergreen State College- the original land of obots.

    It was there, years ago, that I got my first glimpse of the hateful, self-righteousness that is today’s obama supporter.

    I was harassed CONSTANTLY by the “liberal” guys. demeaned, treated like dirt for wearing fashionable clothing. I was “stupid”, and “capitalist”, even though I was living on $200/month.

    I was told I didn’t “have to” shave my legs–as if I was too stupid to know. My miniskirts didn’t fit in there, and I was always reminded that my sister and I were the only ones there wearing lipstick (said with sneer).

  367. parentofed: Somewhere in this world somebody is celebrating some type of holiday and I cover every base. Would hate for a minute to think I am cheating by not being onboard. And if Obama loses as this blog has predicted, I will be stuffing my face with both hands.

  368. Pat – can you drive if you’re using both hands to stuff your face?

  369. phlamingophred: Only if they get too noisy in the backseat. My plan is to just drive right up to the “mansion” and like Fred Flintstone, only use my feet long enough to slow up and toss them to the curb. The luggage can be sent ahead.

    No talking, no smoking, no tears, no fighting, no snacks, no pitstops. And the only sound coming from the front seat will be Connie Stevens on a loop singing “Who’s Sorry Now”.

  370. phlamingophred: Fuzzy is riding shotgun and can feed me all the way.

  371. pat -
    you’ve stumbled onto humanity’s common denominator, something everyone can agree on.
    CHOCOLATE. only thing I like more than chocolate is air.

  372. Hey Pat, while you are in Chicago, could you pick up the DNC and take it back to D.C.?

  373. Pat – you misunderstand me – I was trying to say that Chicago doesn’t want them back – and suggesting an alternate delivery location.

  374. Speaking of roll calls, this summer I got some laughs at NQ for recalling the epic Reagan/Ford primary battle in 1776 (sic).

    That one went all the way to the convention, there was a true roll call vote, even though Ford was a sitting president, and Reagan lost by under 60 votes.

  375. My children are too smart and too strong-willed to be Obots.

    They got their mother’s looks (thank Koresh!) but they got everything else from me.

    Bad attitudes, twisted senses of humor and the inability to STFU

    If he doesn’t leave the cult on his own they will kick him out.

  376. taw46: Not a problem. And if Nasty Nancy and Howard should be there it will be my pleasure to perform a slight “oops” while driving fast over those zebra lines. I used to bowl and had a pretty good aim when it came to those pins.

  377. Pat: you might need to give the DNC a good scrubbing before you put it in your car. Don’t know if all that hopey/changey will wash off………..

  378. Pat: Your plan sounds great, but I must point out that Connie Francis sang “Who’s Sorry Now.” Can’t remember any Connie Stevens hits, just that she married Jim Stacy and did ads for True Valu and went on USO tours.

  379. Pat – I guess if you’re going to be good enough to take the DNC, the others can live in their “dream home.”

  380. “My children are too smart and too strong-willed to be Obots”

    wheew. I can go to bed now.
    out for good this time!

  381. Olympia isn’t that far from Tacoma. But Evergreen college is about as far as you can get from most places ;)

  382. Of course, Stevens was an actress. She was in Parrish and Hawaiian Eye, some more I can’t think of right now. Beautiful woman, too.

  383. Why vote for McCain? McKinney is so much better, and it will make a REAL statement if she gets lots of votes.

  384. parentofed: I knew it was Connie Francis but somehow Connie Stevens came out instead. Another oops from the chocolate.

  385. Connie Stevens is a long time supporter of John McCain. She has done a lot of interesting stuff. I remember when she got in a contract battle with the tv heads.

  386. Pat: A person can’t type with chocolate on her hands; that’s an established scientific law.

  387. Dee: Sure you’re not thinking of Suzanne Somers of Three’s Company?

  388. splashy, I greatly admire and respect McKinney and was going to vote for her. I’ve been sending her money too. But VA is close and I think it’s more important to vote AGAINST OBAMA. So I’ll give my vote to McPalin. I’ve always liked McCain and I’m getting to love Palin so it will be a pleasure to cast my vote in November.

  389. myiq2xu, on October 24th, 2008 at 8:18 pm Said:

    The Captain prefers tacos de cabeza, lengua or birria
    Aren’t you afraid of MAD COW disease?

  390. Great post, SM. Another Florida PUMA here. My partner and I early voted today against Obama. We are two liberal lipstick lesbian PUMAs who voted for McCain/Palin!

