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United we stand; divided we fall

Friends, this post is about Solidarity. Now, what does that mean exactly? Some people may think automatically of union movements and there is no doubt that unions understand that concept. That is, you are only strong if you stick together. If some of your membership get picked off by the bossies, you are diminished and it makes it that much harder to win the day.

So, this message is for all of you voters in NJ, NY, CA, MA, AZ, TN, OH, AR, OK, NH, TX and all of the other states that voted for Clinton, in many cases decisively. We voted for her not because we are ideologues. We’re not in it for the fame and fortune. We aren’t interested in testing some esoteric strategy. We voted for her because she is the best candidate we have to be president. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she is so much better qualified than Barack Obama that if he weren’t the token male it is hard to imagine how they would be sharing the same stage.

But the bossies have picked off two of our members. I have to say that I am astonished that they think they can disenfranchise the biggest and most Democratic states by refusing to seat MI and FL but that is their goal. By shutting down MI and FL until the convention, they have weakened the other states that voted for Clinton, depriving us of our impact on choosing the nominee, who they have determined will be Barack Obama, the token male.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think it is very important that we get MI and FL back on our side and let the bossies know that we will choose the nominee with our votes. We will not be bullied or intimidated by the press or by the RULZ or dimwitted bloggers. There is a possibility that the DNC Rules and Bylaws committee that will be meeting April 5 will wake up and smell the coffee. But the best way to wake them up is to let them know how you feel. If you are a voter in one of the states I’ve mentioned, your opinion carries special weight because unless MI and FL are seated, *their* fate is *your* fate. Your vote means nothing.

That makes me, a NJ voter who proudly cast her vote for Hillary on super Tuesday, very, very angry. My vote is considered somehow less worthy than some Republican crossover in Utah. If my vote is thrown away because MI and FL are not seated, after all of the stonewalling by Barack Obama, Donna Brazile and Howard Dean, I may just decide to not cast a vote for president this year. My choice will have been made for me in spite of millions and millions of my compatriots who will see the best presidential candidate cheated out of her nomination.

But you can send a message to the Rules and Bylaws committee. There are still a few days left. If you are in a Clinton state, let them know that you know EXACTLY what’s going on here and you aren’t going to put up with it. See Hillary’s Action Alert: Florida and Michigan Deserve to be Heard. Be polite but forceful and let them know who the real bosses are. We Clinton state voters stand in Solidarity with Michigan and Florida.

And now I am going back to nursing my poor ski muscles…

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23 Responses

  1. Ski?

    “Go that way, very fast. If something gets in your way, turn.”

  2. Yup, I’m near Vail, CO. Lots of packed powder.

  3. good Jon Stewart video

  4. For late night off-topic diversion, still-a-candidate Mike Gravel’s video cover of Helter Skelter.

  5. I already signed on but I’m all but certain they’ll refuse to listen to us because they believe their own media hype: Obama will continue to enjoy media worship and McCain will be exposed for the scoundrel he is; and (most importantly), we’ll all fall in line. McCain will slaughter Obama. I don’t even think Obama will hold onto MA, let alone NJ.

    What bothers me the most about this is that they are gambling with the future of the country at a most critical time. Also, we all know it is this election that could provide us with a progressive paradigm shift and yet they’re willing to throw it all away for Obama.


  6. I am sure that the DNC and Pelosi gang have heard and/or received plenty of emails/mails/faxes from people like us but they appear unmoved and seem ready to move forward with their plan to rid of MI and FL.

    My only choice: simply vote McCain if they nominate obama.

    I can’t do something else because I have exhausted them all. Some Democrats don’t like my choice but we must make ourselves be heard.

  7. Electorally, McCain will be to Nixon what Obama will be to McGovern. My business partner is a 65-year-old yellow dog Democrat from Texas. She is the shrewdest woman I know, and she sees disaster coming in the Fall.

  8. Davidson–

    I’m in MA too, and I would not be at all surprised to see McCain beat Obama here. I remember when MA went for Reagan–what a shock that was. I’m not holding my breath waiting for the DNC bozos to wake up and smell the coffee. I’m just hoping there are enough Superdelegates with the brains and experience to see what is happening. Maybe they can pound some sense into Dean, Pelosi, et al. If I can see what’s coming, they should be able to see it too.

    But of course I saw the mess in Iraq coming way back when too. And I never waffled on my believe like Mr. Perfect did so many times. I lived through Vietnam just like I lived through Reagan. I learn from history and my own experiences. I could see the nightmare happening, and I see it happening again now. Deja vu all over again.

  9. I would have liked to have heard this speech at Indiana University by Bill Clinton. He compares this years nomination fight to the one in 1968 between Gene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy.


    “”There are lots of interesting parallels between Bobby Kennedy and Gene McCarthy, and this current race. And some that were different. But most of the blue collar folks that knew they needed a president were for Kennedy. Most of the university students who wanted a feeling of change were for McCarthy and they thought he had a purer position on the Vietnam War,” said Clinton, who added that even though he was at Georgetown at the time, he considered himself blue-collar.”

  10. Someone pointed out that Obama has only been in public service since the mid-1990s. It’s absurd that he’s running for president.

