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    Monster from the Id on Lions, George Bush and Li…
    riverdaughter on Lions, George Bush and Li…
    Monster from the Id on Lions, George Bush and Li…
    Monster from the Id on Lions, George Bush and Li…
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    Monster from the Id on Lions, George Bush and Li…
    Monster from the Id on Lions, George Bush and Li…
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      Oh, look: Another photogenically dead Palestinian! Peter Beinart does a good job of laying out the facts, starting with the myth that Israel ever really left Gaza. This attack on Gaza is deeply depressing, because to me, it’s all too similar to the war fever that infected the U.S. after 9/11, with similar suppression of […]
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Ladies, don’t be nervous

ElizabethI don’t think I have to tell any women reading this blog about how the blogosphere, even the lefty side, is dominated by men. DailyKos and Firedoglake are exceptions when it comes to editorial power, but most commenters are still guys. And DailyKos has been infiltrated by a large number of what seems like particularly nasty, young, hostile hooligans with testosterone poisoning. They’re mean and intimidating so a lot of women don’t post or comment. They just lurk because it’s safer.

But here’s the deal, if you let these idiots intimidate you, *they* control the discourse. Republicans are very good at ‘perception management’, that is, warping the observer’s perception of reality. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if a lot of the recent hooliganism was driven by Republicans who very much want Obama to win and will find a way to shut up opposing voices. You don’t have to be paranoid to buy into this notion. You just have to think like Karl Rove. What would *he* do to make sure the pro-Clinton activists look like red headed stepchildren and chip away at their foothold in the blogosphere?

So, here’s my message to you: Whether they are genuine Obama supporters or just posing as them, they don’t like you or your message. But they are only pixels on a screen. They cannot hurt you. They can say nasty, hurtful things. They can attack your self image. They can gang up on you and try to make you shut up. But they can’t actually shut you up if you don’t let them. What are they going to do, those little black dots, “nibble your bum”? Oh, sure, they can trollstorm you off DailyKos. So, find another place to blog. Be like water, find the path of least resistance. Get in their face. When they tell you to shut up, tell them, “Make me”. And keep it light. Because one of the great things about posting on a blog is that you actually have the time to think of a snappy and devastating, self-esteem levelling response. If you ever wanted to tell some big jerk off with a witty rejoinder, now’s your chance.

Friends, if you want to vote for a woman because she’s the best qualified candidate AND she’s a woman, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. It’s your right to identify with the hardest working, most intelligent candidate of the bunch. And when you’re in the privacy of the voting booth, you have the right to make history. Ain’t nobody’s business if you do. And if that’s not incentive enough, just think about how the media pundits’ and wingers’ heads will explode on Tuesday night. *That* alone will be totally worth it.

With that in mind, ghost2 has helped me assemble some links from around the web that might inspire and empower you to get back in there and fight harder:

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3 Responses

  1. Bernard Shaw once said, he like quoting himself to add spice to his conversation!!

    so let me quote myself. Some people like this comment I posted in Ronk’s diary at dkos:

    When Hillary has any advisor who has been affiliated with DLC, it proves that she is a corporatist, and herself is a closet DLC.

    When Obama has any advisor who has (and maybe is) affiliated with DLC, it proves that he is a uniter with a vision who can appeal to voters from both ends of political spectrum.

    In other words, it proves Hillary is a triangulating sellout, while Obama is a unifying visionary.

  2. And this one. Al Fubar, here, talk about how notions of class is partly responsible for the way beltway pundits cover Clintons (Hillary Clinton has no class):

    Al Fubar put a poll at the end of his diary, titled: Hillary can become socially acceptable by … with a list of choices. Here was some of my response to him:

    Winning in the fall
    (Are you kidding? You don’t lose your class by being elected President. See Clinton, Bill)

    Passing universal health care

    Reappointing Dean as DNC chair
    (She did this under pressure from netroots. Didn’t really want to do it. Also, the toilet adjacent to Chair’s office is made of solid silver, proof that Hillary treats him as a second class citizen)

    Establishing world peace
    (It was easy for her once W and Condi Rice has done all the ground work. She is taking credit for something she didn’t do.)

    Ending global warming
    (She wanted to look good. There is really doubt that there was any crisis at all, and Gore should take all the credit for that. note: it wasn’t us who trashed Gore.)

    Walking on water
    (She did, but really did you notice her hips were not flattering when she walked on Lake Michigan. Is it really a President’s job to walk on water? We thought we had separation of Church and State)

    Ironing my shirts
    (What kind of message is she sending to young women out there?)

  3. ghost2, I love the snark! The Walking on Water one gave me my biggest laugh of the day, which I really need today with all the confusing poll data out there.

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