    Hillary 2012

  391. Another Fla PUMA. I am in Tallahassee. My Puma buddy is in Clearwater. We would like to connect with other PUMAs. Anyone know of any PUMA groups or meetups for election night, or other events? We traveled last week up to NYC, took bus with Harriet Christian to Pa. It was so great to be around all that positive energy. We are in withdrawal, and need some PUMA energy.
    McCain-Palin 2008! PUMA POWER!

  392. SM: I’m checking in late and hope you are fast asleep but I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and your post. This Puma isn’t falling for the HAKA! Go Rays and ¡Que viva los PUMAs!

  393. @ riverdaughter, on October 24th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Said:
    Whoo-hoo! I got “polled” again. This time it was….

    I think you are being stalked (or staked out). Keep track of the callers’ numbers. Sixty-six years and I have never been polled.

  394. From a former ..Anchor of the 1-4 corridor.. elected delegate..I hand carried in to the SOE office my absentee vote..To make sure it was cleared by the SOE office..for signature and everything…My vote was PUMA>>and for McCain / were my family members!..Many many of my friends did likewise..they are the silent majority..

    I got my absentee ballot while in “my other state”..and the envelope was already sealed..I would have had to tear it to open , to put my ballot into it..I was flying to Fla for the i hand carried my ballot in to the SOE office to get a new make sure there were no problems with my vote counting!

    It was the fIrst time in my entire life I voted for republican..

    My vote was for National Security ..and for the good of my nation!!

    Country first..McCain/Palin

    And you can not steal my vote and get away with it..not today, and not tommorrow.

    Not ever.

    My husband and most of the men in my family served this nation..proudly..they sacrificed for our votes to count and be counted..

    No party nor candidate will steal my vote and then get my vote..won’t happen.

    My co-workers died on 9/11 with one of the airlines involved..they had their lives stolen..I was based in NY at that time..and I will stand with the man i trust to run this country ..for all our kids safety..and for national security..that man is John Mccain.. He may not share my ideology…100%..or in any way at all…but he
    stands for more than the stupid wedge issues people cheer so loudly, but have no clue to the fact that their #1 concern should always be ..national security.

    I proudly voted for John McCain..for your kids safety ..and mine.


  395. oh and for the Chocolate fans here..go for the the refrig ..they are best cold..and they are back in the stores for fall ..ummmmmmmmmm

  396. Just 2 things I want to mention. There are 2 states that I know of that have anti-gay marriage amendments on the ballot, California and Florida. I read an article in the LA Times that spoke about something I had already realized. Obama’s AA voters through their churches messages will turn out and also vote against these gay rights measures. That is a historical fact. I know that we’ve approached many AA churches urging them to allow us to further educate their congregations about HIV but have been turned away because we’re gay advocates. How can gay Americans support Obama when he hasn’t spoken up against these amendments. We all heard Biden in the debate declare their view that marriage is between a man and woman ONLY. Add Obama’s Gospel Tour, his Faith Tour and his proposal to expand Bush’s Faith Based Initiative.

  397. I would love to ask Howard Dean..What does it feel like when you sell your soul to the devil?

  398. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

    God Bless you! :)

  399. Afrocity & others

    I am another African-American living in Chicago and I am voting Mccain Palin. Feel free to email africanamericans_against_obama at yahoo dot com.

    Chicago is home to the most affluent black people in the world, but its also home to largest segment of poor disenfranchised black people. You’ve probaby heard about the murders of a few of Jennifer Hudson’s family members.

    The specific blame cannot be laid at Obamas feet but there are ZERO REPUBLICANS in Chicago and no one has a clue on what to do about our murder problem.

    Chicago has the highest sales tax (10.25%) since when does TOdd STroger and Cook (Crook) County Gov think they deserve more than GOD who only asked for 10%. We also have four different taxes on our gas so it is consistenly some of the most expensive in the city. Property taxes have steadily raised.

    However, THE CITY OF CHICAGO HAS A $420MILLION DEFICIT!!!! Chicago is a beautiful city but its rife with political corruption. Chicago wants to put its corrupt son in the whitehouse to get money and the 2016 olympics

  400. [...] On Friday, I reported the latest SUSA polls with the following breakdown for Florida: [...]

  401. [...] know that I won’t be alone. SM, another Florida PUMA blogging at The Confluence, shared some interesing poll numbers for Florida: FLORIDA will not go to the FL-primary and convention vote hoarder Barack Obama – the PUMA vote is [...]

  402. [...] about Obama throught the months of the primaries and during the GE (remember last SUSA poll said 52% of Floridian Latinos are voting for McCain).  So grab your tacita of Café Bustelo and enjoy (h/t [...]

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