    With that in mind, it has to be purely deliberate that the FL & MI situation hasn’t been solved. Here’s how it could be done.

    Howard Dean goes back to the last revote deals with each of the two states and asks EACH candidate to sign onto the plans AND THAT if they don’t, HOWARD DEAN will ask that his appointments to the committees (rules & credentials) recommend seating the delegations as is.

    That way he sticks to his word that the candidates must agree. But this way, they must agree to something.

    And we’ll have a plan for seating the delegations this month. In time to matter.

  11. Someone pointed out that Obama has only been in public service since the mid-1990s. It’s absurd that he’s running for president.

    With that in mind, it has to be purely deliberate that the FL & MI situation hasn’t been solved. Here’s how it could be done.

    Howard Dean goes back to the last revote deals with each of the two states and asks EACH candidate to sign onto the plans AND THAT if they don’t, HOWARD DEAN will ask that his appointments to the committees (rules & credentials) recommend seating the delegations as is.

    That way he sticks to his word that the candidates must agree. But this way, they must agree to something.

    And we’ll have a plan for seating the delegations this month. In time to matter.

  12. Riverdaughter- I live in Maryland and it unfortunately went for Obama. The primaries, however, are not winner take all, Maryland has Clinton delegates. So with all due respect, and hugs and kisses, the voters in states that Clinton did not win have just as much right to be mad. It the person that I voted for is discriminated against by the Democratic nominating process, then my vote is discriminated against as well.

  13. Obama has a new big name endorser. Jane Fonda. LA Times says, “there goes the crossover vote,” and illustrates the story with Jane surrounded by Viet Cong. Another great 527 ad is born.

  14. Apparently, Obama believes ALL the newly registered Dems will vote for him in Nov – and he doesn’t need votes from Hillary supporters.

    Obama has never specifically denounced Wright’s racist and hateful comments about Hillary FROM THE PULPIT!

    Obama would have no campaign without using the Race Card as a weapon and “beat the Bitch!” as an underlying theme of his campaign.

    He’s always been LAST to release proposals for the economy – AFTER Edwards and Hillary.
    The Obama characters on SNL and Jay Leno portray him as answering debate questions with “what she said.”

    It’ll take a Bitch to fix the economy! Kumbaya won’t do.

  15. katiebird–

    Great suggestion. Now if only you could convince Howard that doing that will win Obama the nomination, we’d be in business. Too bad he can’t see past his Obamabias to the need to win in November.

  16. From Massachusetts: if Obama continues his “yes we can” campaign through the general election, he will lose here – because he will be caught in the growing anti-Deval Patrick disillusionment. Massachusetts voters just won’t go for that type of Axelrod campaign again; and that’s independent of any merits that Obama may actually have as a candidate.

  17. From Tennessee, where Hillary handed out an ass-whooping on Super Tuesday, and which has voted for the winner in every Presidential since 1960: McCain will win in a landslide if Obama is the nominee. It’s not racism; it’s that he’s an unrepentant, flaming liberal. (Don’t get me wrong, so am I in many ways, but I live in Nashville, which is an 80/20 oasis of blue voters in a sea of red counties.) There’s just no way to dress up his voting record and public commentary in a way that will appeal to the blue-collar folks who we could ordinarily talk to about jobs and health care. The Republicans will run ads 24/7 on Obama’s supposed ties to terrorism, his admitted drug use, and on and on and on.

    It’s pretty heartbreaking to watch this happen. If Obama gets the nomination, I’m going to write in Hillary, but I’m also going to quit paying attention to the Presidential race and try like hell to help us hang onto Congress – it’ll be the only way to stop some of the damage a McCain Presidency would inflict. (Although I guess we can kiss our rights goodbye, as the Supreme Court is now ruined for a generation…)

  18. Whoops! Sorry for the double post, I can’t edit the above: How do I find out who’s on the Rules Committee and how I can contact them? I called my state Party office and they weren’t sure. Thanks for any info. (I already filled out Hillary’s request form, emailed a letter to Howard Dean and got a letter in my local paper on FL/MI this week…)

  19. Here is a suggestion:

    How about typing (or writing) HRC or Hilllary or any combination of the name on the ballot in the event that Barack becomes the dem nominee? That way, “they”, (howard Dean et.al.) will be shocked if Hillary gets more votes than Barack and/or McCain.

  20. Josey, I agree with you that the Obama campaign used “beat the bitch” as a unifying cry. I think what they will plan to do in the GE is switch that to “beat grandpa.” At least that’s what I am hearing from some dear-to-me Obama supporters who seem to respond to that motif. The unity seems to consist of having someone to beat. Who would be the enemy if Obama won the GE and the Dems controlled Congress?

  21. riverdaughter do you know anything about these guys?

    it’s all new to me….. hmmm….. I think you know some of these guys too



    here is some $$$ backstory o brother, the first graf alone…


  22. well… I just found more. that place you are in exile from?
    look up them plus a thing called rootscamp or the chosen one and them it has to do with that top thing, riverdaughter.

    their logo is all over it. I left it over at Larrys hoping Taylor sees.


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